About LCW



Calling All Women Who Love Chiropractic

Whether you are a DC, Spouse, CA, Vendors, DC2B, Faculty or Administrator and Staff Member,  the list is endless and the time has come for us all to come together.

What will we do? Explore, connect and grow together. We will share our dreams and visions, create, learn and spend quality time as sisters in Chiropractic.

All of this will happen in a family friendly supportive environment with a program that is tailor made for you.

Most of all, you will be surrounded by people who love what you love -Chiropractic!


Our Commitment…

  • The LCW is a voice for all women in chiropractic —DCs, Spouses, CAs, Students, Administrators, Faculty and more.
  • The LCW recognizes, respects and celebrates the uniqueness of each of our members.
  • The LCW understands a key benefit is to gather with other women who share, understand and support your choices, values and lifestyle.
  • The LCW is compelled to provide regular, relevant and family friendly conferences “for women-by women”.
  • The LCW will address issues within our society that affect our health, our health choices and the health of those under our care.
  • The LCW will be active in protecting chiropractic and the rights of all in our profession to practice subluxation focused and drugless chiropractic.


Membership Privileges for All Levels of Membership

As a LCW member, you will enjoy access to interactive website; personalized and customized weekend events by Women for Women; virtual classroom; teleclasses; mentorship programs; opportunities for personal growth, new friendships and professional networking.