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Hello everyone. Dr. Julie McLaughlin here for Empowering Women put on by ChiroSecure. And I’m super excited for you to meet my guest. Her name is Brandy Kinnear, but first I went to all to give some love, put some little hearts, some likes and for ChiroSecure because they are just awesome that they host these for us and it really gives us so much information.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Brandy. She is a passionate advocate for natural health, which is really awesome for us, right? She is into digital marketing. She’s a strategist and she really helps the heart-centered practitioner. And she is disrupting the average practice and helping practitioners really understand how to use systems, technology, digital marketing, and grow their expert brand so they can make a bigger impact in their community. So thank you for joining us, Brandy. I’m super excited you’re here.

Oh, thanks for having me, Julia. You know, I’m always amped to share some pearls and see if we can help each practitioner get a little bit more insight into what they can do with their practice. So I’m excited.

Well, today you’re going to tell us about making videos, right?

Yeah. One of the biggest issues that I find with a lot of the practitioners that I work with is there’s this direct hesitation towards using video in their practice. But I want to break down the reason why video is so important in your marketing strategy and then dial into how to effectively use it and what you need to know. So we’re going to, we’re going to go through all that today.

That sounds good. Let’s get started.

Okay. So I’m just going to share my presentation. So, we’re talking about how to make videos that inspire, engage and convert because let’s face it, just getting up there and talking as a talking head, is not a valuable marketing strategy for your business, although it’s better than doing nothing. So first thing, I want to go through some stats so people understand why video is so important in their practice right now.

65% of people use YouTube to help them solve a problem. Are you on YouTube? Are you solving people’s problems on YouTube? Good question to ask yourself.

It is.

Right, the next one is social media posts with video have 48% more views, so just posting up pictures or just posting up comments compared to posting a video, you’re doubling your value by using video and it doesn’t have to be complicated and we’ll get into why it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Wow, that’s amazing.

Right? Facebook has over 8 billion video views a day. Can we just let that sink in for a minute?

8 Billion.

8 billion and a lot of practitioners, whether it’s Chiro’s dealing with parents that are always on their phones, teenagers that are always on their tablets, and the kids that are always stuck to the, there’s so much video content being absorbed. So yes, we have an entire solution with tech neck and all of these things that we [inaudible 00:04:34] but we have to understand fundamentally, people are consuming content online in mass.

So social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image combined. [crosstalk 00:04:49] That means that if anyone’s going to share content, they’re more apt to share a social video than they are to share just regular content. So that doesn’t mean you stop making regular content. It just means if you’ve got to pick one or if you don’t have a marketing strategy that includes video, you need to really pay attention and figure out how you’re going to get it in there because it doesn’t have to be hard, but it does have to be strategic.

So what video does essentially is a, I’ll call it four fold. The first one it does is educate. And when I say educate, I want to be really clear with this. We’re not talking science geeky and this is of no disrespect to any practitioner listening. I love all the science. I am a total science geek for anything in the natural health industry, but I am not your average consumer.

The average consumer needs to be spoken to in literally fifth grade English. So you have to educate them, but you have to educate them about what their problems are, not what you think their problems are from a scientific, technical standpoint. My problem is my tipping point. What is it that’s affecting my daily life? That’s my problem. Okay.

And then you’re also going to be able to use video to resonate with people. So people buy people. People don’t buy your brand. They’re not buying your name, they’re buying into you. So because we know that people don’t make logical decisions and that they buy through emotion and that they buy your particular person, how are you standing out and letting people know a little bit more about who you are?

Because, I mean, we could go on a tangent, Julie, for days on how to identify your ideal client and how to market to them and I’m sure that’s for another segment. But to be able to resonate with the person that you really want to serve is amazing for you because it allows you to weed out the people that aren’t a good fit, which who wants to serve them anyway, and allows you to build deeper connections with the people that you want to serve. So if you already identified who it is that you want to serve in your practice, then you allow yourself to resonate with them by sharing stories, by talking about who you are and the things that you do in your practice and the people that you love to help. The resonation piece is huge. Is resonation a word? I feel like it’s not a word.

I think it was, yeah. I mean it’s awesome. You just want to find your people, right? You want to find your people.

You want to build tribe. Like it’s a community based business that you’re running for the most part. Even if you have a chain of stores, they’re all community based businesses and you want to find your tribe because it’s better to have a small amount of people that love you deeply than it is to have a mass amount of people that don’t love you.

Right? Yeah, it’s way better.

We know how that converts from a business perspective. You’re constantly looking for new patients. You’re constantly fighting with retention, and you’re constantly trying to eliminate those people that come in that you’re not amped to work with.

The other component about what video does and what people need to really understand about video is using story. So you’re going to educate, you’re going to use fifth grade English, you’re going to resonate by sharing personal experiences. Your own journey into why you got started as a health practitioner is an amazing one. If you could sit down with a pen and a paper and just journal that out and figure out more about who you are and why you got into this profession. If you haven’t done that, dive a little bit deeper and be able to tell that story.

Tell the success stories of patients that you’ve helped that will be similar to the people that you’re trying to attract and it allows you to create an emotional response with people. So we said that people don’t buy through logic, they buy through emotion. That’s why if you ever see a good commercial on TV, a good, good one, you’re crying, you’re crying or you’re laughing or smiling. They know that in order to get you to connect with their brand, they need to elicit emotions. So story’s the key to doing that, and it really can help you with the resonation. It can help you with educating, but it can really help you to get that emotional contact with your potential clients.

I love that. I know when we do our talks, the patients, when they come in, there’ll be like, “Oh my gosh, I loved your story about this and that.” They couldn’t tell you what I told them about detox and toxins, but they remember the story. And so that’s what triggers them to want to come and see you.

For sure. And I mean, story’s ingrained in everything we do. We grew up reading books. We grew up watching the story on TV. What makes an amazing movie? It’s the story arc, right? It’s being able to get people emotionally connected to the story, to the journey, to the hero, to the outcome. So story is huge and it’s not being used in this profession. It’s not being used well. It’s barely being used at all, but it is one of the best ways to resonate, to educate and to connect with potential patients and existing patients.

I have clients that have said to me, “Hey, Brandy, listen. You were right. I just started getting on doing videos and sharing my story and stories of others and clients that I haven’t served in years I’ve been flooding back in because they see me, they remember the type of person I am.” And it’s just helped to rebuild that bond that’s kind of lost because maybe they’re not opening up their emails. Maybe you’re not sending emails. Maybe you just don’t have a solid way to retain everybody and everybody isn’t going to stay. Even if you’re amazing at doing the work. People, you’ve healed somebody, they’ve moved on and they’re in their mind, they don’t need you anymore. Let’s connect back with them using video and story particularly.

And then inspiration. So the portion of the population that you’re serving have challenges with their health, but it’s also affecting not just their physical self but their stress levels, their emotion, anxiety. All of the things that we deal with from a health perspective are affected by whatever their issue is that they’re coming to see you for. So when you’re able to inspire them and motivate them and help them to understand that, there’s positivity oozing out of your comments and that things can get better and they will get better and just provide that inspiration to people using video.

It also helps to build a tribe because you’re like their cheerleader. You’re telling them, “Hey girl, or Hey, guy, you’ve got this, don’t give up. It’s a journey. You’re on the path. You’re headed toward whatever that motivational piece is and that inspiration that you can add in.

You know where else inspiration comes, Julie?


That’s stories, patient success stories. This person was just like you, they suffered from this, this and this. We put them through our four phase program or our X, X, X methodology or this treatment care plan, whatever care plan, I know it’s not treatment in your industry. Whatever it is, let them know that they could identify with that person and inspire them to be that success story.

Yeah, they see that and they can see themselves in them and like, “I want that for me, too.”

Totally, and that’s how it’s done. I mean, look at all the weight loss campaigns that have been done. If we just look at weight loss, because it’s a huge industry and we look at the money that’s been poured into marketing campaigns over the years before and afters, before and afters. Everyone’s just like, I want that belly.

Right? Then when you see that, then they say, “How did you do it?” They want the story of how you did it. Was it difficult? Was it easy? They want to know the story, right?

100%. So these are the facets of what video can do for your practice. And in the center I put fans because ultimately we want to build a tribe of people that love us because we all know that referrals are the best possible source of new leads for your business. And if you have people happy and we could go on for days about how to retain and appreciate and all of those things, fans, building fans that love what you’re doing and appreciate that you’re delivering this value for them goes so far and actually it doesn’t cost you anything.

So let’s move on. Let’s talk a little bit about how to break down the perfect video. And anyone who’s watching, if there’s a lot of women on this call, which I suspect is the case, I want you to know that I work from a heart-centered, integrity-based perspective with the marketing advice that I give. But I also have to infuse psychology.

I have a psychology degree, I understand how to sell. I’m not afraid to ask for the sale. And I also understand marketing. So if you feel like any of this feels a little bit icky, remember, sometimes you have to change your mindset in order to be successful with a new tool in your business. And I’m here just like, I’m your cheerleader. You can do this, understand the elements, and then make them work for you.

So we know now that you have about three seconds to engage somebody and to stop them from scrolling. Okay? Even if they’re on YouTube checking you out. I mean, they’re checking you out. What is your cover photo look like? What does she look like? Should I listen? But you get three seconds to wow somebody. So that’s why video always has to start with the hook. So what’s a hook? A hook is that juicy headline that you see in the National Enquirer that makes you pull it off the shelf when you’re buying your groceries.

Yeah, I’ve got to read this.

You know, it’s not true what they said about Megan Markle, but you are pulling it off anyway because that headline has got you hooked. That’s what we want to put in a video. What would make them stop scrolling and listen?

So I’ll give you an example because I love examples. I learn by examples and I feel like everybody needs to get a sense of it. Are you, I’m not even going to fill it, are you blank, blank, blank, and it’s affecting your daily life? Or are you not able to play with your grandchildren because your back pain is so severe? Or is your stress level affecting your social life and your relationships?

Those are the hooks and it doesn’t always have to be a question. It can be a polarizing statement. Why you should stop using medication to fix your back problem.

That’s the hook, right? So something that’s going to make people stop and listen and then you go into the problem. So what’s the problem of this video that you’re trying to solve? Everything from a perspective, it’s all about me. I don’t really care about you. I’m not going to lie. I’m sure you’re amazing. You’re all amazing. I don’t care about you. I’m the consumer and I care about me. So what’s my problem that you’re solving with this video?

I suggest taking a look at, even if you want to just get started with five or six quality videos for your practice and you can put these on your website. We’ll talk about where you can put them. Five or six problems that your patients have. So if you look at your ideal patient base, what are the biggest five to six problems that they have? Make a video.

Yeah, back pain, headaches, neck pain, any of them.

It could even be deeper. It could be something to the effect of stress from a high pressure job. It doesn’t have to be related to their physical problem. There’s a variety of different problems that your patients that you’re serving can have. So look at what they say when they come in and the questions that you could be asking when they come is, “How is this affecting your daily life?” If you don’t understand their problems on a deeper level, it’s a good time to dive in and just really get a sense of how their back pain is actually affecting their life. Because they know they have back pain, but they might’ve been putting it off for months before they come to see you. What’s that tipping point that made them stop and take action? You know, that’s really what we want to get into.

So think about the biggest five to six problems your patients have. Make a video, use one of those problems for each one of these videos. So you talk about the problem and then you exaggerate the problem. And I know this is where it gets a little odd, Brandy. “You’re losing me. I don’t want to exaggerate the problem. It sounds salesy.” But the thing is people need to understand that if they have this problem and they don’t fix it, then they’re actually setting themselves up for further failure. And it’s your job as the person with the wisdom and the healer to provide that for them in advance.

And we’re not selling it. We’re actually just saying legitimately like, look, if you have this problem and you don’t fix it, here’s what’s going to happen. Okay, so that’s where we exaggerate it, if they don’t solve the problem.

Right, and sometimes when someone comes in and they tell me this or that, and I write it all down, even just reading it back to them, just what they just told me, they’re like, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t realize I had all those issues.” Because they don’t hear themselves saying it, but when somebody else is saying it to them, then something clicks and they’re like, Whoa.

Often, we’re not asking these probing questions like, “What would your life be like if you didn’t have this problem anymore? That’s the answer. You want to hear that answer because now you’re going deeper into their psyche. Now you’re going deeper into building a relationship with them where you really understand where they’re coming from. Not just what’s wrong with your back or your neck or your shoulder or whatever that case may be.

So when we move on from exaggerating the problem, we go to the solution. So the solution isn’t the treatment. You’re the hero, you’re the guide. You’re not the hero, sorry. You’re the guide that’s taking them through the problem to the solution. So the solution is really something that they might not even be aware of. So the solution, your treatment, is potentially just chiropractic or whatever modalities you’re using in your practice. But the solution is something that they might not be aware of. So we have to make sure that you’re talking about the problem because we’re stopping anybody, this is scrolling, you just want to stop anybody from looking. They might not have a clue what chiropractic care is. You still have a lot of work to do with educating your ideal patients. So the solution can be something that they’re unaware of, that you provide.

And that’s where you can say, “Look, did you know that the stress related to your busy life, your nonstop mom life, your nonstop corporate career, your busy social life, sitting at a desk all day, whatever it is, that the solution is very simple.

If you’re not using align, if you’re not aligned, blah, blah, blah. Right? So you get to decide what the problem and the solution is based on these five to six biggest problems that your patients have.

This is it. It’s simple and it doesn’t need to be more than three minutes long. It can be two to three minutes. It’s short because we know from a psychological standpoint, people don’t pay attention for long. You might not even be paying attention to this anymore, right, Julie?

I hope they are.

They better be. But the reality is five to seven minutes is the max that we can expect from people. And it just is what it is. It’s the age of distraction, right? So we take that into consideration and make things short and sweet for people.

And then I also want to break down because there’s this whole mystique around like what technology do I need in order to make this a successful operation? Good lighting. So if everybody just to go on Amazon right now, I do not have an Amazon affiliate link to share, so I benefit nothing from this advice. There’s two, there’s a ring light. There’s one by a company called Neweer, N-E-W-N-E-E-R. It’s cost-effective. It might cost you $100. It’s bright light. You can have warm light, have a good place in your office or have a good backdrop where you’ve got a bright light so that you have consistent good quality videos without pro set up and you can use your phone. You can literally use your phone.

Now if you’re using a flip phone or one of those like new Nokia. If you don’t have a smart phone with a decent camera, like ignore my advice, but you can literally just use your phone and have your phone in a vertical way. Because horizontal because if you use vertical, you’re restricting the different platforms that you can put your video on. So you want to record it like this.

I went on Amazon and I bought a tripod for, I want to say like 25 bucks and it goes up to six feet so I can put my phone, also you can put your phone right on the middle of the ring light.

Yeah, that’s what I have right here.

Yeah. So you put your phone right on the ring light and you just talking into the ring light. You’ve got great lighting, you’ve got your phone and that’s it. You might not even need the tripod. But this whole setup, you get, talking about a hundred bucks, $120. Everybody needs one. The ring lights can fold up, they can be put away.

I used to have these big crazy lights and we had this whole studio set up in my home and my whole family’s like, do you need that entire room there for all of your, no, I didn’t. I didn’t. And I took it down and I bought a ring light. But I want everyone to understand that putting out regular video content is going to help with so many things in your business.

It can go on a variety of different platforms. I always recommend batching stuff, get it on YouTube, get it on Facebook, get put it on IGTV, which is Instagram’s version of YouTube. Put it on your website. Make it once and put it across all the channels because omnipresence is key.

But really these great tips.

Yeah, and then like the only last thing I wanted to share, for anybody who’s not sure where they should be focusing their marketing and practice growth times for the design for their business and they’re looking for more. Me and my partner, Dr. [inaudible 00:21:28] have put together this free online summit. It’s a five day virtual summit. It’s for women health practitioners. ChiroSecure is an amazing sponsor for this event and there’s going to be 40 different, and Julie speaking on this event about how to blow up your practice with speaking engagements and she is amazing.

There’s 40 different natural health experts all focused on helping you with tips, tools, and strategies for success for your practice. It’s free. It’s for five days. It’s going to blow your mind. There’s going to be so much gold coming from that. We’d love for you to go and sign up.

There’ll be a link in a little bit in the comments below that you can use to sign up and register for this. But I mean this is, we’re just tipping the iceberg today. There’s so much more that you could just be, maybe just one or two things are going to resonate with you that are literally going to change your practice. And that’s what we’re looking forward to.

Well I am, I’m super excited. Well, thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom with us today and I’m super excited to see the Summit. I think is going to be really awesome. And it was so fun doing the interview with Natalie because I never get to do an interview with her because she’s on Empowering Women with ChiroSecure too. So, but thank you for joining me. And thank you ChiroSecure so much for having our show.

And next week I want you to join us again for the pediatric show and it’ll be on the same day, same time, Thursday, one o’clock Eastern Time, 12 o’clock Central Time. And then the following week we’ll have another Empowering Women with Dr. Kathy Wendland-Colby and she will be amazing. So please come and join us.

Join us each week as we bring you the best in business growth, practice management, social media marketing, networking, leadership, and lots more. If it’s about women in practice and business, you’ll hear it here.

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