Love LCW? Become a Chapter Leader!

League of Chiropractic Women Chapters

Our Chapter Network is the strength of the LCW.

We applaud you stepping up to form a chapter in your area.  We are here to help.

We have created a template for those motivated and inspired to start a chapter in their area. The template includes an application process outlining policies and procedures such as; “Who can start a chapter”, “How to start a chapter”, “How to market your chapter”, “Meeting format”, “Logo usage”, “Facebook etiquette and ethics”, etc.

  1. Step one is to make sure you are an active LCW member.  LOG IN TO SEE
  2. Step two is to read WHAT TO EXPECT AS A CHAPTER LEADER.
  3. Step three is to complete a 10-15 minute video on your iPhone, Android or computer to introduce yourself to us by answering the following questions:  What does Chiropractic and the LCW mean to you? • Why are you the right person to start, lead and maintain the chapter? •  Please, speak to the resources available to you for building and cultivating chapter members. •  How does the mission of the LCW resonate with you regarding the Vitalistic principles and practice of Chiropractic?
  4. Step four is to upload your video into YouTube and copy the share link.  CLICK TO UPLOAD
  5. Last but not least – you are ready for Step five to complete and submit the online CHAPTER LEADER APPLICATION . The online form will allow you to upload your CV or Resume and paste the YouTube share link into the application.
We will connect with you and give you all the tools you need to create a network of like minded women, supporting and empowering each other to greatness.
Thank you!