Business Sponsor Programs

A Different Approach

Our thoughtful business program aims to:

  • Delight our members
  • Support the mission of the LCW and
  • Create meaningful and prosperous alliances with businesses that help women to thrive in chiropractic

Your participation in our one of our Business Programs offers your company many ways to connect with the women in Chiropractic—DCs, spouses, CAs, administrators and others.  Let us be your vehicle to reach this influential segment of the Chiropractic profession!

We have three Business Sponsor Programs available.  Which one is best for you?

  • Silver Business Sponsor Program  read more
  • Gold Business Sponsor Program  read more
  • Premier Business Sponsor Program  read more
  • Ambassador Business Sponsor Program (LCW members only, You must be logged in) read more

By participating as a member of the LCW Business Program you will be supporting Scholarship, Education and Motivation for all women in Chiropractic. The revenues from the Business Program will be supporting the vision and mission of LCW. W e will use the revenue from the Business Program to develop programs to support and empower women to thrive in Chiropractic. Not only will your business be connecting with hundreds of offices around the world, you will be supporting the future of the profession!

We look forward to helping you connect with the women in Chiropractic!  If you have additional questions about any of our business programs please CONTACT US

To enroll in one of our Business Sponsor Program, please complete and submit the form below.  We will contact you within 3 business days.  Look forward to working with you .

Business Program Application

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  • Silver Business Program Annual Dues $1000.00

  • Gold Business Program Annual Dues $2000.00

  • Platinum Business Program Annual Dues $4000.00

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