Empowering Women – What is Your Vision for the Next Normal? – Julie McLauglin, DC

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Welcome to Chiro Secure’s Empowering Women in Chiropractic. The Facebook live show for successful women by successful women. Proving once again, women make it happen. Join us each week as we bring you the best in business growth, practice management, social media marketing, networking, leadership, and lots more. If it’s about women in practice and business, you’ll hear it here.

Now, join today’s host Dr. Julie McLaughlin, as she talks learning, living, and teaching. And now here’s Dr. Julie.

Hello everybody. I am Dr. Julie McLaughlin for empowering women today sponsored by Chiro Secure, and we are going to be talking about the goals for the next normal. We are in a really wild, wild time in this history of the world. And so we need to kind of get our bearings in our plans reset, so going forward, we can take control of our next normal. So I have some slides that I’m going to share with you, so let’s get started on that. So what are the goals that we make for our next normal? We usually don’t talk about goals, new marketing plans, new plans, except for at the beginning of the year. But like we were talking about, when I did my show a couple of weeks ago, is this is the next normal. And everything that we did before, really is totally changed in what we’re doing now, in such a short period of time.

So one thing that has not changed is Chiro Secure. And I want us all to give them some thumbs up, some little hearts, some love for sponsoring, not only empowering women, but so many amazing shows that they have helped us immensely. Not only through this COVID and the craziness, but they’re always there to help us. So let’s give them some love, because they really are the best. So our target is moving, right? Every day we have a new place that our attention is being focused. And with all the changes in the rules that are coming at us every single day, for example, I’m only at 50% capacity. My staff’s not in, because they make more money on unemployment. I’m wearing scrubs for the first time in 33 years. And I’m breaking the rules, I’m not wearing a ponytail right now. So there’s so many rules, that we can’t keep up with them all.

And so when we look at that, we want to try to make those rules fit for what we’re going to be doing. So I want you to take and plan for the next 90 days, a whole new marketing plan, whole new goals, whole new vision for your practice. Because things have changed. A lot of us have gone from brick and mortar, if we were closed down. Chicago’s had a lot of really crazy closures here. So we’ve had to do telehealth. So wherever you are and whatever your circumstances are right now, I want you to make a new plan for the next 90 days. And I want you to plan your goals, and your needs for your communities and for your patients. And these are what we’re going to look at. We want to plan our marketing and our goals with our patients and lead with compassion and empathy.

Because right now that’s what people need the most. Where everybody’s social distancing, where we’re not in the same kind of community that we were before. So everything needs to be, how are you? How are you doing? And when, and if they say fine, then you say, “How are you really doing?” So you want to really let them know that you’re there for them to help them. So we meet them where they are. And then make it sustainable. Make it for something that you can do in an ongoing basis. So some of the things that we’re doing is, some of us are able to go back to brick and mortar, and some of us have doing virtual only, and now we can be doing a combination. I know our consultations when we’re going over labs and things like that, and nutrition. We’re still keeping those virtual.

So we keep our social distancing. We’ve spread out our appointments longer throughout the day. We don’t have them as close together. So we’re doing a combination between brick and mortar. So we’re absolutely adjusting people and doing some of our other services that here massage isn’t open now. We have a gym, the gym isn’t open. I am from [inaudible 00:05:21] not open. So having that combination is really our next normal. And so when I look at making a business vision, I was doing this for myself. For my practice. So I thought I wanted to share it with all of you, and these are the different categories that I want you to look at for your business vision plan. I want you to look at your income. I want you to look at your professional growth, your personal development, your personal life and your retirement. And I want you to look at it right now for 90 days. And then I want you to look at it for one year, three years and five years.

I know most of us do this at the beginning of the year, but now everything has changed. What was normal is no longer normal. So what has changed for you and how can you pivot where you are to accommodate our new circumstances? So I want you to make a little graph, a little chart and fill these in for each of these categories. So your income, your professional growth, and so on. So when we look at income, of course you want your income to grow. You want to get back to where you were pre-COVID and you want to also increase from where you are, right? So you want to have a diverse revenue, and not just maybe the practice. Maybe you have some supplement sales that are coming in.

Maybe you start to do some telehealth. Maybe you’re teaching some online courses for your patients. So I need you to try to make that income and diversify those revenue streams, and even create a reoccurring revenue. Maybe membership sites, where you’re getting those patients to come in and be on the membership. And you’re doing group coaching calls. So think outside the box. Now is the time to think outside the box. What about your professional growth? Do you need to hire another doc? Rent unused space that you’re not using because you’re not seeing as many people. Decrease your office size or create a new referral relationship with some other docs in your community. What can you do to grow professionally? And then personally, if you have extra time right now, take more online classes. Do more telehealth online. Work on some memberships.

That’s what I’ve been doing with my patients. We have these online courses that I’ve been doing once a week for them, on different topics, and we’ve created a membership. Facebook groups. Even get a marketing coach to help you develop personally, and become better at what you do in this next normal. And make your family a priority. Because at the end of the day, with all the craziness in the world, our family is what really, really counts. Think of, if you’re starting a new family or maybe your kids are going off to college, and you want to spend more time with them. So are they going to upsize or downsize? What are your hobbies? Do something that you can enjoy. But make that in your vision, and then visualize your retirement. Contribute to your IRA if you can. Look at any major purchases you’re going to come up with. Maybe you’re going to move. Maybe you want to move to a warmer climate or a different climate. But write those things down in your vision plan.

So I just did on a little Excel spreadsheet, and write those things down. So your income, your professional growth, your professional development, family and retirement. And just free flow and write what your vision is. And then once you have that vision, I want you to make a new 90 day business goal plan, right? And these are the nine topics that I want you to think about. I want you to think about leadership. I want you to think about being a manager. I want you to think about marketing. I want you to think about money, systems, processes, new business, referrals, and ideas. So if you are watching this and have a piece of paper, I want you to write down these categories because this is what I want you to write out for the next 90 days. What are you going to do in each of these categories?

Because it will really, really start to spark how you can make this new jump to this next normal. So I’ll give you a little example. Oops. Sorry. Let me get that started here. Oh, I’m going to go backwards for you. Okay. So when we’re looking at leadership, so we want to ask these four questions. And so I would put on your little graph “leadership” and then write these four questions down. What would I love to create in this area of my business specific goals and what outcomes do I want? That’s one question in leadership, right? And so then the next question would be what’s the purpose for achieving this goal and why do I want it? And how will my business benefit from this? That’s your second question. And then I want you to write specific projects and stops that are needed to achieve this goal.

And how am I going to make it happen? Write those specific things down. Really think this out. And then of course, we always want to put a timeline on it. When will I achieve this goal, and what does that timeline and deadline look like? So with leadership, this is what I wrote down. I want to create a virtual team because I’m creating more virtual content in doing more telehealth. So I need someone to help me manage that. So, that is one of the things that I want to create. And so how do we achieve it? We put ads out. We put out feelers in our contact group for somebody who knows a virtual assistant, virtual teams. We want to diversify our practice. So we would still want to be a good leader and a good doctor in our office, but we want to diversify and have some more online virtual things.

And we want to continue to educate our patients and stay connected with our patients to online education. Because all of that is going to keep our community together. And so then when they do need you in your brick and mortar, they’re going to come in and see you. So when we look at this one, is for manager and what you could do. Again, I asked those four same questions. So who can you delegate to? So if all your regular employees aren’t back in the office, that’s when you could think about hiring a virtual team and delegate, because you can use your skills to a much higher level than copy and pasting, sorting, posting things. So use your skillset for the actual coaching and consulting, and delegate to those other people who have those other types of social media skills. But improve your skills as well. Improve your education. Do your CE hours now and become a better manager. And then assign projects and manage those projects.

So those are some of my specific goals that I’m going to be doing over the next 90 days. And so when you look at it, make a little graph, and this is how you want it to look. You put all the topics at the top and then put those four questions, and go through in your own practice in this new world that we live in, what is it going to look like, and what are those goals going to be? And that’s going to help you get another jumpstart. Because all of us feel like someone took our bucket and just dumped out the marbles and they’re all over the table. This is going to help you get organized again, and get you back on the path to growth. So you want to take your next normal to a new level. So figure out what your vision is, what are your actions that you’re going to do? What are your timelines and what are your goals?

Those are the four things that I want you to do and plan it for the next 90 days. And I think you’ll feel a lot more grounded where you are, and it will help you progress in your practice. So I know you’re all going to have great success in your next normal. So I hope this helped you out to plan your marketing strategies and your goals for the next 90 days. So again, thank you Chiro Secure for sponsoring empowering women. We love you, and we appreciate you so much. And be sure to turn into empowering women again two weeks from now. And we will all be joining you then. Bye bye.

Join us each week as we bring you the best in business growth, practice management, social media marketing, networking, leadership, and much more. If it’s about women in practice and business, you’ll hear it here. We hope you enjoyed this week’s Facebook live event. Please like us on Facebook, comment and share. We look forward to seeing all of you next week for another episode of empowering women in Chiropractic. Now, go ahead and hit the share button, and tell your friends and colleagues about the show. Thank you for watching. Have a beautiful day. This has been a Chiro Secure Production.

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Empowering Women in Chiropractic – Thrive in the Next Normal – Julie McLaughlin, DC

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Welcome to ChiroSecure’s Empowering Women in Chiropractic, the Facebook live show for successful women by successful women. Proving once again, women make it happen. Join us each week as we bring you the best in business growth, practice management, social media marketing, networking, leadership, and lots more. If it’s about women in practice and business, you’ll hear it here. Now join today’s host Dr. Julie McLaughlin, as she talks learning, living, and teaching. And now here’s Dr. Julie

Hello everybody, Dr. Julie McLaughlin here, and I’m super excited to be here with you with ChiroSecure. They are sponsoring the Empowering Women show, and I am very, very grateful for them. And it’s so great to be able to connect with all of you virtually. And we’re going to be talking today about the next normal.

So I’ve a few slides I’m going to show you and let’s go ahead and get started. So let’s all do some little hearts or thumbs up for ChiroSecure because they really are awesome. They’ve had so many awesome programs that are really helping us go through this crazy time we are in. So how about it? Don’t touch your face. We’ve been mandated. So I am here near Chicago. We have been mandated. We have to wear scrubs now. I’ve never worn scrubs in 33 years. We have to have our hair up.

No jewelry on. Yeah, we can’t forget the masks. We all are wearing masks, it is a law. You go inside, you go outside, you have to have a mask on. So this is not anything that any of us have ever seen. So it’s not the new normal, this COVID quarantine is not the new normal. I just found out today that the cool County, the Chicago land area is now overtaking Queens in the number of cases of COVID, which is just staggering. When we see it, we of course don’t want people’s suffering, but we also all have to be able to maintain our businesses and help our patients because we are essential.

So what does this next normal look like? Because we know we’re never going back to where we were. So we can’t say it’s a new normal, it’s the next normal. And we have to keep expecting something next and somethings are going to change. Because once this thing happened, everything changed and everything continues to change. And is day by day, we’re getting new mandates, new laws, new rules every single day. But it’s always the darkest before the dawn. And there is some light at the end of this tunnel.

So look at gas prices have been down 30% across the country. Video game sales have been up 65%. Now I am not a video game fan. My kids don’t play them, they never have. But I found out that these kids, this is their way to be social and that they’re talking to each other through these gaming devices. And so they’re becoming social in a different realm, if you will. McDonald’s, they’re down 14.5%. So we do have some good news here. Puzzles, jigsaw puzzles are up 370%, Starbucks down 60% to 70%.

This is a new normal. Beer sales, alcohol sales up 42%, exercise equipment, up 200%. People are getting it. They got to stay healthy. They got to stay healthy to keep that immune good and just keep their bodies healthy, that’s always been our message. Now this isn’t so healthy, but frozen cookie dough is up 454%. I guess having that little bit of a sugar fix. Hand sanitizer 470%, frozen pizza, 92%. I really think we need to increase the cooking classes online so people are cooking more.

The biggest change, the biggest percentage of change has been in freezers, up 500% because people are buying meat and food and things like that and putting them in their freezer that they never did before. So this really is the next normal. And we know that in chiropractic, what we do is essential and it does reduce the burden of the hospitals when they’re dealing with these infectious people, because people are coming to us for everything else, for pain, for functional medicine, for whatever their other needs are.

But we need to know, when is it going to improve? We know it’s going to eventually, but it will be this next normal. And so you’re a caregiver. I want to make sure that you all are taking care of yourselves because right now we’re really fighting, struggling with all these PPPs and EIDL loans and just trying to make everything work.

So I want to make sure you’re doing self care for yourself because we need to be here for the long run, because the longest relationship you will ever have is not going to be with your business, it’s going to be with yourself. So whatever happens through this, I want you to know that you will still be there and you will still be able to continue on because no one can take that education away and nobody can take away that ability that you have in your hands, because the future is now run by the experiences that we have, not the things that we have, but the experiences that we have, and that’s really what we want to provide with our patients.

So when you’re looking at marketing, when you’re looking at connecting with your patients, it’s all about that experience and that interpersonal connection is more than ever. So if you’re looking at trying to connect with your patients and keep them engaged, I want you to be 100% transparent. I want you to be human. I want you to let them know that you’re struggling too. I want you to check in with your patients, “Hey, how are you doing?” For no other reason, just checking on them. How can I help you? Be real. Make five to 10 random patient calls a day just to check on them because you know what? That goes such a long way. And they’re going to appreciate that so much, as opposed to sending them a newsletter or some kind of promotion, you want to be that real person, because that’s what we’re lacking right now.

You want them to just like you as a person because people with resources tend to distribute their opportunities to people they know like and trust. So people are going to come to you and ask for your assistance because they have a relationship with you. Be that person that they’re going to have a relationship with. And everybody is staying home. So be relevant. Talk about what’s going on currently because that’s what’s top of mind. So the marketing plan that you made eight months ago, or even three months ago, won’t work now it’s defunct. This is the next normal.

So what you need to do is look at what’s going on in the last eight weeks. Like what I told you with those statistics. If I would have told you three months from now, Starbucks would be down 70% and buying freezers were up 500%, you would have told me I was insane. So be relevant to what’s going on right now. Have empathy. Why should they buy for you? Why should they come in and see you? How are you keeping them safe? Put signs on the door. We’re mandated by our health department. We have a sign on the door that everybody has wear masks. Everybody has to wash their hands. If they’re coming early or late to their appointments, they have to call. So we have social distancing. There’s all of these rules and make sure you’re keeping up with whatever they are in your state, because every state’s a little bit different.

They also want to know how will you financially support them. So maybe you give them some kind of bonus in their care. Maybe you offer them something a little extra. We all need to get paid, we all need to keep our doors open, but giving them a little bit of reassurance.

When you come in, we’re going to do this. So have empathy for them and in their situation. So if you can be supportive, compassionate, and informative, and very, very helpful, that’s where you’re going to get ahead rather than looking at what you were doing before. So I want you to stay healthy and helpful and calm. That’s going to be your best way to get through this because really this is an epic change in our world. And what does our future look like? When you look at epic, you’re going to envision the next normal, because it’s not going back to where it was, but you’re going to have an opportunity to create something new.

Because we know when there’s a challenge, there’s also opportunity and find out what it is. I’ve been doing a ton of telehealth and functional medicine and weight loss, and we’re doing it virtual. And then the patients have been great with that. We’ve been doing COVID antibody testing as well. So think of what the next normal is. And the P for epic is pandemic. Every challenge creates this opportunity and think of what your opportunities are rather than looking at what the downside is.

I want you to come up with some new innovation, support people at home with that tele-health and in functional medicine. If you don’t know how to do it, reach out there’s tons and tons of resources out there that are helping docs do this. And I’m happy to help as well. Be creative, offer some new services and connect in more personal ways. We’ve created a little private Facebook group just for my patients. And I go on there every day. I post them immune boosting tips. I’ve been recording different health rate webinars. We did one this morning on Alzheimer’s and dementia and memory and concussions.

So give as much information and health information and be as helpful as you can for your patients, because that’s going to create that connection even though you’re not in person. So I’d like to thank you ChiroSecure for supporting all of us all the time and you are really wonderful. So be sure to tune in next time, two weeks from now for another empowering women’s show and I’ll be seeing you soon. Bye.

Join us each week as we bring you the best in business growth, practice management, social media marketing, networking leadership, and lots more. If it’s about women in practice and business, you’ll hear it here.

We hope you enjoy this week’s Facebook live event. Please like us on Facebook, comment and share. We look forward to seeing all of you next week for another episode of Empowering Women in Chiropractic. Now go ahead and hit the share button and tell your friends and colleagues about the show. Thank you for watching. Have a beautiful day. This has been a ChiroSecure production.


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6 Keys to Hiring the Right CA – Kim Klapp

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Hello, ChiroSecure viewers. And thank you for joining me today. Now, like so many of you, I’m a huge ChiroSecure fan. Not only do they sponsor these programs, but they also support with the profession in so many other generous ways. Obviously, as a client, you already know ChiroSecure has the best coverage hands down, but I also love their exceptional customer service and they’ve got just fabulous resources for their clients. So I cannot recommend them highly enough. It’s been rather crazy, wouldn’t you say lately? Yeah, absolutely. But I’ve also appreciated that you’ve chosen to watch. I’m Kim Klapp, founder of Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence. And for 25 years now, I’ve been managing Dr. Tom’s practice, my husband, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Go blue. And coaching CA’s since 2000. So with that experience in mind, if you have any questions, whether they’re on hiring, training, practice systems, just post them.

I’ll be happy to answer either during today’s show or afterwards. Now, like I mentioned, no doubt it has been absolutely crazy. Maybe your practice has been closed or remained open. Ours gratefully has, but you might be finding yourself needing to hire new staff. So that’s why today I decided to share with you my seven keys to hiring the right CA, because with 25 years experience it didn’t always start out that way. When I first started hiring, I promise you, I hired lots and lots of duds. And I want to keep you from doing that. But the first key, which should be a given, unfortunately isn’t. And that’s to value the role that CA’s play in your office and also to recognize how many more interactions they have with patients than the doctor has. They see the patient at the front desk. They deal with them on the phone, via text and email, during scans, you get the picture.

But Dr. Tom and I have determined that in order to maximize both your capacity in your practice and your collections in your practice, doctors should only do that which only a doctor can do. So since you’re going to need the delegate the rest, the value of the right CA with the right training is absolutely immeasurable. So what I’ve come to notice is, thank goodness, they ask for referrals on a daily basis. They build relationships with your new patients to result in longterm clients. They keep all of your patients on their recommended care schedule. They collect prepayments for care. They educate your clients about the critical role of chiropractic in health and healing. They create a positive experience for every single patient visit and maintain a positive environment in your office. And hopefully they maximize collections, both third-party and at the front desk, and so much more.

So that’s why I always say that CA’s really can be your practices greatest asset. So, once we’re clear on the value of the CA, the second key is to get clear on your vision of an ideal team member. So you need to take a moment to determine what that looks like. Create a list of team traits that are important to the success of your practice. As you can see, we’ve identified over 40 in ours. Now, you might be wondering what this has to do with hiring, but as with everything in your life and practice, the clearer your vision, the easier it is for you to attract what you want. Also, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, slow to hire quick to fire. Well, a ton of hiring mistakes get made when you’re desperate for a new employee. So don’t settle. That’s just a waste of time and money. Just keep focusing on what you want in a team member.

Now, the third key is to utilize expectation management. And that’s critical in any successful relationship. So expectation management is simply letting someone know upfront what to expect, and then delivering. It’s kind of like using a turn signal when you’re driving to let other drivers know that you’re going to be changing lanes. But when you utilize expectation management with your team members, that leads to higher job satisfaction, and higher job satisfaction increases productivity and decreases staff turnover. So how do you incorporate expectation management with your team? Well, a good place to start is with a detailed job description. Because if you hire a CA and you tell that person that they’re going to be paid to do duties A, B, and C, but then later you add to their job description duties, D, E, and F, without changing their pay, it causes a tremendous problem.

And this one issue is often the foundation for everything from resentment, to poor attitude, poor performance, or even having that employee rationalize theft because they’re compensating for the unfairness of what’s going on in their job and with their pay. So get clear on all the position duties ahead of time. And we like to give our prospective employees a full description of the duties, that way it avoids the perception that we’re adding on jobs later. It’s a lot easier to do if you have your checklist already in your practice, and hopefully you do, that’s a basic office system, for your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual duties. That makes communicating the position expectations incredibly easy.

Now, this month’s CA Excellent Coaching Course is on office systems. And if you need help, it includes all of our CA duty checklists among a gillion other resources. Now, another way that you can incorporate expectation management is by formulating clear personnel policies. That way your team members understand what’s expected of them. And make sure to include both positive and negative consequences for their actions so they can choose to comply.

Unfortunately, the most frequent calls that I get relate to a problem that a doctor or a team leader has with the CA. The vast majority of the problems could have been prevented from having clear personnel policies and adhering to them. And I’m always shocked when I hear, “This is the 12th time my CA has been late.” I’m thinking 12, how in the world did you get to 12? So make sure that your personnel policy lists the behaviors that are unacceptable in your practice, along with the consequences. So, for example, in our practice, our personnel policy violations result first in a verbal warning, then a written warning and three written warnings are grounds for dismissal. Of course, your personnel policy should also list those behaviors that are caused for immediate dismissal. The ones that you don’t get a second chance on. But it’s also important for you to have a computer and communications policy, because you’ll need to outline your email use, computer use, social media, et cetera.

And then when you give an employee a key for your office, make sure to have a specific office key policy that they sign. But all these personnel policies are also included in this month’s ACE course on office systems. Now, of course, make sure you have those HIPAA privacy and security manuals and your training in place. Plus, if you bill Medicare, you also need to have a fraud, waste and abuse compliance policy as well. Make sure you’d have those I’s dotted and T’s crossed. Now, if for some reason you don’t have those policy and procedure manuals, you can get the HIPAA ones, the fraud, waste and abuse manuals. They’re actually completely customized for your office, if you go to my website, chiropracticassistants.com. So here you can see a quick shot. But once you gain clarity, and you have your policies in place, at that point, you’re ready to advertise online for a CA.

Now, when it comes to the classified ad, I recommend hiring for characteristics and basic skills. The rest is trainable. Trust me, that’s exactly what I do. But the fourth key then is to create an amazingly effective ad. So here are some components of what I find works extremely well. First of all, determine a positive adjective that identifies your practice. And notice I say positive, because fast paced is a much more positive adjective than busy. Most people don’t want to be busy. And someone who doesn’t want to be in a fast paced environment is not anybody we’d want in our office. Also demanding, not positive. So take a moment and consider what sounds attractive when you’re choosing an adjective. And lately, essential is becoming quite the positive adjective. Also, I recommend listing chiropractic in the ad. That’s really important I find in order to automatically rule out any closed-minded, solely medically oriented applicants. Obviously, we don’t want to add those people to our team because our goal is to find a perfect match.

Also, I like to specify we’ll train, because like I mentioned, there’s truly not any specifically appropriate experience necessary, just those appropriate qualities. And then with that in mind, you’ll also want to list the most important qualities that you are looking for. Again, back to that ideal team member list. So for example, one of the qualities that I list in my ad is detail oriented, because that is critical for a chiropractic assistant. Otherwise, you’re going to have constant errors and mishaps in your practice. Plus, detail orientation is not something that I’ve been able to figure out how to train on. And trust me, I’ve tried for 25 years, because I’m married to a big vision person who is pretty much atrocious at handling the details. But that aside, your classified ad should lay the foundation of what qualities that you prize in a chiropractic assistant.

Alrighty. I’ve also found it beneficial to include the starting hourly wage. That way the candidate who are looking for more, aren’t going to waste their time and yours. Those that actually do apply for the listed pay rate are more likely to be very satisfied with your pay scale, rather than merely accepting the position and continuing to look elsewhere for more money. And lastly, I recommend that you instruct candidates to apply in person, that way our office isn’t bombarded with phone calls that take your focus away from your patients or with a bunch of emails. And because our applicants need to complete a brief clerical test along with their application, having them apply in person ensures that they don’t receive any assistance with that clerical test. After all, it makes no sense at all to waste your time interviewing somebody who fails the clerical test.

So make sure you’re utilizing a test upfront to screen out applicants. You don’t want to interview someone who doesn’t have the basic skills. Also, having them come to the office in person is going to help you form a first impression. For example, someone who comes straight from the gym doesn’t have that professional judgment that personally I would want. Now, the fifth key is to have a comprehensive employment application. And what I mean by that is just to make sure that your application covers all the basics, the contact information, their student status. The reason that’s important is because students typically make school a priority over their job.

You want to find out their highest level of education completed, their current employment status, if they have reliable transportation, if they’re looking for fuller part-time work, what hours they’re available, what date they would be available to start work at your practice. Plus, their prior employment, including references, computer and software experience, office skills, you name it. Now, [inaudible 00:12:12] position and application, even though we don’t do much physical filing anymore, but both of which require an attention to detail that’s essential for accuracy in many of the CA duties.

So I highly recommend that you rule out candidates with any errors. Keep in mind, when someone’s actually applying for a job they’re trying their best with their full concentration. So imagine the errors that they’d make when juggling patients, the phone and the other duties at the front desk. So we also, as you can say, list a few open ended questions in order to gauge their written communication skills and determine their current understanding of chiropractic. Or at least find out if they’re resourceful enough to look around the office or on their phone for help about some basic information on our profession. Now, the sixth key in the hiring process is an amazing group interview. And I find that a comprehensive group interview format takes just 45 minutes, but it saves you time from repeating the same basic information over and over on an individual basis. After all, time is your only nonrenewable resource.

So I typically schedule a maximum of 12 applicants per group. And of those, usually eight to 10 will show up. And I create a list in advance of the applicants who have confirmed in each time slot. Then I ask my front desk CA to indicate on the list, what time that that applicant actually shows up, because in my world, latecomers but do not have a chance of being hired. But then make sure to introduce yourself individually to each applicant. Gauge their handshake, their eye contact, their facial expression, since that’s what your patients would encounter from them. So you want to also start out by managing their expectations about the group interview format, and also explain what you’re looking for. Ascertain how well they fit the characteristics that you listed in your ad. And then you want to explain chiropractic obviously and gauge their interest.

I also, at that point, let them know that being a chiropractic client is an employee requirement and why. But then you want to manage their expectations regarding the hour requirements, pay and benefits. Plus, don’t forget to mention the intrinsic rewards, which are quite substantial. And after those details, you’re going to spend the most time explaining the position requirements, including the training process and all it entails. Afterwards, you want to field questions and determine how closely each applicant comes to matching your ideal team member.

Now, there’s actually 10 steps to my group interview, and I cover that in more, in great detail, in my how to hire, train, and keep great CA’s package. But before you end the group interview, make sure to manage their expectations about what comes next. In other words, when you intend to contact them to schedule the individual interviews. Now personally, I also explain that I’m not going to call anyone who I don’t want to meet with again. And I ask them to contact us unless they have a change in phone number or email.

Again, time is important. I don’t like mine wasted. So at this point, you want to utilize all the information from their application. Plus, what you’ve been able to ascertain during the group interview. Their energy level, their eye contact, their verbal communication, confidence, professionalism, attitude, et cetera. That way you can determine who you want to invest time with for an individual followup interview. And during the one-on-one interview, you want to make sure to clarify any application issues, check their understanding from the information you gave out during the group portion, and then ask further questions to identify a good fit for your practice. Make sure to find out about their goals, their longterm plans, and possibly how they describe their interaction with previous coworkers. I often ask, what would your coworkers from Macy’s say that is the best thing about working with you? And what about the worst?

Anyway, the last key, the seventh, is to have your existing team members meet with the applicant and get their feedback. So everybody else on your team, you want to get their input, because if your team doesn’t think that that new hire would be a good fit, I promise you, they won’t be. Now, before offering a position. You want to make sure to carefully check out the applicants references, plus their Office of Inspector General Fraud status, if you’re a Medicare biller, or I’m sorry, provider. You also want to take a look at their social media profiles and possibly their credit history, depending on the job they’re interviewing for. But keep in mind, there are a ton of opportunities throughout the application and the interview process for red flags. And most doctors and office managers overlook those. So my gift to you is for you to learn how to avoid the 15 biggest hiring mistakes.

So here’s free access to my 10 minute video. All you need to do to get that is go to chiropracticassistants.com/mistakes. And you can do that anytime before the end of the month. But speaking of gifts, to help ease your practice stress, that seems a lot of us are going through. Every ACE member this month gets to choose a free gift, valued up to $500. So you get to choose my comprehensive hiring package, the lifeline basic training for new CAs, or my newly revised 300 page office systems reference guide.

If you have any questions, just add them to the comments and I’ll be happy to respond later today. And if I can help you in any way, please visit my website, chiropracticassistants.com, and you can either click or call to email me directly. I would love to help your team reach higher levels of excellence. And thank you again to ChiroSecure. I love that you provide this forum to increase chiropractic success. Your host next week will be the amazing Dr. Sherry McAllister from the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. So be sure to watch it.


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Opportunities in Times of Uncertainty Drs. Lindsey & Meyer

Welcome to ChiroSecure’s Empowering Women in Chiropractic, the Facebook Live show for successful women by successful women, proving once again, women make it happen.

Join us each week as we bring you the best in business growth, practice management, social media marketing, networking, leadership, and lots more. If it’s about women in practice and business, you’ll hear it here.

Now join today’s host, Dr. Nicole Lindsey as she talks overhead, debt, and creating other sources of income. And now here’s Dr. Nicole.

Hi, welcome to today’s show of Empowering Women in Chiropractic. I’m your host, Dr. Nicole Lindsey, founder of Dominate ChiroMarketing, where I help and teach chiropractors how to build relationships with medical doctors in their community so that they can build credibility, authority, build relationships, and help their practice thrive. First of all, before we jump in, I want to thank ChiroSecure. I really appreciate the opportunity to come together, build relationships with other women professionals in our profession, to be able to provide this information to you all. It’s so important to be connecting now more than ever.

Today, I have a special guest with me today. She is a chiropractor. She’s the founder of the Wellness Dr Network, where she helps people connect to their community. She helps chiropractors connect with doctors and healthcare providers in their community, and for patients, in their community, to connect with healthcare providers. She has a podcast, The Doctor Business Podcast. She’s a business coach and, most importantly, a mom-to-be. Welcome, Dr. Hollen Meyer.

Thank you so much. How are you doing today?

I’m doing great. Thanks for being with us.

Thank you.

Our topic today is opportunities in times of uncertainty.

Yes. There is so much opportunity during this time. It’s an uncertain time and a scary time for sure, but definitely I’m excited to jump into some opportunities. And also I want to just thank ChiroSecure and yourself, Dr. Nicole, for giving this information out to our profession.

Yeah, just the title of that, Opportunities in Times of Uncertainty. It feels like a beacon of light, when I saw that topic and the title. Because, yes, there’s so much that we can’t do right now, especially as chiropractors, putting our hands on people, but there is a lot that we can do and we’re going to talk about that.

Yeah. I think it’s important to focus on the things that we can control during these times.

Yes. So I know that you and I, we share that passion, that passion of connection.


And making connections. So let’s talk about that and what we can do right now, with the current state of affairs, in our communities to be connected.

Yeah. So when it comes to connection, usually I’m talking about patient acquisitions. But during this time of just … I guess uncertainty would be a great way to describe and explain it, patient acquisitions isn’t going to be our main priority. However, there are three levels of connection that you must actively pursue during this time. And the first level is connection for yourself as a leader in health care. Be sure that you are staying connected with your tribe of influencers and make sure that you have people that are surrounding you for security as well.

And then the next level is to provide that same thing, that safe, calm perspective and outlook, for your team. And then, just as important for maintaining practice procedures and practice flow for whenever things start ramping up again, is staying connected and creating a safe environment and community for your practice members to be part of and to play a role in. And we can get into some ways of what that looks like as well. And now is the time. Most of us have a lot more time on our hands, unfortunately. Now is the time to do all of those specific things that you should have been doing all along, but just didn’t hit high on the priority list.

And using all forms of communication, from social media with your personal page, with the business page. Especially groups, because they are getting quite a bit of visibility for that community. Doing email campaigns and email sequences, utilizing direct mail, but using that very wisely for your high spenders, just because that’s what costs money right now. And really, I think, another thing is don’t let … If you’re struggling with your mentality of scarcity, don’t let that fear be mirrored in your office, if you’re still allowed to see patients right now. Because there are some people that are still doing well.

There are some people that have had to make the choice that they’re not going to go to Starbucks … or maybe it’s closed. Or not going to get the Botox, or the hair done, or those kinds of things. And so they can reorganize where that money is going and it should be in healthcare that really matters, and that’s your office. So consider the possibility that people might actually still have money to spend on essential healthcare, because that is you, that is the doctor of chiropractic.

I love that you mentioned connecting for yourself first, because I think that’s what a lot of us are missing. And I know I went through … Personally, when this all started, I was very contracted. I was very … Just not paying attention to that feeling within me and what I needed to relax and calm down so that I could give to my people, because I am still open right now. But yes, thank you for reminding us to do that.

Right. It almost kind of … The above-down, inside-out principle and philosophy that we have for chiropractic, we have to do that in our personal development as well because we can’t give from an empty cup. So yes.

For sure, yes. And I know that, personally, as far as connecting, we are still seeing patients in my office, but it’s not nearly as many. So there is a little bit more time on our hands. So yes, exactly what you said. Some of the other things that we are doing are writing letters to patients … and cards, and making those phone calls to stay connected to them. Even the patients that can’t come in right now, just calling them and just saying, “Hey, we’re thinking about you. We know that you can’t come in right now, but we still care about you.” [crosstalk 00:08:05].

That’s awesome! And that speaks volumes of your character and that you actually care about them. And that will instill a sense of security and loyalty to your patients, and even to your team members too. Because for some of us, not all the team members are able to come in, want to come in, and some of us had to lay a lot of people off too. So just reaching out to those folks and really letting them know you’re thinking about them, you’re caring. You don’t have to have any magic words, but just that I care.

Yeah. Yeah. And I think too, like you said, keep that voice out there. Because when this is over, and it will be over, your voice, the louder it is on social media, even to patients, your target market, you mentioned that in your bullet points, just being in front of them when this is over, when they are ready, they’re going to choose you.

Right. You’ve got to put yourself out there and be the leader that chiropractors are and should be. And you really have to step up to the plate and be that voice of reason, that perspective of calmness for people, and gain their respect right now, and put out just a ton of value of what they can be doing now. And that way, whenever it’s time for them to come into your office, you’re the only person on their mind to come see.

Now, do you have any suggestions for putting content out? Because I know that that’s the thing right now. Okay, we’ve got the group set up, so how do we go about putting out organized content that’s not all over the place?

Yes, yes, yes. And this kind of goes into exposure as well, and staying in the spotlight, staying visible, staying relevant, and be seen. Do the things that you should have been doing all along, right? And so whenever it comes to staying relevant, what I always recommend people do is find your strength in getting content out there. Sometimes, it could be written content, some people are so much better or easier with video. Some people hate video!

So start with what you’re comfortable with so that it at least gets started, right? So let’s say you want to put out a message. People are at home, the ergonomics are not the same in their workspace as maybe it was at their office. So do a little video about it, whether it’s your home office or at your office, right? So do a little video about it and you can repurpose that content.

Have somebody translate that or go to Rev.com to translate that into a written format. And then you can do an infographic, just do a picture of it, and put it out on social media, put it out on email. You can repurpose all of this stuff and have somebody, or do it yourself, put it on YouTube. Really utilize all of the media streams right now. Even if you don’t know how to right now, somebody does! Somebody in your little circle can help you figure it out or do it for you. And just lock arms with each other and help each other out in that format. But I am a big believer in repurposing content in multiple different ways, so you’re not having to come up with so much.

And I also want to encourage people to set a structure in your day. So often we’re structured by our schedule of patients, so we don’t really have to think about it. And with us being kind of left-brain and right-brain as well, like we’re super creative in our art of chiropractic, sometimes it’s difficult for us, when we don’t have that schedule placed for us, to be productive, even though we might be busy. So I encourage people to block off time for you to get these things done.

Yeah, that is so important. Especially right now when we feel all over the place-


Frazzled. And I started making a list of different topics that seem relevant right now, like kids sitting at home. I hear a lot of moms saying that, “My kids are sitting around doing nothing. I wish they had more movement in their life.” So that kind of sparked an idea. I said to my associate, “We need to make videos for some of the kids!” Cooking, everybody’s cooking now because they can’t go out. So what can we show patients to do that’s healthy? That they can …

Right! And that is so valuable. And even if you have a group or just ask on Facebook, “What do you need to know about right now?” And just use that information to become content. And I want to encourage people to write down a hundred topics, a hundred things that you could talk about. Because ergonomics go into head-forward, posture goes into … It can snowball into topics. So write down a hundred things that you’re the expert in, because a lot of people also think like, “Well, I’m not that interesting. People don’t want to see me.” And so I want to say, “Get your ego out of the way!”

People kind of think that that’s more humble than ego, but make it less about you and more about what your patients need to be seeing right now. And make a list of a hundred things that you could talk about that will help Susie next door, that may or may not know about chiropractic, may or may not know about anything. And so many chiropractors think, “I never really thought about that spinal hygiene and stretching is something that people don’t know about. I didn’t realize that people should stand up every 20, 30 minutes and move around to get their blood flow.”

Yes, even the simple things, do a video about it! Post something about it. Yes! And be human during your posts as well. You don’t always have to be so doctor-y.

Right. Exactly. Now, I know another word that you and I share a passion for is collaboration. And that it’s really important right now for us to pull our resources together. On a personal level, I know I have my girlfriends, we’ve been Zooming and having happy hour over the internet [crosstalk 00:14:16] to be collaborating with community members too.

That’s exactly right. And yes, you and I share [inaudible 00:14:22]. It is such a huge business driver for myself and so many of my colleagues and clients. So when it comes to collaboration, there’s different levels you can do this on. And first off, get within your profession. That’s the easiest thing to do is chiropractors around the corner. Sometimes, some doctors have never even met the chiro down the street because it’s competition, right? Lose the ego, lose the scarcity mindset, come together so that y’all can actually be a voice of reason and strength for the community. So reach out to your colleagues. But then also, get off your Island!

And this is where you and I really connect, because reach out to the MDs, right? Why not? Offset that load and that burden so that they can see some of these more serious cases with what’s going on right now. And then you get to see the more acute musculoskeletal cases, as well, during this time. And so that way this time could be an opportunity for you to actually bridge those gaps in healthcare too.

Absolutely, absolutely. We were just talking about that before we went live, how I sent out letters to all the MDs, when this started, letting them know that I’m here to help take off the burden of seeing those patients with musculoskeletal issues, and to keep them out of urgent cares and ERs and out of their offices so they can focus on acute respiratory and flu-like symptoms right now. So yes, definitely! Now is the time to be collaborating with MDs.

Now’s a perfect opportunity because they want to hear from you. They may or may not know what chiropractic is, and this is a perfect opportunity to at least get your foot in the door with some musculoskeletal issues. And then you can talk about wherever your path leads for you and what chiropractic is for you as well. And this also leads me into getting off your island and really circulate yourself into the other local small businesses as well. And lock arms with them and ask them, “How can I promote you in the way of healthcare?” So local gems, right?

Do some collaborative things together, whether y’all interview each other and then you get seen in front of their audience, they get seen in front of your audience. And you’re both pushing toward the similar thing of wellness, being proactive in your health. Local restaurant owners is a great opportunity for that as well. Anything that you can think of, find healthy restaurants that they can go pick up. So really promote, still within the guidelines of where you’re located and what the government tells us to do. Respect those, but at the same time, find a way to really immerse yourself in local businesses. And not only to build your business and their business, but for the longterm game.

You be the voice of reason amongst all the businesses in your area and you be the leader. You step up to the plate and lead these people to come together for community, because every single one of us is looking for a leader to look up to. We’re looking for guidance and you could be that person for your area as well.

I love that. I love that. One of our other hosts, she is helping chiropractors put together virtual summits, and this would be a great … Dr. Natalie. This would be a great time to create something like that. I know I’ve had that on my to-do list, and I might just make that happen, thank you!

You definitely should! And this time we’re trying to … or we should be, even within our practice members and our Facebook groups and that sort of thing, building leaders in your practice, even. At the end of the day it’s about providing security for people and preservation for their future and your future as well.

Excellent. Excellent. Well thank you so much for sharing everything. I know you and I need to connect more and possibly collaborate! I know we could probably get more accomplished if we did that.


Great to meet you. Thank you for sharing everything. And next week, make sure you tune in. We have the pediatric show and then, following that week, we have Dr. Natalie for Empowering Women in Chiropractic. And I’d like to end with a quote that I think is very relevant for today, for this topic, and where we are, by Joseph Campbell. “Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” Thank you all for watching today. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Join us each week as we bring you the best in business growth, practice management, social media marketing, networking, leadership, and lots more. If it’s about women in practice and business, you’ll hear it here.

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Growth Without Risk – Thriving Right Out of the Gate – Janice Hughes, DC

Thriving right out of the gate.

Well, why you’re choosing me is a great question, but I’m very humbled that you’re asking me to be on the show. I think I had a lot of success right out of the gate, continued success now, and hopefully today we’ll dive into some of those reasons why so we have more people in our profession serving bigger and help them work with people in our communities. I think that being a doctor of chiropractic, sometimes we don’t play big enough. We don’t think big enough. We don’t dream big enough. Hopefully after today some people get inspired to do a little more.

I agree. I agree. One of the things, I met Dr. Eddie before he was Dr. Eddie, meaning while he was still a student at Life University. Eddie had one plan or path of where you were saying you wanted to go and then some really interesting opportunities presented. You took a different path. Tell the listeners a little bit. It’s not so much where you practice, it’s the willingness to change even from where you thought you were going to go. Tell the listeners a little bit about that.

Well it’s funny, because we do vision boards. I’m sure a lot of the listeners do. I’m sure you have or still do at some point. That vision board morphs, right? We had this vision over here and it’s big, big plans and big goals and big dreams and how we’re going to get there. It’s the extra steps we do after the vision, right? As things start opening up, everything falls into place like it’s supposed to. I’m a big believer in that. We were going to go to Nashville, we were going to open in Tennessee. We just, we love Tennessee. Then coming back home to her, were going to, we interned with our parents for three months up at Street Chiropractic, a really big clinic. Her grandfather was Dr. Stookey, which a lot of the listeners probably have heard that name before.

Being around here and seeing that, just that energy and that legacy, then we had the opportunity to step in after her father retired and make it our own and start to do what we want to do with it and just expand. As that opportunity came, because her dad … I told her dad, I was like, “We’re leaving in three months. We’re out of here, no questions asked.” We sat down for dinner and laid out the pros and cons because I do it for every decision. I still have the sheet actually in my desk right here. We went through those, and the pros outweigh the cons of what we wanted to create and where we wanted to go. This is where we are and we love it.

I think it’s interesting for the listeners. I am so fortunate. I know Dr. Eddie and his wife, Dr. Alice, and their family and the chiropractic legacy that Eddie’s talking about. What ends up happening is, I don’t think a lot of times the pro isn’t “Well, I’m just automatically going to step in and be accepted.” You still needed to take some action steps. That’s really what I want people to understand is, if you think you’re going over here and we’re building that, but this amazing opportunity comes and it doesn’t take a lot of time to pivot when you have the right mindset and right actions. I would love …

My background as a coach, Eddie, is I like people to understand what they can do. Can you share a few of the specific actions you took to get such a fast start because nothing was handed to you. A new opportunity presented but you, based on some solid principles that I know, but I want the audience to hear, you basically have created very quick success for yourself. Tell people about that.

When we got here, it was … The thing was, you’re not on a walk-in list so we don’t get a call in, if you’re just starting out in this practice because it’s so large. I literally had to go embrace the community. I’m out every day planting my flag, speaking to people, just letting people know who I am, what I’m about, why I’m here, and not selling them anything or trying to get them to come in like, “Hey, come see me for chiropractic care,” just being a genuine concerned person, talking to them about their problems, talking to them about their issues, figuring out where they want to be better in life. As you start to get to these people, they are just naturally going to be drawn to that. Law of attraction is real. When you resonate at a higher level and people were understanding, you can tell right now I get passionate talking about it. They’re drawn to you and then you have not only influence over them but their families and their friends. They send everybody in because you treat them for the right reasons.

I think the first thing I did was get out. My wife and I, we just got married, we moved up here. She didn’t see me a whole lot for the first six months to a year because if I wasn’t into the office, I’m networking at a golf tournament or I’m going to speak at an event or I’m going to go just meet people. I’m just going to walk around and tell people who I am and what I do. She was so supportive of that too. It’s a thing. It’s really important to have that support system from your significant other, whoever that may be to keep pushing you forward. It’s not easy. It’s not easy. You get kicked around and you get knocked down and, “Hey, can I really do this, and why am I putting all this time in? Then finally all those seeds get planted in those, those plants start to grow, and you start to reap the reward of service.

Well, and it’s really interesting you bring this up because I think, let’s face it, I love social media. I tease all the time. I still go back into Life University and I say, “I wish I was in practice at this point because I love the educational part of it.” The illusion continues be that, “Well, we can do all of that or we can get all that word out or do ads,” versus that knock on doors, shake hands. Right now, I get that you might not be shaking hands, but there is amazing eye contact for people even through the coronavirus. A lot of it, why do you think that that willingness and Alice’s support and other people, mentors, you’ve had great mentors and coaches along the way, and why is it still important even in the social media world to get out and network?

It’s funny right here. I didn’t even have social media until two years ago. We’ve been practicing five now. I didn’t use that at all. Right? I think people have to know, like, and trust you. Yes, you can do that through social groups on social media and you can drive patients in. There’s no better patient … Just like anybody listening knows, somebody you’ve already met, you’ve already had that initial contact conversation with … When they come in and they sit in your chair and then you start discussing why they got, why are they here, it makes that conversation so much smoother to get them under care and wellness-based or whatever. Hopefully, most people are wellness-based chiropractors listening this one. If not, as long as you’re seeing people and helping the spine get clear and [inaudible 00:00:07:14], that’s all that matters. I think that initial contact of knowing, liking, trusting people, it makes it that much easier to draw people to you.

I agree that works for all styles of practice. This isn’t about, there’s a right way and a wrong way. It’s, “How does this work for all styles?” Number one, I really liked that you’ve planted that idea of the book Never Eat Alone, and ramp that up, be very intentional about it, about meeting and connecting with everyone.

I think one of the biggest things too, that I failed to mention is when I got to the town here, I didn’t know anyone. I’m not from here. I’m from the South. This is the Midwest. It’s a whole different culture. It’s a whole different world and I actually started a networking group because you just got to continually get income uncomfortable, which you know. Growth comes through uncomfort. I started a networking group and I didn’t know anyone here. I started calling financial advisors and accountants and all these people like, “Hey, this is who I am. Can I take you to lunch? I got this vision for this group and I’d love to start it with you.” Then we built this group and it was a monster group. We had a lot of people come in and then make some really good connections, which I still take care of almost all those people today, their families. They always send people in still. We discontinued the group after everybody got so, so busy and we spread out our businesses, but it was a great starting point, just to get that initial leverage.

That’s a great problem to have, that everyone gets so focused on building great lives and families and their businesses thrive. That’s what we’re talking about. These are action steps to thrive. That doesn’t mean there weren’t certain days I’ll guess, that you still felt like it was work or you had to strive, because again, I think it’s not, “Oh well, it’s going to be hard work.” I think the word I like to use is very intentional, making those choices and being willing to really give your all to it.

When you start a group or you start anything that you’re going to do to try to build yourself in your business, you’ve got to go all in on it. You can’t just do it today and expect to do it maybe once a month and it’s going to work. It’s not. You’ve got to keep serving. It’s like working out. You can’t work out today and work out next Monday if you’re going to get in shape. It’s not going to happen.

Really? I’d like that, actually.

That would be great. If you can figure out how to do that, we’d have a line wrapped around the building. Just, I think that initial setup of just being the president of a group I’m just starting, in a town, I have no idea who anybody was. I think that was scary enough, but I always tell my wife, I’ll tell everybody that I coach too, “There’s no strength without struggle.” That initial struggle was what builds that strength or builds that achievement muscle as you go forward and you just become a goal slayer and you just start knocking them down.

Tell me then a little bitt. That’s a lot of the action that you took. Tell me a little bit about your mind, the mindset work you do. How do you, when there’s something looming, like, “I’ve got to reach out. I’m going to be the president of some group that I’m making up.” For somebody listening, it might be that they just even go out and start to introduce themselves in the neighborhood, or other people that might be that they, they’re changing the way that they practice. What do you do for mindset? What are two or three strategies for that? Dr. Eddie?

I got a lot of those. I think probably the, if we’re going to narrow it down to two or three, probably the most important ones are going to be for me, because I do it every day and I’ve done it for years, is getting up early and getting quiet. We live in a very chaotic world and we don’t have a lot of quiet alone time to be with ourselves and our thoughts to make sure we mold our mind. Doing affirmations in the morning. We all have negative thoughts throughout the day, all of us, no matter how good we are. Right? Doing those affirmations to counterbalance those negative thoughts, to put us on the path to success for not just today but for life …

I think gratitude journaling has been one of the biggest things I’ve ever done in my life personally. I see my mindset changed for the positive. Ask my wife. When we first got together, we had a lot of great things going on, but those three negatives, I would focus on and then it would become more negative. It was crippling mentally. Doing a gratitude journal every day, three things you’re grateful for and then given on the bottom one, one thing, you’re grateful that’s going to happen. It hasn’t happened yet. I think that was a really … You’re manifesting the future that way.

Visualization has been a good one, too. Visualize what you want your practice to look like, what you want it to feel like. How do you want it to smell? How do you want the vibration of energy to be? Visualize that every morning before you go to the office. How many people do you want to see that day? What type of people are you going to see that day? Well, I think, go ahead. We already have done it in our mind. By the time we get there and do it, it’s just second nature. I think those three are the biggest ones, if we’re going to, we’re going to narrow it down.

Well, and it’s interesting because what I like about what you’re describing as well, all of our listeners are not brand new startup practitioners and many of our listeners to this show … It’s about growth, and every week we have different guests, thanks to Chiro Secure, I want to put that thank you out there. Dr. Stu Hoffman and Chiro Secure is really focused on how they can just give and seek lots of great information. What you’re describing, these are life success principles. What happens though is, I see this where whether it’s somebody you’re five years in now, and I’m still sure there are days that you don’t feel like doing certain things or just like a workout. I tease about that, but for a lot of practitioners, sometimes five and 10 years in is where they actually feel like they are having to almost strive more or wait a minute, now something else has hit, like this crazy coronavirus right now.

I only talk about it because I’m really tired of talking and hearing about it. What happens is there is always going to be something that, if we’re not careful, it puts us back into that fear mode or we tighten up or that unknown. When those things hit, those tools you’re describing are helpful. What do you do as soon as stress hits? Everybody, every chiropractor is going through this right now. What do you do? How do you mindset wise and action wise, move into that thriving energy? That’s a different vibration.

Well, we all know that how the physical movement of the body is going to affect dopamine and serotonin, which are feel good transmitters in our bodies, right? Every day, I work out in some form or fashion because I have to keep my mind sharp. That’s one of the biggest ways I’ve found that I can do that for myself. That’s on top of doing daily rituals of attitude: visualizations, gratitude journaling. I’ve got a huge journal right here I write in every single day. I think that the fear and anxiety comes from not being prepared.

The preparation for separation is what I call it. Being prepared, preparing yourself for the day early enough that you can, whenever the coronavirus happens, you have the ability to adapt and you can make the right decisions right now. It may not be the right decision, but just make it the right decision. Do what you got to do to make that happen. I think the ability to adapt, to see how clear your mind can be. I mean, obviously even nutrition, we all know this, right? Exercising on a regular basis, but making sure … Your mind’s a muscle, as well. A lot of people don’t treat it that way, unfortunately, our patients included, some of the doctors that have no idea. It’s not like we’re making this up because this has been for decades, hundreds of years, people have been doing this stuff.

Isn’t it interesting that you were, that you used the word adaptation because basically what we do chiropractically, nervous system wise, is we enhance the body’s ability to adapt. Even right now, this week with chiropractic stress with a lot of people, even if they have been thriving, this really makes them question their sanity. Do I want to keep doing this? If we can really stay well ourselves, then we’re tapping into that ability to adapt, for sure.

I think the thing too is, we’ve got to focus on what we want, not focus on what we don’t want. With all the negativity and seeing maybe your volume went down this week by 20%, you can’t focus on that number. If you focus on that number, it’s going to continue to drop. Let’s focus on, “Hey, how can we use this to our advantage?” What I did with the staff yesterday was say, “Hey, if people are calling and cancel because of kids are out of school.” They close on a school’s bias. “Hey, if you haven’t got your kid checked, now would be the time to get them checked because it’s going to boost their immune system, help them be able to better defend against the virus if it ever comes to our town,” like just to maybe just flip the script and the narrative to better serve our families because they just don’t know.

Well, I know the shows are always so short. We could have this conversation for a long time. What I want to do though is show people, I think you have a copy of the book. Show some people a little bit about you, how people can learn more. We’ll definitely put that in the show flow, how people can reach out. Talk a little bit for a minute about the podcast, about the book, and how you’re using these tools to help other people.

My father in law and I, Dr. J LaGuardia … I got hurt two years ago, so I was out of practice. There’s a whole different show we can do on that and overcoming that hurdle.


Then we decided to start a podcast because the message that we use and we’ve been so successful with in practice, a lot of people don’t know. There’s a lot of struggling chiropractors, and it shouldn’t be. We use this message, and this is the book here, shameless plug, Triple P Life, Your GPS to Success. We do men’s events. We do have a podcast called Power, Passion, Prosperity. You can download it on any way that people are listening to stuff: Spotify, iTunes, et cetera. We really dig into these success habits. We’ve had some really cool people on the show from financial gurus to how to better help your finances, your fitness, your fun, your family, your friends, every aspect of your life to make sure that you’re living not only successful financially, but successful every other aspect because that’s what we all know brings us more great gratitude and more fun.

It’s definitely that full spectrum life and what you’re doing, there’s just another example of doing for others, sharing some of these ideas. Myself, I recognize. I’m so thankful for the coaches and mentors and people I’ve been around, and I know that I’m putting words in your mouth, but for yourself, for Dr. J, the giving of these tools, my wish for everybody listening is that you have the level of success at one year and two year and five years that Dr. Eddie’s been through. Again, I think somewhere later in the year we’ll bring you back to have that conversation. What do you do when you can’t practice? May that not happen to any of you, but Dr. Eddie has been through it. other chiropractors I know have been through it. How do you stay so focused on where you’re headed and see yourself through it and use these same principles to thrive?

The people that are listening, if they don’t have a coach or a mentor, you’re not ever going to get where you want to be as quickly as you want to be without having 20 setbacks. Usually it’s an ego or a pride issue, is why people don’t reach out for help, but everyone in the world needs help in whatever profession they’re in to get there quicker and to do what they’re … All of us have a purpose on this earth and you should be thriving, everyone. Why a lot of people aren’t is because they don’t have that leadership or that just roadmap basically to, “Hey, this is where you are. This is how you get there. This is how you’re going to go about doing it. Here you go.”

Absolutely. That’s where, in closing, I can’t say enough thanks also to Chiro Secure for putting these short, succinct shows together, all the things that they do right now. Everybody, check your inboxes. Chiro Secure has provided amazing factual information about things that are right to do even within this stress of the coronavirus. Dr. Stu has been so supportive of myself through my career, so many people. They bring you in these little vignettes, coaches, input from great people. On that note, again, thank you Dr. Eddie. I do want to mention before we leave, thank you for bearing with us on some of the technical difficulties at first, and then also next week’s show, because this is a weekly show, Growth Without Risk. Sherry McAllister will actually be with you as the host next week. Thank you for your patience and attention and thank you again, Dr. Eddie. Have a wonderful day.


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