Powersource Coaching with Dr. Shawn Powers

You deserve to have the practice of your dreams – a practice that reflects your personal uniqueness and fulfills your aspirations.

Passion. Clarity. Action. Is it time to fully tap into your passion – while gaining clarity and focused action – to create and live the life you deserve?

A leading chiropractor and success coach, Dr. Powers is your accountability partner and personal mentor. With Dr. Powers in your corner, you’ll create your ideal practice. She guides doctors to upgrade their practice — and life — with personalized solutions. She believes in building relationships that feed your heart, mind, and soul while accessing your personal strengths to accomplish your goals. Offices around the world benefit from Dr. Powers’ coaching programs, which deliver effective, proven, and ethical strategies that create success from the inside out.

A practicing family chiropractor, success coach, speaker, and author, Dr. Powers founded the Chiropractic Warriors and League of Chiropractic Women. She has held executive positions in state organizations, WCWC, Royal Chiropractic Knights, and was twice recognized as Chiropractor of the Year.







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