Empowering Women in Chiropractic “The Microbiome of Baby!!”

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Hello, welcome to the ChiroSecure. Look to the Children’s show. I am your host for today. Monika Buerger, and I am welcome you to my not a fireside chat, but we’re going to actually do a wheelchair side. Today say that’s a lot, that’s a lot of bundled, the same wheels, wheelchair side chat. I got all spiffy it up for you all with my new tattoo and everything.

As some of, I took a pretty harsh nasty fall during the holidays. And have you had some pretty significant injuries? So I’m coming to you today from a different view. In my wheelchair with Elizabeth, here we go. She is here with me. She’s been keeping me company and keeping me on target here.

So thank you, ChiroSecure for giving us this platform. And hopefully we can bring you some great pearls today. We are going to talk about the mob. Yes, the mob boss, the microbiome of the baby. Cause it’s all about purple is about right. It’s all about P yep. It’s all about poop. So couple of reasons I wanted to do this topic is I get pinged a lot on social media about, what do we do for constipation?

I’ve been doing everything, babysitter, constipated Formulas does a baby need probiotics if they were had a vaginal birth all these different questions. So I’m going to touch on some of those. But I also wanted to bring forth in ever increasing concern about the mob, the microbiome.

And the reason I’m doing it now is because of the last few years we’ve all been in and what we are seeing with the offspring of the little fiddle farts due to the stress from the pandemic. And one of the things we are seeing more and more is the box that we in, at least in the United States, there is more evidence of preterm birth.

And this is a significant thing that we need to be mindful of. And one thing in particular, with regard to if a baby isn’t breastfeeding, because it was done. The other thing we’re seeing is there is a decrease in breastfeeding and bonding in this COVID generation. Which is often leading to the usage substitutions with formulas.

And this is going to be a key thing that we’re going to cover today. What we really need to understand about all this. So let’s dig in and dive in and Elizabeth is gonna keep me on track here. Hopefully. I did have a concussion whiplash, so I, my brain is getting back on track. Preterm birth is considered anything less than 37 weeks.

Okay. Now let’s be mindful of a couple of things. Most Sicilian sections in this country happened at about 38 weeks. So 37 weeks and earlier is considered pre-term. There’s a lot of development that happens in those last few weeks and primarily the development of the autonomic nervous system I E Vegas tongue.

So number one, keep that in your back brain burner about bagel. Not being fully on board with the preterm birth. Okay. Preterm birth is very much associated with low birth weight. These two fat and low birth weight is considered about three and a half pounds or less. Both of those factors are two of the most studied factors with regard to overall health development, mental health, physical health, metabolic health, over the lifetime of that individual.

Those two factors, low birth weight, and preterm birth. They’re the biggest concern with a preterm birth. Or, and, or low birth weight situation is this thing called necrotizing enterocolitis, big words, right? Necrotizing, enterocolitis. This is associated with five to 12% of low birth weight in. At least it can lead to surgery 20 to 40% of the time.

Cause it’s basically intestines are so inflamed that they start necrotizing. Okay. It can lead up to death in 25 to 50% of cases. These are some significant numbers that we need to be mindful of. So that. Little fiddle fart is born preterm with an immature gut that has an tends to have an inflamed lining.

The immune system function is maladaptive. Okay. Because we know 80%, 70, 80% of the immune systems in the God. So they’re more predisposed to ear infections and upper respiratory infections. And then more likely subjected to antibiotic early in life, which is this cluster of symptoms. We tend to see with our kids with neuro-developmental challenges.

Okay. So one, we need to be mindful that those last few weeks count and may be taking a good history. You know what, how many weeks gestation when they, when brought into this. Too. We need to be mindful of that. The autonomic nervous system, I E vagal tone may not be fully on board because it matures that last trimester, they go tone is going to be important for the inflammatory response and those tight junctions, not letting bad Jude.

Cross the gut barrier. And then this thing called necrotizing enterocolitis, we referred to as N E C for short neck. One of the things that is so detrimental to the potential life of this child is the fact that bacteria and such can cross the gut lining and end up in the blood. So now we have this higher percentages of little fiddle farts being born at a preterm status because of the prenatal stressors of mom, especially in this last two years, less likely to breastfeed, less likely to bond.

One big factor about the. NEC is there’s a big association. Here’s a real big Bob flasher for you is that it is very much associated with the introduction of cow’s milk formulas and the preterm infant. Okay. And this is why I want to bring this forth because it’s becoming more and more of a. So much so that there are there are some litigation suits out there against a couple formulas companies because of, they should have a warning on there that this, these are not appropriate for preterm infants, but as far back as 1991 study came out in Lancet journal.

That there was an association with the preterm birth and introduction of formulas and the cow’s milk proteins leading to this necrotizing enterocolitis. So some of you might be thinking I bad, cause I have to think about all that medical stuff, but so many, we were seeing so many little fiddle parts in our offices that aren’t breastfeeding.

It might be on formulas. This is incorrect, critical thing that we should keep in the back of our minds because when. This happens and there’s inflammatory responses in the gut. Yes. It might need lead to those bad things. Up to 50%. It can be failed 20 to 40% needs surgery excision the part of the intestines.

But from our perspective, from a preventative developmental perspective, what you also need to understand is. There’s options other than cow’s milk formulas. I refer a lot of people to, if they can’t get a breast donor, a donor milk need donor milk, and there is some evidence as well that having moms or donor moms off of cows milk is important as well, but we can refer them to some homemade rescue.

Western a price foundation, the Weston, a price foundation. You can Google it. Homemade baby formulas. I’ve given us out actually recently quite a bit, and people are messaging me back. Oh my gosh. It’s made a world of difference for my little baby. So these are things we should be mindful. What are options out there?

So what’s when they price is a great one to look at homemade formas, it’s a little bit laborious on the parents, but to understand the long-term implications of this little fiddle, fart, okay. Born premature introduced into foremost too soon, inflammatory response in the gut and that. We know, and we’re already seeing in the COVID generation, the dysmaturation with fine gross motor skills and social motor skills.

This is all connected to the mob bus, the microbiome of the. Okay. So if we see this paradigm, we also need to be heads up thinking, all right, what are some PR potential derailment of the trajectory of development of this little field park down the road? So the next thing I want you to keep in mind, pre-term 37 weeks or less low birth weight.

And the literature is about three and a half, three pounds, 3.5 pounds or less. Okay. Those two are the biggest factors in the trajectory of life. Overall health of that individual. Let’s not get cows based. Formula cows milk. Let’s look at alternatives when it comes to probiotics. I get this question a lot.

If mom’s quote unquote. And the baby’s born vaginally. Why would there be an for probiotics? Let’s back that card up a little bit at it. Mom is stressed at all. It is gonna affect her microbiome. You guys figure out who’s stressed right now. Okay. It is gonna affect her microbiome. So a baby is born vaginally, baby.

It inherits mom’s microbiome. If she’s stressed, not going to be so sick. So Syrian section and plus we know that the badging, all microbiome can be dysregulated in mom if she’s stressed. So even if baby’s born vaginally and of course the Syrian section, that’s another concern as well. So with regard to probiotic, here’s your next Pearl, please be mindful.

At the looking at probiotics, especially if you have a preemie that are not milk-based okay. No cows milk in there. No, no cows milk. So look at that for your prebiotics. Vitamin D is also so frequently depleted or below based on. On most individuals, especially if you look up there, above the equator line, right?

So vitamin D is very essential in healing the gut as well. So baby, a little fiddle apart might need about 400 IUs of vitamin D can be very helpful and vitamin a as well. It’s a little trickier to get down a little bit apart, but these are things that are gonna help heal the microbiome. Of course, the chiropractic adjustment is.

The other thing you’re going to see in these preemies less Peristyle assists. And these are the cases that can be really frustrating when people say I’m adjusting, and they’re still constipated. Especially on that preemie. I want you to think that biggest nerve hasn’t jumped into gear yet.

And especially if mom’s breastfeeding and taking in calories. Or if there’s any kind of cow’s milk in that little fiddle, part’s diet need to get it out. Okay. So those are some good pearls. We know that the microbiome, like I said, we’re getting the studies already with the cogeneration about fine gross motor delays and social engagement delays.

The microbiome is very much associated with fine with all of those. Okay. So let’s lay down a good foundation. And good tome for that child at the microbiome. If that mob bus is keeping that intestines, inflamed, that little fiddle part is not going to be able to absorb key nutrients for brain building.

They’re not going to have the metabolic capacity for neuroplastic develop. Probably so they might not be able to ha they might not present with good tone and be able to get into P postural positions that are needed for brain building. Okay. So probiotics, no cows milk, vitamin D vitamin a both very essential for healing.

The gut social engagement with mom, with caregivers in general Western a price homemade formulas. Look at the. So those are some key tips I wanted you to be mindful of as we start to see maybe more struggles in an environment where we’re now practicing in. The other thing that you may see is a lot of extension.

Okay. That baby just wants us to be. And if this can be mistaken as, oh my gosh, my baby’s so strong. They’re looking at

that tone and that extensor tone. Okay. Can be a few things. One. It can be that baby’s actually got intestinal dysbiosis inflammation. The gut and GERD reflux is often associated with that extensor tone. And sympathetic dominance is said to be associated with more of that extensor tone. So it’s not necessarily, baby’s got this going on.

It can be a neuro expressive pattern of distress. Okay. So take home pearls, give get a good history. How many weeks that gestation, where they born, what was their birthday? Did they latch? Are they breastfeeding? Is mom having cows milk? Is, are they formula fed? Are they showing low tone? What is finding gross motor looking like how can you heal the gut prebiotic and I, you can message me on suggestions of.

Consumer products that I use vendors that I use for a prebiotic, it can be very good. You can simply swab these in the cheeks of the baby, or you can put them on the nipple of mom and she’s breastfeeding and get them in their prebiotic and probiotic, nothing. Cow’s milk-based vitamin D and vitamin a okay.

On dosing prebiotics or pre and probiotics or anything, I will usually go. Depending on how the stress, the little fiddle part is I will start out at either a quarter or half a dose just to titrate it in slowly and see how they respond. And then slowly titrate them up to the recommended dose if they can handle it.

So that’s some things that you can consider and you might want to split those doses. Let’s say a probiotic calls for a quarter teaspoon. I might do an eighth of a teaspoon in the morning and eighth work them up to eighth of a teaspoon in the morning and to eighth teaspoon at night. Okay. But start out maybe with an eighth of a teaspoon and you just worked them up.

So hopefully that is some good pearls to think about, but please, this is an incredibly pointless. Topic given the times that we’re living in. All right. So that’s it for me today. That’s it for me and Elizabeth. We’re going to go have a ride on a wheelchair and you are going to see Dr.

Erik Kowalke. They first Thursday of the month of February. And I’ll be back the third Thursday, hopefully a little bit more weight bearing bound by that. But until then you guys keep being amazing. Keep saving lives. Please keep these important pearls and your back brain burner so we can be out there and turn the tide and change more lives again.

ChiroSecure. You’re awesome. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to share a few pearls of wisdom until next month. We’ll see you happy Valentine’s day.

Pediatric show Look to the children was brought to you by ChiroSecure.

Empowering women in Chiropractic F4CP – Outlining Your 2022 Marketing Plans

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Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  We suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

Happy New Year, Facebook friends. Thanks so much for joining us on this ChiroSecure Facebook live. It is so exciting because we’re kicking off a brand new year with a lot of new material. And I know that when you start fresh, you bring in a new year with passion and energy and you’re, well-prepared.

Everything starts to go in the right direction. So that’s what this whole Facebook live is about. Putting stuff. In place that will allow you to collide through 2020 to bring on the passion, the inspiration, and motivate your staff. They always look back over time and talk about great leaders and what they mean and why they are great leaders and the most important thing that I’ve seen as a trend going through, looking at great leaders.

They motivate themselves and they motivate themselves to continually grow and be better. And that is one of the things that as we prepare for 2022, our whole goal is to be better, is to create an atmosphere in your practice that helps the entire community see you as the expert. So let’s go to the slides because we have a great deal of.

And as we see that you always know how much I love my corporate sponsors. We had 16 corporate sponsors join us at the end of 2022, that my friends is progress. And hundreds of you have joined as individual contributors, which means we’re making a huge impact in the profession. We’re building on a legacy of a career for chiropractic or helping patients maintain their health.

And we’re inspiring. Is that are in pain to find a. Natural way to help themselves. So as we look through, we love to say ChiroSecure. Thank you for always being there with us and ensuring that we can continue the progress and what progress we’re going to make. 2022. Remember back in 2020, where we focus on enhancing your.

With chiropractic. In 2021, our campaigns were evolved around athletes and that was the Olympics. How do we prevent injury? How do we optimize our health? And how do we ensure that people around the globe will see chiropractic is an amazing benefit to their lives? Don’t despair. We have some really great moments ahead of us.

Now in 2022, our new campaign will be focused on all of the above. But in the more natural sense, stay tuned. We’re going to walk you through our campaign this year. So I’m going to keep you on the edge of your seat. What is it going to be? McAlester? How are you going to play this out? I can’t wait to share it with you.

You’re going to get a sneak peek today on what we are launching next. Now look, here is one of the next parts of our theme. Remember, as we’re going through the year, we want to spice it up. We want it to be fresh. We want it to be fun. We don’t just stick to these themes, but they’re important because then we know we’ve covered a lot of the basis where patients are coming to us.

So I want you to take a look at these PR themes. Remember we have 30,000 doctors that are joining us 46 chiropractic state associations and 16 columns. They’re all collaborated with us in this marketing and advertising. And that is to ensure that we are hitting all of the marks we’re best practice.

We’re bringing out the research, we’re inspiring our patients. So I want you to see that every year we offer out a survey to see if we’re hitting those marks with our members. And we work diligently to ensure we align RPR themes with those topics. As well, we want to direct our target audiences to ensure we’re hitting consumers.

Third party payers, healthcare workers, and academic institutions with our chiropractic messaging. As we know, outlining 2022 themes, we’ve had a couple of. Yes. I did say that pun intended to our March women’s health. We’re doing that because March has now been designated as the international women’s month.

And we want to make sure we’re covering some of the important women’s issues. We’ll be doing that same thing for men at the end of the year. So stay tuned because there’s a lot of great moments ahead as we start to develop those topics out and get the materials that are right for you. Remember, if you’re a member with the Foundation, you can download infographics, brochures, flyers, white papers, and also look at these themes, discuss the themes with your staff, because that’s also important what your staff knows is how they’re going to showcase what it’s going to look like in the future.

And that’s why a road. Is important. A roadmap leads you down the journey of success. And when your staff knows where you’re going, they know what the opportunities and objectives are to talk to the patients. They’re the first line connects. So with these PR themes are aligned in our marketing roadmaps and these roadmaps focus on the theme of the month and the majority of the materials within it will be tailored to that topic, but not all of them.

We spice it up a little bit. And if you haven’t been to my LinkedIn page, please do I had a thousand people join me on LinkedIn last week because of the pandemic posture info. If you haven’t seen it, look it up. It’s a good one. I loved it myself. I posted it personally on my LinkedIn page. Share it from my LinkedIn.

Whenever you see something that’s posted from the Foundation, please feel free to share it and make a comment about your practice and why chiropractic is so very important. So remember that these roadmaps will have all sorts of information in them. There’ll be social media, cover photos, infographics.

Every week, customizable PowerPoints will be available to you in some implementation toolkits. And that’s why you want your staff to get ahold of these and discuss together. What are the best ways to ensure you’re receiving these benefits is that you look at becoming a member with the Foundation because we want you to have the latest, greatest.

And the research, the best practices, the implementation toolkits together, we will bring a brighter future that allows the consumer to see a uniform front. Now we talked about social media cover photos. What do they look like? And why are they important? You want to keep things moving along in social media.

And the best way is to always look like you’re fresh, you’re new and you’re on top of it. Patients know when you change your social media cover page because it’ll pop up for them. If they’re following you. So you want to be active on your social media, especially Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And as January theme, the cover photos are all focused on our older.

Preventing falls. Cause this is one of those months that we unfortunately do see a higher number of adverse events because of falls and we want to prevent them. And you’ll see here, a quote from Harris, he’s a Greenbrae special forces author, doctor, and working with social services, falling down as a part of life, getting back.

Is living. So that’s one of the reasons why we want to make sure that we keep our social cover page moving along is we want them to be living their best life. And you’re one of the avenues to do that as we look through, we have some fantastic. Webinars now these DC webinars are designed for your practice so that you can keep current.

We have lots of wonderful speakers that come with the up-to-date most important information that really will impact your particular practice. And look, you can get these scheduled all the way out to the. You see that little arrow in the corner that says, click here to register for all of them, put them in your outlook schedule or your Google, whatever keeps you organized and make sure you make the time to be the best doctor you can be.

And that means. Finding more information. How do you continue to sharpen the saw in your practice? So get those scheduled, but listen, we didn’t just think of you doctor. We thought of your entire staff and that’s what pump up your progress. CA webinars are all about. It really is about pumping up your progress for your entire team.

So you can look at these, you can talk with your staff on let’s make time. Now, if you can’t attend these CA pump up your progress webinars with your staff, if you’re a silver or up, you can actually get the recordings. So when you’re getting your individual membership@thefoundationatfrcp.org slash package, make sure you schedule for a silver or a gold, lots of benefits there, including the recordings that you can do on your own.

With your staff. Now you joined me. Why? Because you wanted to know more about what 2022 campaigns are all about. While you’re familiar with our annual September drug-free pain management awareness month. I wanted to bring attention to our latest campaign launching this year. And you were the very first audience to be able to see this.

I’m excited to share it with you, which is naturally chiropractic. As we know chiropractic care is safe. It’s a drug-free noninvasive surgery free and natural approach to healthcare. Our objective in 2022 is actually to continue to build awareness regarding all the natural components that chiropractic care.

As well as an in-app marketing advertisement and social media campaign, we’re looking forward to officially launching this soon. And we’re so glad you got to see it first here on ChiroSecure, the choice is clear and the choice is naturally chiropractic. All right, let’s get moving to what’s new. What’s fun.

And how do I keep my patient base excited about what you do every day? That’s adjusted reality. Adjusted reality is a podcast series trusted by the adjusted, and it’s brought to the consumer on a very fun, easy, and relatable way to bring in their healthcare initiatives. In a way that just feels light and exciting.

I want you to remember this. This is one of those moments in time where we can’t jam chiropractic down their throat, but we can easily weave it into their healthcare opportunities. So over the past year, we launched adjusted reality podcast. And as we won awards, which is amazingly exciting.

What’s really exciting is that you’re sharing it with your patients. In fact, we’ve had over 30,000 downloads to it and it’s been in 30 countries this year. We’re looking forward to launching our third season with new guests, encouraging consumers, to learn more about chiropractic in that fun and relatable way.

So I’m going to ask you. The join us more breaking news. We are launching, as I said, our season three, and you have a chance to win a special adjusted reality gift bag. Retail value is about a $250 and it is some matching. You’re going to be excited when you get it. We want to learn how you enjoyed adjusted reality.

What podcasts were fun for you. And you’re going to see that Facebook. Game posted shortly on our Facebook site. So please join us. It’s fun. And it’s an easy win and you’ll be amazed on what is in that adjusted reality bag. I think you’ll be very pleased. So go to our Facebook site and you will see shortly the game rules.

What does it take to win the adjusted for reality? Gift bag. It is a special competition and ChiroSecure friends, you are the first to know about it. So you’ll be right in there red way. So let’s look at adjusted reality. What actually has launched this year. And we had a fabulous guest that fabulous guest was UJ, Townsville, and we’re going to listen just to a snippet of the.

I was in need of chiropractic assistance at age 19. So I would have to go to the chiropractor twice a week in college to, because I would have back spasms and trouble walking. This was during football. It’s I should’ve started yoga back then, but I didn’t start until later on in life when I was.

Pretty much coming towards the end of my football career. And I realized I don’t want to be in my thirties walking with, crutches or a cane or, any kind of assistance whatsoever. So I decided to take my future into my own hands and do something that was more than. Friends that’s the inspiration that they need finding more balance.

And, DJ Townsville said in his podcast that one of the things that he looked at was finding alignment is that not our philosophy is finding balance and putting them back in alignment. So I really do think this is a great way to kick off the new year. And I. Told through many men that well, most men don’t do yoga and this might be just an inspiring opportunity for them to look closer at yoga so they can find balance where they can support their chiropractic care.

And you can share with them what it means to stretch to strength and to be flexible in their daily lives so that they’re not sitting at their computers hunched down. What person out there does not need a little help. In today’s world and that’s going to be you. You’re the coach. You’re the healthcare provider.

You’re the doctor with the expertise as we go through and speaking of expertise, this is now going to be the year that you prepare your 20, 22 marketing roadmap. This is your year to be the very best you’ve ever been in your entire life. How to do that, follow this to. As you begin 20 to evaluate your marketing strategies for your clinic.

Our 2022 marketing vision tip sheet walks you through a few ways that you can assure a bright future for the chiropractic profession will setting up your practice for success, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our research shows monthly marketing. Keep you on track our adjusted reality podcast, our PowerPoint presentations and print materials are easy to implement in your practice.

If you’re already a member with the Foundation, then you’re perfect. You’re signed up and you’re ready to go. If you’re not, is this the year 2022 allows you to have progress in a way unimaginable and. The next part updates. So what is my return on investment when I become a family Foundation member, and I want to share with you some of our highlights so that you can see is my money being put to you.

Our stakeholder report has just come out and we’ve had tremendous feedback on it. And I think if you read that and not only the awards that you can see on the bottom, but also the places that we’ve hit, the millions of people that we have actually shared chiropractic with in 2021, I think you’re going to say that was a very good investment.

And I certainly hope that if you have any feedback or anything more that you want to share with. Don’t hesitate. We love feedback and we love hearing from you. I wanted to remind you, we won a gold, gold video word for, I know pain, the title of the 32nd spot that the Foundation created, which air 25 times on NBC networks during the summer Olympics.

We’re very proud of it. It is like the Oscars for commercials and it arrived at my doorstep last Friday, and it was presented in. Fabulous black gold box. And it is something to be very proud of. If you’re joining me a Parker, we’re going to announce it. So keep posted, I’m going to show you the real live version of what the video board looks like.

Cause it’s yours. You paid for it. You own it. Those awards are not ours at the Foundation. They’re yours. And we want you to be as proud of it as we are because what other profession is winning light. I don’t know anyone who has this many awards as last year, but we have to keep pushing the needle. We have to keep growing.

We have to keep building together. And as you can see, we do also have the end of your video. If you haven’t watched it, I’m going to ask you to see how far we’ve come as a profession with the Foundation. It’s unity. It’s bringing us together, unity through opportunity and diversity, and that’s, what’s going to make.

Such an amazing profession, we’re recognizing it. And we’re exploring ways to which we can do a better job. So exploring ways, look at these billboards last year we did over 40, across the nation that makes. Incredible. It, you never know which marketing tactic is doing the best, but I’ll tell you what these marketing billboards are.

In fact, doing an incredible job. It makes you smile. And the speaking of smiling, I want you to know that if you would like a fun, easy way, no effort to support the Foundation’s campaigns please click your charity of choice on Amazon smile. It’s easy to do. Just go to Amazon, smile.amazon.com.

You’ll see it on that slide again. smile.amazon.com. And all you have to do is sign up there. You pick the Foundation for Chiropractic Education, and it’s an easy donation and you don’t have to do anything more, but beyond the smile when you order at Amazon, and that will make the entire profession.

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And so we want to build your practice. We want to build awareness. We want to build this future of chiropractic together, and that’s how we’re going to make a big difference in our life. And today I want to thank you. For being part of the Foundation, if you’re not yet frcp.org/package, today’s the day start 2022 in the biggest bang ever get your staff fired up, get your community fired up on what you do as an ex.

In chiropractic care building and optimizing naturally through chiropractic. So join us back here next week for ChiroSecure’s, Facebook live where we have Dr. Mark Studin. He’s fantastic. You won’t want to miss him, but I want to end with this. Thank you happy new year. Make this the very best year ever and do it with the Foundation.

You are a part of our Foundation, family, and we want to explore ignite. And develop new ways to get those consumers, to work with us in chiropractic and optimizing their health. So we will see you next month. Don’t miss it. Another exciting topic is coming up, but don’t forget to go to our Facebook site and find out more about that competition.

That’s coming up through adjusted reality. Thanks so much for joining.

Isn’t it time you joined the most powerful team of successful doctors and chiropractic and go for the gold. Simply go to www dot dot org slash package and get your customized practice success solution.

Empowering Women in Chiropractic – Best Practices: What’s Working Now to Attract MD Referrals

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Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  We suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

You like the idea of attracting new patients from medical doctor referrals, doc, patients who are referred by doctors tend to. Start care and stick with it. And it’s just more wonderful to work with patients like that. But are you in a place where you have either try to reach out to doctors, but you feel like nothing’s ever come of it before?

Or you’re not really sure how to get it going well, you’re in the right place as far as this is Chen Yen your 6 and 7 figure practice. Make-over mentor atintrovertedvisionary.com and your show host today for ChiroSecure. And I look forward to helping you with this with what’s working right now, so that you could apply this to your practice, to attract patients without always having to feel like you need to be marketing all the time, because isn’t it exhausting to feel like you need to be spending money on ads, trying to figure things out spending time on it.

And then sometimes it’s not even fruitful. What if he had a way of. Approaching medical doctors, such that they do refer, because imagine if you even had three medical doctors sending you one or two referrals a week, what would that do for your practice? It’s one of the few approaches where once you get it set up, you don’t have to always constantly be.

Spending money on marketing or marketing all the time, because it, you can be getting referrals from medical doctors, even three months from now, six months from now or a year from now. But here’s some of the most common things I’ve been hearing from you. Quite a few of you wrote in an and said this.

So we’re going to be talking about. Answer your most common challenges and questions today. And for example, I hear, oh, it get no response from them. Many MD simply shun chiropractors and tell patients not to go to one or I don’t know how to get in touch with them. How do I get past the gatekeeper?

Some of you have even connected with MDs. If someone wrote a we’re connected to MBS, but referrals aren’t coming in, or I have medical doctor patients, but they’re not referring to me. So what do you do? So go ahead and type in the chat right now like this, actually, if you have ever experienced any one of those situations before and type in the chat, what scenario have you experienced?

So I get a better sense of. What you’re dealing with and we can we, I can help you best with it. So let’s talk about each one of the challenges that you have, those of you who wrote in have mentioned you’re experiencing it, what to do about it. The first thing is the no response from them.

One of the reasons for this many times is because of not really having an approach that works to get their attention, that would make them want to talk to you. Because many times medical doctors are busy just like you. And they’re. Have people trying to reach them, whether it’s vendors drug reps, other providers, nurses, all kinds of people trying to get their attention.

And they have a full schedule of patients. So what would have them want to talk to you and even start to develop that relationship with you? Many times? One of the most common mistakes I hear is not really having a strategy for this and not really having an approach that works. Now as far, and we’re going to be talking a little bit about that coming up next, as far as your first steps with that, that will work another another kind of concern, which one of you wrote in said hard time, finding medical doctors who are congruent with chiropractic philosophy and treatments.

Isn’t that frustrating when you feel like. There are medical doctors and perhaps other conventional medical practitioners who feel skeptical about what you do when you know that what you do is amazing for your patients. And in fact, it’s helped your patients to the extent that it’s much further extent than drugs and surgery might have when they have gone to.

That goes through the conventional approach for some situations before coming to see you. And This is where some medical doctors from having worked in different settings. So I’ve been in the inside of, for example, at Merck, at the FDA, in the outpatient setting, inpatient setting over the years, and working as a pharmacist.

So I seen the insides of what, in working with many medical doctors over the years, I’ve seen what gets medical doctors to refer. And what doesn’t. And from the comments I’ve heard from medical doctors and over the years, what I’ve noticed is this, unfortunately not all medical doctors understand and.

Maybe never will because they are pretty set in their ways that, that it needs to be this certain way. And then he needs to have it’s drugs and surgery and cause that’s what they were trained and everything outside of that is too risky, a thing. And the. It is true that not all doctors will refer, but you, the, you don’t need that many medical doctors.

You just need a handful of people who are your biggest champions, just as we talked about before, even if you had one or two providers or one, what two or three providers sending you one or two referrals a week, that can be very significant in the number of people you can help over the years. And The, as far as that goes, don’t get discouraged because you think where you’ve even experienced it before that some medical doctors, shun chiropractic also, I will say from having worked in the conventional medical system for a while, I noticed that there are many conventional practitioners, whether it’s medical doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and other kinds of conventional healthcare practitioners who secretly would prefer holistic options.

Do you know? I have a client of mine who says he, she has a she knows that a a surgeon who drives and he tries. 45 over 45 minutes to see a chiropractor because he doesn’t want his colleagues to know that he’s seen a chiropractor. Can you believe that? So there, there are medical doctors who secretly are into holistic options as well, too.

So believe me, there are enough of them out there to fill up your practice in terms of help helping you, them referring you and help you helping their patients. So another no I got from one of you, it was, I don’t know how to get in touch with oh actually I did before I mentioned that, I also want to mention that the idea of how, many MBAs simply shun chiropractors tell patients not to go to one or having a hard time finding MD’s who are congruent with philosophy.

So that’s exactly why. You need to educate them because the reason why they are not educated about chiropractic is because they haven’t really learned about it in school. Like the full scope of benefits that it can have for patients. Some of you are into other kinds of things like functional medicine as well.

And other types of things aside from just chiropractic as well. And so if not you who is going to educate them, Many times they are open to helping with patients outcomes. And when they hear about something that makes clinical sense to them, and it does work for their patients, they would be open to.

This is perfect for your area of opportunity to take leadership as a chiropractor, as someone leading the profession to change the paradigm of what many medical doctors in the conventional healthcare system. Providers think about chiropractic and holistic options. Okay. So another comment I got from one of you is I don’t know how to get in touch with them.

I don’t know what would be the most effective way to reach them in my area. That I hear quite a bit, right? What do you, what should you do? We should do email them, try to find their email and email them to do, go to their office. You call them what do you send them? Something by mail. What is the most effective approach?

It’s interesting because I’ve heard of a, when a practice management company suggest that you write down a list of a hundred doctors in your area and then look at reaching out to all of them. And when I heard about that, I thought, oh my gosh, it’s so exhausting. Just hearing about it.

Whereas our clients, aren’t actually having to reach out to that many people and they’re getting referrals. So what is the difference? And so it’s about having. A simple approach and having a system to plug into that works, for example, one hot tip about this is we could first start with low-hanging fruit and then we could go beyond that to beyond the low-hanging fruit.

So one way of approaching medical doctors with low-hanging fruit, I would, as far as low hanging fruit is who do you have? Mutual patient with where you have a patient you’ve gotten good results with. And then they also have seen a medical doctor, or, as we think about re reaching more medical doctors and helping their patients, we could also think about other conventional medical practitioners, too.

It could be nurses. The PA’s for example, we’ve had clients who have been nurse practitioners or nurses, and they’ve said, Hey, don’t forget about us. We’re actually easier to get in with, and then medical doctors. So yeah so then, and also other holistic practitioners, could you develop relationships with.

Naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists health coaches, who might do different things than you and you support each other. And it’s more of a team approach. So low-hanging fruit is for whom you have mutual patients, and then you just need to have a way of how, what do you actually say to them? What would actually get them to start referring to you?

And let me help you with this first step here coming up about, which was asked by another Chiropractor who said I’m not sure how to get past the gatekeepers. So because the gatekeepers try to screen you up. Don’t they that’s their job. Isn’t it. The front desk person, they are there to try to keep just the most important thing to be passed along to the doctor because the doctor is busy.

So how can you get their attention when there’s that gate paper right there. One way. So there are definitely ways to get past the gatekeeper and I, and as a part of our MD referral success systems. And one thing that you could do is to go around the gatekeeper. There are a couple of ways to go around the gatekeeper.

So one way is to reach out to medical doctors directly. Directly through messaging them on linked in. And then, because that way you’re not having to have that gatekeeper. And so would you like to have an exact script that a chiropractor client of ours has used and gotten in with medical doctors through their script?

So if you would like that, I made a give this link to you and you can see it below also. And you can just click on the link below and, or copy and paste or. It and get the free script. So it is, you can go to www dot, get more M D referrals.com forward slash linked in script. So again, it’s www dot, get more MD referrals.com forward slash linked in.

So can. Go there now click on the link and download the free copy and paste template you could use to, to get in with medical doctors. And then you just need to know what else to do after that, that, that ends up translating into. So the first, first is getting your foot in the door. And then how does that end up translating into referrals?

Because it’s one thing for them to know about you. It’s another, for them to actually think of you first to send their patients to. A second way of getting around the gatekeepers is something that our chiropractor clients and other holistic health practitioner clients, or. Very well, in terms of very successfully and getting referrals is what is to educate them, speak in front of them.

So how can you do this? So you could either be educating them one by one. It could even be done through a zoom. Or it could be educating their office of providers and their staff about it. In fact, did you know that front desk receptionist sometimes are even better sources of referrals for patients than even the doctor themselves?

So what do you say to that? So things like that. And then there are other opportunities to speak in front of a room full of doctors as well, whether it is in person. I know during these times some it, depending on where you are geographically, there are still opportunities in person where you could be in a room full of medical doctors.

That are it’s 10 of them or four 50 of them, or even more than that, it could even be done through a webinar way. So meaning that, for example, if you speak in front of medical doctor conferences, And you’re a main speaker there, then you can be or you could do in-services for hospitals and then be in front of more than one doctor at a time, because how many of you would love to be in a room full of doctors?

We had a client of ours. Who was in front of who did a talk in front of a very well-known hospital in the New York city area and got referrals from medical doctors. And that really helped him grow his practice significantly. And so as far as the Notice the opportunities, because you might think why don’t want to speak in front of a group of doctors.

I don’t feel like I, I feel like I need to know more before I do that. So here’s the thing you don’t have to even start with speaking in front of a handful of doctors. They could just be one provider. And then, or it could be someone who’s not a medical doctor. It could be a nurse or a nurse practitioner or a PA or someone who might just feel like a bit less intimidating too, because you feel like you, you don’t you just feel more comfortable.

In terms of. Feeling like you need to know more, so much more about chiropractic than other medical doctors already know. So I don’t worry about it at all. Now, as far as the, because when we actually work with our clients, what we do is help them come up with one, not several.

But just one. So it’s basically one framework. One, what I call signature talk that you can give in front of potential refers. So it translates into referrals sooner rather than later, because it is one thing to just educate them and it’s, and for them to see you as someone who’s smart and clinical. To see that you can really help their patients also because that’s what translates into referrals, not just when your talk is very informative, because there’s a difference.

And so I it’s about, having the ability to do both. Yes. So having that one signature talk dialed in is really important. And then you can use it in different situations, whether it’s in front of one doctor, you’re speaking in front of whether it’s in front of a room, full providers or. And it could be webinar based, right?

You don’t even have to leave your house or feel like, oh, I need to go and get dressed and go see someone at the doctor’s office. You don’t even need to do that. It could be at home, okay. So another note, one of you sent into me that I want to help you with is there, so we are connected to MDs, but the referrals aren’t coming in, this is what I like each one of you to do. If you either have an interest in getting doctor referrals, but you haven’t yet, or you’re currently getting referrals from doctors and you would like to have more referrals coming in from medical doctors is to draw a triangle. So draw a triangle and on the very top of the triangle.

You to write down. So what I’m going to have you write down it are because in order to want to get to get more referrals from medical doctors, it helps to have a, it’s an understand why they’re not, they might not be referring as much, right? So this triangle is going to help you with that.

So on the top part of the triangle, I want you to write down. Connection with you as a person or provider. So this is connection with you as a person it’s not necessarily, what’s your clinical knowledge of it. That’s certainly helpful. If you think about it, who, if you were, had your choice of referring and you knew, let’s say several people, you could refer to your patients of those people, you choose, who of those will you be more likely to choose?

Is it someone you tend to like more, as far as your relationship with them enjoy talking to, or is it someone who is a big grumble Bumble? Like really grumpy and all the time. So it probably someone who you enjoy. Joy talking to you and have a connection with, so that’s one thing which is on the top of a triangle to put on there.

So connection with you as a person provider, the bottom left of the triangle corner. I want you to write down trust in your modality. This is about whether the extent they trust in your modality, but not just your modality itself, as far as trust in chiropractic, it’s also trust in the, what you, the kinds of in terms of helping the patients, as far as you would like to attract, right?

With those kinds of health issues, what is their trust in you for those kinds of things and what is their understanding of safety and efficacy? Because if they don’t, if they have a concern about its safety or efficacy, they’re not going to refer many medical doctors are concerned about lawsuits these days, very under, in a very understandable way.

So they don’t want to be putting their license on the line to refer someone to you. And then you do something with their patient that they regret that they ever see. Because it’s causing them trouble and including legal trouble. Would you agree if that would be scary for them? And so many times medical doctors take the stance of, I don’t know what’s going on with that, so I’m not going to even go there.

That’s why they may not be referring. So it’s helpful for you to, in terms of that corner of the triangle to write down the trust in modality, including safety and efficacy, that’s the other corner of the triangle, the final corner of the trial. Here. Final quarter is top of mind awareness.

What is their top of mind awareness about you? And when do they, because many medical doctors are busy, they go about their day. Remember we talked about how you they’re seeing patients all day long and they’re probably really booked. And then all kinds of people trying to get their attention, whether it’s vendors, drug, reps, and nurses.

All kinds of different practitioners and providers, the patients and the patient’s family, all kinds of people trying to get their attention. So what would have them out of their busy day when they’re seeing patients, they think, oh, I need to refer this person to this chiropractor. So what would make them actually think that?

That’s really important as well. So I gave you the three triangle points. Now what to do with it is rate yourself. Think about one medical doctor you would like to have more referrals from and think about what you would rate yourself on a scale of one through 10, with 10 being the highest, what would you rate yourself for each corner?

And then we could look at how can we get you closer to a 10 in each of the three corners of the triangle? And that’s what will help have those medical doctors referring to you more readily is, the question to ask yourself is, do you have a system that supports getting referrals? Do you have a way of approaching the doctors to help them feel more comfortable and confident in you?

And, for example, these are things that we help our clients with. So let’s talk about. The here’s one final thing in terms of a common kind of concern or challenge, and frustration, a feeling, right? So one of you wrote in, I have MD patients, however, still they’re not referring to me.

So this is a situation where remember the triangle where they might have trust in you. As a person, as a practitioner, perhaps they may have trust in your modality and perhaps the safety. But they might actually not necessarily know or be very clear about certain situations that you’re looking for referrals from.

They might maybe they don’t know, you think they might know, but maybe they don’t know. Maybe they’re seeing you for. More generalized kind of pain and they have no idea, even though you can help them with this, they have no idea it could help support improving fertility or in terms of the yes.

And so there are. Things that they might not truly know about clinical wise. They’re also, what about top of mind awareness? Look at that corner of the triangle about top of mind awareness. So yes, they see you as their paint as a patient, but when they’re seeing, when they’re seeing a patient, do they come across a patient and they think thinking, meaning this is a perfect situation to refer.

That chiropractor, right? Are they crystal clear about that? So it’s about how are you communicating that to the medical doctors so that when they are in the room with the patient, that they remember that, and once you have made a CA a con an initial connection with the doctor by the way, those of you who want that script again for the LinkedIn script, that’s just one way to get to.

There are several other ways, but I’d want to give you at least one way to get started with, so that is the you can go to www dot, get more MD referrals.com forward slash linked in script. So when you, in terms of, after you have started developing that relationship, Remember, it’s also about how do you continue that relationship so that they refer and they continue referring because have you ever experienced before, maybe you’ve heard your colleagues say, Hey, I reach out to that doctor.

I thought they would refer. We had a really good conversation and they’re not referring so many times. I noticed when chiropractors tell me that and I asked them to dig in deeper and find out what’s going. And I noticed that it’s because usually they think they have this unrealistic expectation of them getting a whole flood of referrals from just having talked to the doctor.

What’s right. So usually just think about it. If someone just met you and they said they could help your patients, are you going to send every patient to them pretty much that you think they can help? How how likely is that right? So the likelihood goes up when they’re educated more, feel more comfortable about those corners of the triangle, for example, especially the safety and efficacy, which you can do by educating through a webinar or zoom or a talk.

Like I mentioned to you before that speeds up the process of getting referrals sooner rather than later, or, and, or also, what else, how do you. How do you keep them in your top of my keep in top of mind, awareness that, and help them feel comfortable in starting to refer, having a system for that in place that supports you getting referrals.

So that’s what you’ll need next. And for those of you who want help with this and would like systems to plug into that work or what guidance to get this going so that you’re able to start attracting those referrals. Remember, like three, three providers, any one or two patients a week that adds up, doesn’t it.

And with, especially with ad costs rising these days, and with you per perhaps experiencing that, the sources of getting patients may be aren’t working as well, or even if they are working as well as really important to diversify, especially with things changing and shifting. And reach out to us at introvertedvisionary.com.

So go there now and then click on the button to get in with us and happy to see how we can help you grow your fast practice faster, whether it’s through doctor referrals or in other ways. To you, helping more people who need you and waking up the planet because more people need to know about chiropractic.

More people need to know about holistic options that can really help them beyond just what they may know about with drugs and surgery. And you are an important key to that. You’re an important person to be able to change. The trajectory of people’s health situations and conditions and issues, but more people need to know about you.

And that can only happen when you are able to educate more and also have providers even start referring you because it just will snowball from there. So do you having an amazing year go to introverted visionary.com and happy to help you further? So till next time,



Empowering Women in Chiropracrtic – Medical Emergency and the Chiropractic Philosophy

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Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  We suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Empowering Women in Chiropractic brought to you by ChiroSecure. I’m your host, Dr. Cathy Wendland. And today I’m going to talk to you about a topic that’s a little bit more challenging and very near and dear, unfortunately, to my heart. And that is the medical emergency and your chiropractic philosophy.

So today I want to talk to you about how do you. Makes the choice or sometimes it’s not actually a choice of going the medical route. And how does that fit in with your philosophy now in the event of a medical emergency, we understand that sometimes life has limitations and the body has limitations and there are limitations to matter.

And sometimes it’s not actually a true. It’s a necessity or a requirement or an obligation to go the medical route. And when that happens, so often I’ve talked to patients in pregnancy situations or in difficulty conceiving a child or in birth situations where the medical route has to be. Obtained. It has to be perused.

They have to go down that journey because there is a medical appointment or a medical emergency. And how do you deal with that while still maintaining your chiropractic philosophy? One of the things I’ve talked to women about for many years is that. When you have your strong philosophical base, that’s the ground upon which you stand.

And when you stand on solid ground, even when the world is trying to rock you back and forth, if you’re standing on a rock, a very solid rock. You’re able to plant your feet firmly and understand that while I may have to sway a little bit, I’m still going to stand tall in my roots, and I’m still gonna stand true to what I believe.

And I may need to use other options momentarily, but I’ll always come back to my roots that has benefited so many people in our profession. And so many of our patients to know that when you have that strong philosophical base, when you know, that you know, that you know that the body needs no help, just no interference.

When you know that the body is a self regulating self healing organism that we just have to allow it to do what it needs to do when we come from that ground. From that standpoint, from that philosophy. It’s a lot easier to be able to weather the storms because the storms do and will come. And maybe, hopefully for most of us will never experience them personally.

But our patients may and our family members may, and when those storms do come, we have to be like the Palm tree. That can bend and sway as the storm is coming, but still hold true to their roots so that we don’t bend and break. And so that we don’t get completely knocked over so that we don’t completely fall off of our foundation.

But we learned that sometimes we do have to bend and sway. And one of the things that I remember always hearing and always being taught as a student in that seminars is that there are limitations to me. And sometimes we do need other options, but as so many of you have lived your life and have said many times God family chiropractic.

And when we follow that order and we really take care of ourselves and we do things that are in our best interests, when an emergency situation does come. It is heart-wrenching and it is difficult, and it is hard to accept that there may be a time and a place that crisis care or interventions are necessary.

And for our children, that becomes very difficult if they’ve been raised in this mindset and they’ve been raised in this model and they have a strong philosophical base and they have a strong hold to our paradigm. It may be difficult for them to understand. Why would we need outside in intervention when they’ve been taught their whole lives that we live in inside out lifestyle.

So it is important to hold true to your philosophical base, but as so many chiropractors poured into me recently and poured into my daughter, for those of you that don’t know the situation, I’ll talk about that in. There are times when help is necessary. And there are times when we need to not only ask for help, but accept help.

And that goes for ourselves. That goes for our children. That goes for our bodies. That goes for our situations that we may find ourselves in. And when we understand our principle, our philosophy that, life flows from above, down, inside out. But at times there may be a crisis that requires extra help.

We have to be able to have those conversations with our loved ones, with our patients, with our family members. Sometimes even with ourselves that we’ve done all that we can do. And right now there is a limitation to matter. We’re not starfish. We don’t grow back a limb. When one is cut off, we can’t always fix everything.

Positive mindset, affirmations, visualizations, the chiropractic adjustment eating right now. Can we keep ourselves healthy? Yes. And that’s what the chiropractic philosophy is about. That’s why we don’t talk about how we cure anything. What we do is detect and correct for table subluxations. We adjust the subluxation to allow for the restoration of health and sometimes.

That’s just not sufficient because there’s something more dangerous or more gravitas going on that needs additional help. So for those of you that have reached out and asked about my daughter, or for those of you who maybe don’t know. My 11 year old daughter is born at home. Chiropractic philosophy, never been inside of a medical office has only been adjusted her entire life.

She’s been to dentists and she’s been to chiropractic offices and she’s been to every seminar. Most of you have met her, so she fully embodied. Innate potential. And she fully embodies the chiropractic philosophy and she gets this mindset and she talks about it and teaches it to her friends. That life is for the living and that what life flows from above, down, inside out.

And that the body needs no help, just no interference, but we took a routine set of x-rays on her to determine when she’d be ready for braces. Sun was starting his braces. And we found out that her wisdom teeth were growing over the molders and we’re ultimately pushing the molders down into the job on which were causing them olders to start to hook into the job bone and much like a Molly bracket that you would use to hang something heavy on your wall.

Those roots of the. Would eventually start to take a hold into the job on, and if you’ve ever put a Molly bracket in your sheet rock, that the only way to get it out is to basically yank it out and put a big hole in the sheet rock. And that’s what we’re facing with her job bone. So the only option was to hurry up and remove the wisdom teeth and upright the molders before they were fully entrenched into the job bone causing jaw damage and ultimately bone graft surgery.

Every time she grew up. Unfortunately, she ended up with an abscess because her body is so strong and immune system is so amazing and she just healed so quickly. As most children do that. She sealed up the opening and kept an infection inside and we had it removed, cleaned out. It came back. We ultimately ended up in the emergency room, transferred to a children’s hospital where she had four surgeries total in three weeks.

It was a very devastating situation having to put her on antibiotics and pain medicine, all of which she didn’t want to do. She was very adamant that she trusted her body and her body was brilliant and she trusted her Nate and she didn’t understand why we had to do these things. So we involved her in every conversation with the surgeons and the medical team and the infectious disease.

She participated in all those conversations. And I made sure that she ultimately felt empowered to help make those decisions because ultimately. I wanted her to feel empowered and I wanted her to feel strong and I wanted her to still embody those principles that we taught she and my son and my patients.

And I know your family members and your patients, you have instilled those mindsets, those philosophies, our paradigm in them to understand that the body is strong and it is capable. And it knows what to do. Just like when I’ve been so blessed to talk to so many of you and the women in our profession and your patients.

About natural pregnancy, natural birth, natural parenting, and instilled in those women. The idea that your body knows how to birth a baby, we don’t need medical intervention unless it’s an emergency situation. And so we have had those conversations. I know you have had those conversations and it’s important to you.

Remind ourselves in those moments that while we do stand firm on our philosophy and chiropractic is our choice. It is our healthcare choice and it is our model, our paradigm. It is the way we raise our families. Sometimes there are limitations to matter. We have a wonderful colleague in our profession who is dealing with a heart issue right now.

And it’s a congenital heart issue that needs. Surgical intervention. And so we pray for them and we send our love and we send our healing energy that direction, but sometimes we do need additional support. And so when it comes time for you or someone in your family, or one of your patients to have to go this route and make these decisions, it’s important to.

Make someone feel like they’re making a bad decision or make them feel like their body is not smarter. Their body’s not capable of that. Their body is not strong because after all, that’s what has been pushed upon women for generations when it comes to the birth process that their body’s not strong.

It’s not smart. It’s not capable that they need a team of doctors and surgeons to oversee the birth of their baby. Before their baby is even due so that we can steer them down a medical route. And I’ve talked about this for many years. Why do we meet with an obstetrical surgeon? Nine months before the baby is born to start preparing women mentally, that you may need this team of doctors and surgeons.

When what we should be doing is empowering women, that their body is smart, brilliant, capable. Their innate intelligence knows how to make a human being from one cell from mom and oneself I’m debt and create a perfect living human being that will know how to grow and develop inside that womb. And we’ll know when it’s time.

To be born. And we teach women that concept and we teach our children that concept and we teach our patients that concept and we live and breathe and embody that concept. So it is a little bit difficult and it is a little bit trying, and it is extremely emotional when you or someone, has to cross that threshold into a world that we don’t exist in, into a world that we’ve chosen not to participate in.

And I will tell you that there were. So many tears shed about having to enter into a medical world and having to enter into a, what I consider to be a merry-go-round or an up and down rollercoaster that we’ve intentionally steered clear of for so many years. Now, when this happens to you, I assure you that your community will pour love all over you.

Like I am just absolutely honored humbled and blown away by how so many in our profession. And so many of our patients and colleagues and friends have just poured their love all over myself, my daughter and my son, but somebody somewhere. May say something that just gets to you, they may ask, how could you go that route?

Or why would you need to go that route? Or why would anyone need a medical intervention if they’re under chiropractic care? Because doesn’t chiropractic fix everything, doesn’t chiropractic, cure everything. Isn’t chiropractic the answer to everything. Nothing is bigger than life. And the big idea is the biggest idea that we know, but nothing in the green books and nothing in most of the seminars that I’ve attended and nothing in my education ever said that we are the end all be all.

We want to be the primary choice. We want to be the philosophy. We want to be the lifestyle that we embody, and we hope that our communities will embody, but we understand that, you know what? Sometimes people. Don’t live a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes people don’t have an active lifestyle. Sometimes people’s work schedule.

It causes them to be more sedentary than they would like. And sometimes they just don’t have the time, the energy or the desire to make the healthcare choices that would serve them the best. And sometimes situations arise where there is an emergency where there is a sports injury or a car accident or.

A congenital anomaly that was unknown or there’s something going on that just absolutely requires a medical intervention. And so when your patients or your community, or somebody reaches out to you and asks you, if chiropractic worked so well, why would you need a medical intervention ever?

Because. It’s not a one size fits. All right. And it’s not the end all be all. We live by the chiropractic lifestyle. We embody that you live by that lifestyle, but explain to those people and lovingly explain to your patients that while we do profess this, and while we do live this, and while we do embody this, we understand that, there are exceptions to the rule.

I can’t just drink good water and eat healthy fruits and vegetables and expect everything to be perfect. I also need sleep. I also need a positive mental attitude. I also need to get adjusted. I also need to keep my nervous system functioning at its greatest capacity, but if there’s an infection, the body, usually the immune system can fight it.

And sometimes we need a little bit of help and those. And emergency situations are there for that reason. And when we rely on the emergency situation for emergencies, it does what it was designed to do. Let’s just not make the slip and start living. As if that’s the only way to take care of things in our life, we know that we have to live, we know that we have to eat clean. We know that we have to drink right now. My daughter has been covered in prayer every night as she sleeping. I am reading all of your beautiful words and prayers to her. And I thank all of you so much, but I want you to know that while I never imagined this happening in our lifetime.

And I certainly was never prepared for this to happen. We didn’t even have insurance because my children get adjusted. She’s a home birth. We couldn’t get insurance. They claim she’s not a us citizen because there’s no hospital birth. So we didn’t have insurance because we didn’t plan for this, but mentally we’d been preparing ourselves to keep our bodies healthy.

And physically, I know you have been doing the same thing mentally, physically, emotionally, you’ve been preparing yourselves, preparing your families and preparing your community, your patients, your staff, to do the best. They, that. To live with a positive attitude, to not always look for the doom and gloom in life, but to basically go forth with that positive attitude that I can, I will.

And I must one of the affirmations that we utilize. So much in our eight days in the hospital and I’ve utilized and taught to so many people, because it was taught to me is Dr. Sid’s affirmation. And Dr. Sid taught us this affirmation that I absolutely love and use. And this is for you, right? I am healthy.

Every cell of my body is healthy right now. This minute I am healthy. I do not need to become healthy. I am healthy and I am happy. Every cell of my body is happy from the top of my head, to the tips of my toes. I am happy. We use that affirmation to conceive our son. We use that affirmation. With my children, their whole life.

We use that affirmation in the children’s hospital with my daughter. And we’ve used that affirmation every day since just to continue to reaffirm that our bodies are smart and capable. And with the chiropractic adjustment, we can restore health. We can remove interference. We can allow the brain cell and the tissue cell to communicate so that life can be expressed at its fullest potential.

And as we come into the Christmas season and it’s only days away and we come into the end of the year and the happiness of looking forward to a new year. I want you to know that the darkest night. Was just two or three days ago, right? That winter solstice, the darkest night has passed. And each day we get an extra minute or two of light, an extra amount of time to rejoice.

We get extra love, extra sunshine, extra happiness. And as you come into the new year, I want you to embody not only the chiropractic mindset, but the vision of hope. Ability to care about other people. The greatest gift that we have even greater than the gift of chiropractic is the gift of love. And to be able to give our love freely to other people with no expectation in return to give, to love and.

From our own abundance with no expectation of return. That is the lasting purpose that was instilled in me as a student. That is the lasting purpose that so many in our profession share with their families and their communities. And it is what I truly believe is going to help all of us in this next year to live in a sense of abundance and abundance of.

An abundance of love and abundance of community and abundance of support and abundance of people lifting each other up because many hands make light work. And when we live in a state of abundance and when we give freely from our own abundance, we are fulfilled. One of the things. I have always believed from Dr.

Sit is that we are a hollow vessel that love innate intelligence life force. It flows through us. It needs to flow out. And the more we allow it to continue flowing through us and out to those around us, the more our cup is refilled, but if we hold onto it, then our cup is so full. We can’t accept anymore.

Be that hollow vessel, allow it to just completely flow through you and out to everyone that you encounter. As my good friend, Dr. Sharon Gorman always says, you cannot. Out-give the giver. So in this season of hope and love and giving and rebirth, I want you to remember that what you say matters, what you do in your offices matters the love, the life, the blessings that you bestow on.

Other people are gifts that they may not be ready to receive. Keep giving them because we have to learn how to accept help. We have to learn how to give help. We have to learn how to give and receive, and life will give us lessons to make sure that we continue to learn that. When it comes to anyone, having to face a medical emergency, understand that if we can keep them adjusted as frequently as possible as they’re going through this challenge, we will give their body the best ability to stay healthy.

If we pour out love and blessings on them. If we pray over them, if we make sure that they are nourished and they’re able to sleep and rest and still embody those five pillars of health, that we’ve always talked about that my good friend, Dr. Brian stencil recently wrote the dream lifestyle book, which is diet, rest, exercise, attitude, and mental impulse free to flow in that body.

If we continue to bless each other with those five pillars of health and make sure that. We do what we do best, which is detecting correctly with table subluxation. Then we can trust that our patients and our family will be able to weather any storm that comes to them like a Palm tree that can bend and sway and return to its strong.

So I want to say a tremendous thank you to ChiroSecure for all they’ve done for women in chiropractic for the past several years through the empowering women in chiropractic webinars series, which has just brought so many amazing hosts and guests to all of us so that we can learn, grow, and benefit and share this information with our communities.

I want to say thank you to the chiropractors watching right now. We’re watching. For what you do every day in your communities, because I assure you, it matters. You are changing lives, you are giving your families and your community. Hope you are giving them help. You are giving them a positive outlook and you are impacting their lives on such an amazingly grand scale that you probably will never even understand.

We plant the seed. For the trees under whose shade, we may never sit, keep planting those trees. Ladies, I am so grateful and appreciative to you for what you do. And I look forward to sharing stories, hopefully hugging you in person in the very, very near future and learning and growing together with you in the new year blessings to all of you.

Thank you so much, much love and appreciation. And I look forward to seeing you on another episode of empowering women in chiropractic. Bye-bye everybody

Join us each week as we bring you the best in business growth, practice management, social media, marketing, networking leadership, and lots more. If it’s about women in practice and business, you’ll hear it here.

We hope you enjoy this week’s Facebook live event, please like us on Facebook comment and share. We look forward to seeing all of you next week for another episode of empowering women in chiropractic. Now go ahead and hit the share button and tell your friends and colleagues about the show. Thank you for watching.

Have a beautiful day. This has been a ChiroSecure production. .

Empowering Women in Chiropractic – The Do’s and Don’ts to Managing Negative Reviews Online

Click here to download the transcript.

Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.  We suggest you watch the video while reading the transcript.

Welcome my chiropractic friends, ChiroSecure family. It is so good to be back. I missed you. I hope you miss me too. And if you didn’t, don’t worry today is all about making sure that we have the do’s and don’ts when managing negative reviews. Listen, I get lots of reviews, so my skin may be a little thicker than most, but.

What I want to do in today’s presentation, as we are winding down this very extraordinary year is to ensure that you know how to best manage your social media. So to do that, we’ve taken a full presentation. To really look at what about the reviews? Do I even care about social media and what’s really going on?

So we’re getting started here today with the do’s and the don’ts of managing negative reviews. Now, before we get start. As always, I want to thank our corporate sponsors. As we close out the end of 2021, it has been a very busy and extraordinary successful year. And it’s because we’re reaching the general public with our message about chiropractic even during a pandemic.

And we were very proud to have such wonderful and generous sponsors such as you, our. And our corporate sponsors such as ChiroSecure. So we love ChiroSecure. We’re so grateful to them as well. If you’re not a member, don’t worry. This is the year to treat yourself to the best marketing opportunities the profession has available by going to F for cp.org/package your gift to yourself in 2020.

Moving along. I want to say this slide points out a few things. It is looking at. What does it mean when chance in crisis starts to come together? Here’s the thing. When you look at a negative review, it’s your chance to split. Spin is incredibly important. It’s the narrative Baton behind the opportunity for your clinic.

This is an important topic for you to understand, because it provides you with the chance to take a potential crisis or patient situation that could spread to the entire community involved and you can make it right. And that’s why you’re spending your time. Really wisely today is your going to learn how to make it right when it’s wrong.

It’s all about preparations. It’s all about the do’s and the don’ts and we’re going to start right away. So for many of you sitting there today, you’re some of you’re saying I actually hate social media. I actually don’t even want to get involved in social media. Let me stop you right there. I’m going to give you some stats.

You get to choose how much time you spend on social media and you get to choose who does it. And I like to think that the consumer’s looking for you. So please help them find you first and foremost, but let’s look at these stats cause they’re real 93% of compete consumers using the internet, finding local business last year.

87% of confused consumers read online reviews for local businesses, and that’s usually in advance of visiting that location. So they’re checking you out and they’re learning what others are saying about you before they actually make the move. Reflect on that for a moment, 71% of patients using online reviews as the very first step to finding a new doctor, is that new doctor going to be you?

I sure hope so. The health care industry actually ranks third in most read online reviews. That’s significant Siri memory. If you came in here with a negative attitude and you don’t like social media, I get a turn you around. We get to make this profound in 20 22, 60 6% of patients feel it’s at least moderately important for providers to respond publicly to honor online reviews.

So what I’m saying here is we need to get you active more important. Social media is about social communication. It’s not a one-way street. So if the patients are responding and giving reviews, guess what? We need you to be acting accordingly and really responding back. So let’s look at the dude. This is the positive of what happens when a negative happens.

So let’s tackle what it looks like. So let’s say you got a one-star review on Google first and foremost, read the review. And as I have to, sometimes I have to grind my teeth. Cause there are people out there that you’re just going to think you’re fat, ugly, and stupid. That’s okay. They had a bad hair day.

I don’t know. Don’t take this personally know that there’s a perspective out there and you can work with it first and foremost, you got to put your pride aside. And that sometimes is a little hard for me, but I still do it. And I apologize. Yes. I said the, a word apologize. Put your pride aside and post a genuine apology to the patient.

Their experience is valid. And just because your perspective is different than theirs, it doesn’t lower. What they’ve chosen to publicly share on mine. When you start off the response with an apology, you are in fact disarming the anger feelings that individual has posted, and it also reflects well on the public perception of you when others do in factory.

The next thing you want to focus on is the future. Okay. We all get stuck sometimes with a review that we don’t want, and we need to acknowledge that you regret and you want to offer to resolve the situation. Look forward to the future. You want to be able to get in touch with them, provide a direct phone number for that patient to call for example, or if it is your patient and you have their number, I would actually.

Call them and ask them, how can we work together to ensure that the situation is resolved? Their experience with you is dependent on what you do. And as you go, the next part of this is there will be spams and I guarantee you there’ll be fake patient reviews. Now some websites actually will help you to get rid of these fake spam.

Unfortunately, there are some such as Google. It’s a lot harder to get rid of them, but if there is an imposter out there and you’ve never cared for that patient, you actually do need to report it as spam and let the directors of that particular social media platform know that it’s a fake patient and that you absolutely dispute this fraudulent claim when it’s raised, do not.

Let it sit on your social media. You need to get active on this. So you do unfortunately have to monitor your online reputation fairly consistently. And perhaps, maybe you put that with your front desk to say at the end of the month, let’s do a full review or what it may be every two weeks. It depends on how busy and active you are on social.

However, let’s spin this to the positive. Now you want to thank all of those positive comments that are actually coming in. Remember I told you those reviews that you get on Yelp and Google, for example, are those patients engaging on your social media accounts? So what do you want to, do you want to ensure that either you or your staff are actually taking the time to respond?

As I said, previously, social media is meant to be not a one-way communication funnel. So finally, our last do, now this is a tricky one. So that’s why we’re on ChiroSecure is that you want to actually decide whether or not you’re willing to give a. Okay. Every situation’s different. I cannot guide you in this and don’t choose to guide you because you need to actually think through the situation.

And I would encourage you to contact your malpractice carrier and ask them because they’re the experts. When it comes to the dues. Now let’s get to the don’ts. What don’t you want to do? You do not want to get into a public argument. Those just go haywire and they go haywire fast. And it actually becomes really negative on both parties, because there’s a public view.

If there is dispute, you don’t want to upset current patients and you certainly don’t want to amplify what they’ve already said. That was. So be very careful. This is the place where lawsuits begin, and this is the place where he just don’t want to be the other. Don’t be very careful when you responding to the actual claim because you have.

HIPAA compliance to think about, and you want to ensure you never give specifics and, or the condition. And it’s very hard when you start getting into a back and forth with a patient online, because things can slip and things can be said that may or may not be helpful at all. So we just want to really be careful on that.

The other part is you don’t want to respond to trolls or fake patient. Like the, do we just covered flag that review and let the universe do its work because really when you get into the troll situation, you don’t want to be activating further trolls to come to your site. So be very aware, be very cognizant and know you can flip a negative to a positive, you can spin it.

You can engage more positive press for your practice by being engaged on your social media, thanking those that are sending. And wonderful messages to your social media site and then deal with those that are negative. I think it’s in your best interest to always be as kind and as caring as you are with your hands, as you will be on social media.

Now let’s move to some further don’ts don’t and last but not least. Scare yourself away from social media, because I just presented these don’ts. This is not a time to be afraid. This is a time to engage. So let’s go some fun things. I’m going to share with you that tip sheet, this new tip sheet here is all about that negative online review.

It may be inevitable. You can spin it. So I want to have something that walks you through the do’s and the don’ts spend some time with your front desk, or whoever’s helping you with social media just to go over and make sure that these are best practices and that you want your staff to be aware that yes, it could be as bad as the doctor always runs.

And sometimes you need to just pay attention. Maybe you are always running late and you thank them and say in 2022, my resolution will be, I will be on time. So let’s just keep going through and thinking about what are the things that make our practice special. The time is now at the end of the year to start preparing yourself for the beginning of 20, 22 and in, this particular best practice handbook is going to help your staff and yourself focus on the things that maybe throughout the year you’ve put aside and never thought about. I would encourage you doctor of chiropractic to sit with your staff and maybe take a chapter a week or a chapter a month, whatever your office can withstand.

Make it fun, make it something that they look forward to rather than detesting, we have another office meeting. So I would think maybe taking them for breakfast or lunch and going over this would be a fabulous next step for you as we are on the word faggot. It is you my foundation member who has helped us be fabulous this year.

I want to go over some fantastic opportunities that have come to place this year. Thanks to your support. First and foremost is our video word. What is a video award? Don’t you worry? I’m going to share with you in just a moment, but we’re really proud. This is a video word for the, I know, pain. 32nd.

Commercial that as was aired 25 times during the summer Olympics. And boy did, we hit it out of the park over 200 million impressions. And I think this is one of those moments where we just have to really give all of ourselves a pat on the back for being able to get our messaging across. And as it’s not easy during a pandemic to do all the things that you’re used to doing.

You were there for the patients and you really did care this year. The next speaking of caring is the military tool kit in case you missed it. That was our new launch. Last month. It was to support veterans day and. Public relations theme of the month, which was taking care of our military and veterans active military needs your support veterans absolutely need your care.

So please make sure you’ve gone through the military toolkit, utilize some of those new infographics next year and be accessing the care for these veterans and active duty military that they so very much. The next piece is the toy drive. Now, many of you are sitting there right now and thinking, oh, toy drive.

I meant to do it. I should have done it. It’s okay. Listen, you may not get a full blown toy drive this year, but work with your staff for next year. There’s nothing better than to see a wonderful outreach to your community to build on Goodwill. Chiropractors are more than just putting hands on patients.

And we know that we want to be able to be really active in the community. And if you can go do some service, that would be a blessing way to celebrate the season and or gift cards, whatever you can do, make your patients aware that there’s a community charity that you’re supporting, that you love, that you’ve adopted into your office.

And that caring goes a long way because it shows how. And truly caring. You are to make your community a better place to be. As we go through, I want to thank a few sponsors. We had an incredible outreach of new corporate sponsors and it was thanks to foot levelers. Our chairman, Mr. Kent, Greenwalt added a bonus to the end of the year to get more sponsors on, to help us get our messages.

I also want to thank Dr. Ray Foxworth from Cairo health USA for also joining in this fantastic opportunity to help more sponsors come on that. I would need you to understand that our foundation is run by dollars that come from you and the dollars that come from standard process. Again, he, Mr. Charlie Dubois, the owner of standard process brought 34 of his standard process reps to become members to support.

The chiropractic profession. So we want to thank them individually as well. What’s up next? My good friends, the new podcast episode has come. We’ve had episodes season one, end two, and we’re winding down 2021. We’re ecstatic with the results of those. Two seasons of our adjusted reality podcast, trusted by the adjusted there’s 10 episodes in season two.

Don’t miss it. We have a ton of new content that you can share with your patients. Listen, this year alone, there’s an estimated 100 in 20 million podcast. Listeners and experts actually anticipate that 2023. There’ll be passing 160 million listeners. That’s amazing. So I need you to listen to the podcast and determine which ones you want to share with your patients.

And when why, because this is a fun, relatable way to engage health by weaving chiropractic in. And I’ll tell you it’s just been fun. It’s been really engaging to see the level of excitement that has actually created a buzz because it’s trusted by the agenda. Now looking back over achievements this year, this is where you should be very proud.

I cannot thank you enough for being part of our foundation because look what we’ve done this year alone. We have fostered four new awards for the profession. Three. We’re direct from the quality of our work on that production of the 32nd chiropractic TV commercial, which aired in the NBC networks during the summer Olympic games.

So I think. The commercial won a telly award. It also want a PR daily and a video award. So our podcasts also took home a digital health award for its content. So let me ask you this. You’re sitting there thinking, so what do I care about the award? And what are these words? Anyway, let’s just start with the tele award.

The tele award was actually a word that started in 1979 and it was to honor excellence in local regional and cable television commercials. And it showed the best work that was created across video for all screens. And the tell your word received 12,000 entries from 50 states and five continents, and we won gold.

So let me tell you why is that important? Because we’re not just hitting our communities. We are intensely. Hitting the world over 58 countries watch the Olympic commercial. So that’s why you want to be excited about the tele award. But what about that video award that you just talked about that we got last month?

This is really exciting because again, it was part of the Olympic video and it honors excellence in the aspects of video production. The competition is administered and judged by an association of marketing and communication professionals and attracts tens of thousands of entries. Oh, for over about a hundred countries.

Think of that. Think of our profession ethically winning not one, not two but four awards this year, the Reagan award that you see in the corner, there is the award that honors people, teams and organizations, that’s you are my organization that projects to help building awareness and important causes across many platform.

So why are these so important? Because we’re building. A statue of importance for the chiropractic profession. So every single American knows, not only are we trusted, we’re safe, we’re efficacious and corporations are seeing the return on investment. So please feel free to share these awards on social media because we came together to make an amazing moment happen.

Now, speaking of moments happening, remember. If you’re not a foundation member, please do. Why? Because the gift you’re bringing to your clinic and your community is this simple, easy, best practices. Getting out the research, the infographics, the white papers, communication by video advertisements, you name it, make it easy for yourself and make it this simple.

Look at this roadmap you literally is. Week by week clicking, go clicking, go. You want to become a gold member at a hundred dollars a month. Like Charlie, the boss standard process reps, you get to customize everything, make it easy on yourself. Invest in the profession. Invest in yourself, use these roadmaps to make a major difference for you, your clinic and your prosperity in 2022.

Prosperity is important and you need to sharpen your. So you can literally now click on every single one of these when you come to the foundation and you want to look for the webinars that we’re hosting, it’s amazing. They come in your email when you join the foundation and you can sign up for all of them.

If you’re a silver member, you can go whenever you want. And it’s really the best of our profession that come to speak. And these speakers are amazing. And some of you are paying hundreds of dollars just to go to a seminar to see them, listen, you can come for free. If you join the foundation, you will get these.

And this is what sharpens your saw for not only. Put your staff, on the left and right side. The left side is you’re going to see practice progress, webinar series for DCS. That’s that kind of bluish. Then on the right side, you’re seeing practice progress series for CAS. So you’ve got the whole team.

Building better practices. So make sure that you keep an eye out for those webinars, because I can tell you we’re getting amazing results with them and we get fabulous feedback. Now, speaking of fabulous feedback, we have the road to Olympics and of year video. I want to share just this snippet with you right now, so that you can see what it is, and then you can click for yourself and watch the whole thing.

So let’s go ahead and watch the video.

And I will want to encourage you to watch the whole thing, because when you’re a supporter, one of the key aspects is this. You get to have access to all the materials and you get to also be very proud that you’re sponsoring the future of chiropractic. So I want to thank each and every one of you and know that you’re an immensely important part of our success.

2022 is our year 2022 is our year together. And prosper. I want to thank each and every one of you, I wish you the very best of the holiday season ahead. And I want you not to forget that we have the fabulous and outstanding doctor, student, who is going to be kicking off next week. So don’t forget.

Come on back every Tuesday to ChiroSecure, because when you start to sharpen your saw for success, the patients know that. The community notices and most importantly, the entire profession wins. So speaking of winning 2022 is our year. Let’s continue to keep winning together. Thank you all very much.

At time you joined the most powerful team of successful doctors and chiropractic and go for the goal. Simply go to www.f4cp.org/package and get your customized practice success solution.