13 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Every Day

When asking several LCW members, “What is one thing you do to take care of yourself every day?”  the responses were great.
Make a comment about any of these.  Which one are you trying?
1. Set specific time slots when you don’t work.
Focusing on work is a great excuse for not taking care of yourself. I have set specific time slots where I won’t work and will instead spend time on my family and me. These slots are first thing in the morning (before 8 a.m.) and dinnertime (5 to 8 p.m.). Except for events I must attend, these slots are sacred times for me to spend with my family and not work. Setting this up has been life-changing.
I committee to this last week and it really did help me.  Life has been crazy as it is with many of us most of the time.  So I scheduled my entire day to make sure I had time to take care of me. It is like giving myself permission to do something for me every day.  I started by taking a book outside, reading and relaxing for 1 hour.  I told my husband unless it was a 911 call I was not going to be disturbed.  It worked.  Total attitude change.  This I must continue. 
2. Start your day off with meditation.
I start every morning with a short 5-10-minute meditation using an app called Beditations. The meditation helps me visualize the things I’m most grateful for and allows me to minimize negativity and distractions. I find that early morning meditation increases my self-awareness and helps me put into perspective what really matters. I also tend to be much more positive, energetic and happy.

Sorry – did not do this last week.  Started yesterday.  Will keep you posted.  Did you do it?  Please tell me about your experience.

  1. Work out.

I get up early most mornings and head to a free, outside workout. Aside from obvious health benefits, it clears my mind and gets me in touch with the outdoors and in the company of good friends to start the day.


  1. Get enough ZZZs.

The scientific benefits of sleep are innumerable. More sleep equates to more happiness, better health and improved decision-making. Not to mention that it detoxes the brain. In order to do your best work, it’s critical to consistently recharge your batteries.


  1. Write a poem.

It sounds silly, random even, but this is something I’ve done every day that has dramatically reduced my stress while simultaneously opening my mind to many details in the world and opportunities that I would not have otherwise noticed. Start your day by writing a poem-even something as simple as a haiku.


  1. Keep a journal.

Life is very busy. My journal is in bullet-form so I can jot down things I did, people I met, how I felt, etc. It’s been a great outlet to help me be present, remember the little moments and sort out challenges in both my personal and professional life.


  1. Talk to friends and family.

Your friends and family are your biggest supporters. Even if you are having a very stressful and busy day, pick up the phone for a few minutes just to say hi to Mom or your best friend, and just talk about the good things that are happening in their lives. It will keep you grounded.


  1. Wake up slowly.

It’s not unusual for me to answer 10 to 15 emails before even getting out of bed in the morning. But starting the day off like this often sets a negative tone for the day, and truthfully most issues can wait. I’m learning that I’m much happier when I take 30 to 45 minutes to wake up slowly and shower before checking email.


  1. Read something fictional.

Refresh your mind by taking an afternoon break from your workflow and escaping to another world. Reading fictional stories stimulates the right side of your brain, sparking creative thought. That stimulation can make your day go a little smoother by thinking differently, solving problems in abstract ways and, most importantly, rejuvenating your soul.


  1. Do yoga.

I have always been a very active person. I played water polo, swam, surfed, tried every sport out there. But in the last few years I started doing yoga a few days a week and it has changed my life. It’s the only place my phone is completely off and my mind is focused on myself only-no clients, employees or projects. It’s the easiest way to reset your mind and body in 60 minutes.


  1. Listen to a podcast.

I find that one of the best practices to get fresh air and stimulate my brain is simply to take a walk and listen to a podcast with the podcast app that now comes standard on the iPhone. Do yourself a favor and listen to something non-business-related. For a little health or mindfulness, my favorites are Bulletproof Radio and Buddhist Geeks.


  1. Put yourself on your schedule.

When you put yourself on your schedule, you won’t have meetings and appointments that prevent you from taking care of yourself. I prefer to put myself as my first appointment of the day to make sure I don’t get caught up in the day and decide to skip out on important things that keep me grounded, like exercise and meditation.


  1. Make time for play.

Before becoming a mother, I would have given an answer like many others: workout, meditate, yoga, etc. These are all exceptional ways to nurture yourself. After becoming a mother, the greatest joy I can experience is playing with my children. It’s like taking that deep refreshing breath of sea air after a hard workout, but better.

It’s All In The Family

By.. Nicole Cowley, Speaker at this year’s retreat

For this week’s blog post, I wanted to highlight one of the business partners with the League of Chiropractic Women.  When I went to the site to check them out and start brainstorming what to write on, I was brought back to the absolute best talk I have ever seen on any stage, let alone chiropractic.

One thing that unites all of us at the LCW is that we are all women of chiropractic in some shape or form.  Many of us are chiropractors and business owners ourselves, but all carrying similar challenges in balancing our call for Chiropractic and our needs in our private life.


It’s interesting, a very controversial article was written recently by a software engineer at Google.  Whatever side of the argument you fall on, if any, I did connect deeply when I got to the point about splitting my commitments between career and personal.


I have personally thought recently, as many of us have, there is a reason more women don’t do this.  This being I have a three year old toddler and company that is also close to 3 years old.  Both creating demands of me that can be challenging to meet both at times.  Let alone also giving to my health, my body, my faith, my marriage, my social life.  In the dire times of a very important meeting and a throwing up child is when it all comes to a head and those thoughts arise.


The pressure of maintaining your personal life and relationships as you grow into families and careers can be a tough balancing act.


One of my weekend travel events was to an AMPED seminar.  AMPED is a chiropractic leadership and mastermind group focused on the practice building skills of owning and operating a subluxation philosophy based office successfully.   The AMPED program offers free events throughout the year where they provide in depth sessions that are invaluable for students and new doctors.  I have attended a few of these and have never not been more impressed with the speakers and content and the attention to detail on everything.  And did I mention, it’s free!  Just have to find your way there.
The next AMPED family event is this October in Florida.  It is FREE to attend for you and your whole family.  Check out the site below for more information and to get the discounted room rates.  They do have daycare provided (per diem) during the event as well.

The LCW Gets Virtual With It

By.. Nicole Cowley, Speaker at this year’s retreat


 As our League of Chiropractic women continues to expand, we are always looking for more and better opportunities to connect one another.   We have had wonderful feedback and progress with the specific Chapters throughout the United States and we have international chapters going now.

The role of the Virtual Chapter is to connect all of the chapters together and provide a home for those areas that haven’t developed one at a local level.

The Virtual Chapter is a monthly online live meeting hosted by our lovely and graciously, always serving Dr. Shawn Powers through Zoom.

Zoom is the #1 Free Live and Video Web Conferencing platform that you can access on any device as well as directly call into.  All LCW members will receive notifications and updates about the upcoming Chapter meetings through communications inside the email newsletter and Facebook private Coffeehouse group.

Non-members are invited to participate in up to 2 of the Virtual Chapter Live Sessions.  Registration for the live webinars is here.

The goal of the chapters is to connect women around chiropractic to learn, to serve and to grow.

What Happens in a Virtual Chapter Meeting:

Dr. Shawn Powers will kick each of the monthly webinar live sessions off which each of a specific, thought out discussion topic ahead of time.  Get the full schedule here.   You may join by the webinar link and/or by your phone through audio only.  You will be asked to mute your phone until the sharing portion to help with the sound for all.

We don’t want any women of chiropractic left behind, you have a home and we can all come together to enrich our own lives through each other’s shared stories.

Join our next virtual session on September 5th at 9:00 PM EST to have an early birthday celebration for chiropractic!  The discussion topic for the evening is How to Create a Vibrant Future.

The LCW goes beyond virtual in our local chapter meetings and with our connections at industry events.  We also host an annual Retreat in November where members can come together and connect in a relaxing, spa environment.

Get more information about the Retreat and Becoming a Member by visiting:

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The Use of Social Media in its Simplest Form

By.. Nicole Cowley, Speaker at this year’s retreat

At the League of Chiropractic Women, our core focus was to open a united environment for women in all walks of Chiropractic. We aim to capture value and become inspired to do bigger, greater things for you through Chiropractic. We hope to strengthen the relationship together by gaining a forefront in technology and the ways in which communication is developing.

When Edie Hoffman called me to discuss the opportunity of speaking at the upcoming retreat, I immediately thought of “Unplug and Reconnect”. This title is an analogy that is fantastic for our message.

“Unplug and Reconnect”  It’s interesting because whenever there is basically any issue with a device or software program the first step is to power it down and power it back up.   Did you know you can restore optimal performance of your computers, tablets and smartphones by closing programs and powering them down overnight?

To kick off using social media in it’s simplest form, The League of Chiropractic Women is committing to blogging.  And we want you to make that commitment with us.

John Sung Kim, founder of software Doctorbase, stated at a recent event… “that the difference between chiropractic clinics that were financially successful to those that were not was that they provided content in the form of blogs onto their website.”

The benefits of blogging are both direct and indirect:

  1. Create value for your audience that knows, likes and trusts you

  2. Create a space to educate deeper than you are able to in the office visits

  3. Communicate your message and speak authentically to your new and current audience

  4. Increase your Google Local SEO search results

  5. Increase Traffic to your Website

  6. Increase referrals, new patients and patient retention

  7. Improved reactivation rates

  8. Build a community of like minded, healthy individuals

  9. Elevate yourself to an expert and mentor in the field you discuss in your blogs

And we could keep going.

We encourage you to blog.  I will be speaking more about this at the upcoming event in Paradise Valley, AZ.  I also will be incorporating and leading a blog hosted here on our LCW page.  We want to highlight our members in our blogs as much as possible.  We invite and highly encourage our writers and non writers to share pieces with our team to be shared in our monthly member spotlight.

Follow the LCW Coffeehouse Facebook group for more details.  If you aren’t yet a member or in the coffeehouse, join us today for immediate access!  You will sign up for Membership and the Retreat at the same time!

Technology at it’s core can help us to meet larger goals at a more efficient path and/or pace. Embracing change and the new ways of communicating can allow chiropractic to emerge into new worlds and communities that we didn’t even realize existed.

I am excited to join the LCW team by hosting these blogs weekly, encouraging communication, collaboration and engagement through technology and speaking about the simplest form of using social media for your business at the next retreat.

Sign up for the Retreat: https://www.lcwomen.com/retreat/

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