Empowering Women Chiropractic – Drug Free Pain Management with Dr. McAllister of F4CP

Thank you all for joining me on today’s presentation. ChiroSecure friends, I’m so excited that you’re here with me today. There’s so much to talk about. And this is September, Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month, getting you prepared for the next month’s excitement. For the last three years, the foundation has been celebrating September as National Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month. And I want to utilize the time we have together to showcase the resources that you can use to emphasize the drug-free, safe, effective care that chiropractors offer around the nation.

So before we get started, I always want to give a shout out to our fantastic corporate sponsors. If you look at this list, I ask you to just see if there’s a sponsor on here that particularly you want to give a thanks to because without them our national marketing campaigns could not be possible. Thank you ChiroSecure.

Now, moving on for Drug-Free Pain Management Month, about this particular month is it’s sponsored by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, and it’s a nationwide annual campaign, and it’s crucial in raising public awareness about the chiropractic care as a preferred first line approach to safely manage and affectively care for neuro musculoskeletal pain. As we go through, we’re going to give you resources, tips, tricks, all sorts of things that you can use in your particular area to invite your patients and soon to be patients to be part of this amazing moment.

First we want you to contact your local legislative body. And this is a big piece of being able to utilize Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month as an opportunity to ensure that our messaging is getting through. So there will be a customized sample letter attached to this and there’s a lot of great resources. So if you’re not yet a foundation member, don’t worry at the end we’re going to help explore how you can do that, but know that there’s a lot of free information out there. If you just go to f4cp.org, and you look at the opioid toolkit, they’re all free, and they’re just for you. There’s opioid toolkit one, two, and three. Mix and match and see what works for you. That will do you very well when it comes to Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month, but it starts with just getting people aware of what we do.

Now let’s just look at the opportunities that are available to you. This is a template that I think will be very helpful for you, and you can use this particular letter, template it out. The yellow pieces are all about you being able to utilize it effectively and put in the easy to use opportunities in there.

The next set that we have here is the actual proclamation. So first you put the template together. This is what I would like to have proclaimed in my particular city, and it showcases you as the expert in the proclamation. Then what does the proclamation look like? You can actually edit this proclamation, and you can find, you see, download and customize proclamation down at the bottom. You can use that in your community with taking out some of the stats. Maybe you’re in a very particular region of the country that has been really hardest hit. Use your own local stats and make it yours because the whole purpose to what we’re doing here is we’re trying to make it available and really customized for opportunities to be successful.

The next one is who has time in our community to put together our own template letters and get them out to the medical doctors in our community, our healthcare providers? Whether it’s a podiatrist who has patients suffering in chronic pain or a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant, reach out to all of them. The greater awareness that we have, the better opportunities for referrals to your clinic and that’s what Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month is all about. Trust me when I say this, a lot of doctors don’t want to write an opioid prescription. Why? Because first off, it comes with a lot of paperwork. Second, they’re nervous too about patients having an adverse side effect. And third, they’re going to come back for another prescription. And if that’s the case and they do get addicted, then there’s a whole host of other things that need to happen for that particular patient. So rest assured we need to reach out to our community and help those that are in chronic pain, and they are going to their primary care physician, medical doctor, and they’re looking for options. And we want that medical doctor or healthcare professional to offer them a safe, effective, drug-free opportunity to disengage their pain and improve their activities of daily living. So this is a great referral toolkit that you can use.

If we all band together, and we’re all good at social media, and if you’re not, ask your front desk to help you out because I know your time is very valuable. But really do utilize this as a social media cover page. Update your Facebook with this chiropractic first choice for drug-free pain management. Don’t miss a post. And they’ll come to your Facebook page and that’s how you get the shares. Don’t worry if you don’t have material for a drug-free pain management, stay with me, I’m going to show you what we have so that it can be just very easily done this month.

Once you see the value in helping chronic pain patients, and those that are suffering, we will be able to really utilize our skillset the best for those that are suffering and then optimizing the rest of patient’s healthcare that may not be in chronic pain, but we also want to touch those that really are, and that’s what September drug-free pain management is all about.

I cannot do this alone and that’s why we’re becoming award-winning public relations campaigns. If you didn’t know, we got recognized last month at the Yale Club in New York City, based on our PR campaigns. Because we’ve got a bottom-up campaign program, which unites our community leaders such as you, utilizing our materials. But we also got the nationwide top-down marketing. And our campaign was recognized, and we won the directors level award in the PR news, and we shared it with Porter Novelli. And if you don’t know who they are, they started the ice bucket challenge, and they raised $30 million. It’s a proud moment for every single chiropractor because we’re being recognized outside of our own circles on this type of campaign. So when you’re with me, we grow together, I call it unite and prosper, and that’s what we’re doing at the foundation.

Speaking of prospering, you can’t get any better until you sharpen your own skillsets. And what better way than to utilize the DC webinars? Look at the opportunity for you to sharpen your saw here. We have fantastic speakers from around the world and opportunities for you to see a different vantage point. So look at this list, click. It’s free for everyone. I know some of you are still not foundation members and that’s okay for now because I need you to join us, but it’s okay to register even if you’re not a member. So if you see this little clip here, click to register. You’ll see an email coming soon. Make sure you register for those because they’re powerful, and they’re informative, and most importantly they’ll help make you a better doctor.

Speaking of better, what better way to help your CA, your front desk be motivated as well. So knowledge is power. Celebrate drug-free chiropractic’s birthday. September 18th is our birthday, and we want your front desk to be excited as we are about talking to patients and getting them involved in drug-free pain care. Heidi is going to take it away. Don’t let your front desk miss this. If you’re a silver member or above, you’ll get the recording and then your staff can watch it on their lunch hour. So let’s keep moving on because I promised you a jam-packed September month.

Infographics. Remember I told you just recently that you need to update your cover page on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Awesome. You did it. Now let’s make sure you’ve got plenty of materials to utilize for this month. These are the first sets of three infographics that you can just click into. If you’re a member of our foundation, it is literally one click, you click and then if you want to put a little comment in, be my guest. If you’re not a member, we still want you to utilize our infographics. And that’s why you go to our website, and you download one of those toolkits, and we’ve got you. Everybody’s in under the tent. Those who can be members, and those who are still struggling a little bit and can’t quite donate yet, but still want you to be in there with us. So infographics, notice that we’re having a range of not only gender but also age. So we’re looking at pregnancy, we’re looking at high school kids, and we’re also looking at the best choices. Another set of infographics.

I have a son who is playing football, and it pains me because I know the dangers that are involved. But more important than just the dangers of playing, are the dangers of what happens when they get injured. And that’s why we want to make sure that if a child is injured, the first line of approach is a non-pharm option. So we want to make sure that we’re getting the message out to the football teams, the cheerleaders, the aqua swimmers, the divers. All of them are important because if they get injured first-line approach, chiropractic care. Now, as you can see, we also have employees in there. Don’t forget, employees are very important. I’m going to discuss that a little bit later. Why is that important to your practice? Hold on, we’ll be right there.

There’s a video that you can download. It’s in the toolkit, and it’s free. I’m going to play it for you today, so you’ve seen it, but have yourself or someone that is very tech savvy in your office to play this video either on your website, you could download it to your Facebook, and we can start utilizing opportunities to educate the community. Very simple. Well, let’s just watch this quick opiod awareness.

100 million Americans are battling with chronic pain and struggling to find long-lasting relief. While commonly sought out over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription opioids may alleviate pain, it is likely short-term and not without posed risks. When misused or taken in higher doses than recommended, over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen or NSAIDs are known to increase the risk of health complications including ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, and liver and kidney damage. Adverse reactions also occur from use, misuse, and abuse of prescription opioids leading to addiction overdose and in some cases fatality.

So where can chronic pain sufferers turn for safe, effective, and drug-free pain relief? Chiropractic care. Chiropractic is a first line, cost-effective safe approach to pain care, and documented to yield improved clinical outcomes and high levels of patient satisfaction. As trusted primary care professionals for spinal health and wellbeing, doctors of chiropractic receive a minimum of seven years higher education, and are specifically trained to diagnose, evaluate, and provide long lasting non-pharmaceutical care. And rehabilitation to individuals suffering from acute, sub-acute, and chronic back and neck pain, headaches, neuromusculoskeletal and other related conditions.

To find a doctor chiropractic near you to help you manage your pain, visit f4cp.org/findadoctor.

Fantastic. Now you saw it, there is no reason not to use it. It’s free. It’s a public service announcement. Fabulous for every patient that you have to see on your Facebook site because you do not know who’s suffering out there. They might be an aunt, an uncle, a brother, a neighbor, and when they see something like this, we want to de-stigmatize that patients are using opioids, and we don’t want them to feel uncomfortable talking about it. We want to help them be better and no better way than to share this type of information because technically speaking, patients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. And that’s why this particular month is jam-packed full of all the care we can give them non-pharmacological, safe and effective.

This is an easy downloadable brochure. Why would you do this? Because if you go into the community, which I hope you will do, you will have something that’s easy to hand out. Throw your sticker on the back anywhere you go, understand your options for pain. And that’s a really nice way to just open the conversation and know that pain care can be easily and effectively talked about if you have something that is quality in your hand to hand out. Other things that you can do, ebooks, this is a fantastic one for athletes. A case for chiropractic disrupting the cycle of pain, prescription and addiction. It’s frightening to hear the statistics and when we know that over 200,000 young athletes get an opioid prescription for an injury that we could have taken care of, that’s where we really need to be educating athletic trainers, coaches, sports teams. You can email this to a coach and/or email it to a high school principal and say, “I’d love to have an opportunity to discuss the care of your athletes to the leadership.” And/or maybe you can talk to the high school and actually do your own Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month slideshow because we have them for you and I’ll show you what they are.

When we talk about pain in September, we did a prevention magazine ad. And this was in it. This is a great way to have pain documented in your office as a flyer or maybe put it up in their rooms or hand it out, put it in your newsletter, maybe put it as a next Facebook posting. It’s all up to you to get our campaign materials, how you use them, be as creative as you can because that’s our opportunity to be successful.

Remember I told you that you could go into the community and do a PowerPoint presentation? And yes, we did that for you too. You can download our A Safer Strategy than Opioids. There might be a church meeting, a Kiwanis meeting, a commerce meeting. I know they have a lot of, in my area, opportunities for leadership and speaking engagements, so that might be something… Chamber of commerce meetings, all of those are great ways to have this messaging come across and effectively touch those that may not have been thinking of non-pharm care. We have two of them. One is the one that I just showed you, but this one has a little more statistics in it. A little more creative opportunity to showcase the epidemic and what chiropractic does.

Along those perfect opportunities is sharing brochures. As I just shared, there’s one for pain, but what would stop you from talking to the human resource department at a local corporate company next to you? Onsite, near-site, shared sites, they’re all growing and you can be part of that. Bring the DCR, the chiropractic safe and cost effective approach to you, or email it, and/or set up a meeting with the HR group. And then bring a brochure, chiropractic care.

That’s one piece of it, but what about the local hospitals that are close to you? Have you ever thought of reaching out to the human resource department and asking if you could come by with some brochures on chiropractic care so that when the doctor at the ER prescribes a prescription opioid by law, they can hand out a non-pharm option? California, which is where I live, we passed a bill 888 to discuss that whenever an opioid is given, an option for non-pharm care is also. So be active, be passionate.

And one of the advertisements we’re going to do in Wall Street Journal in the second week is boosting employee health and productivity with chiropractic care. So that would go perfect along with you being active with the corporations around you. This particular ad could be easily downloaded and put on your own website. You don’t have to wait for the Wall Street Journal to post it in their newsletter or in their newspaper. You can be active in just putting it out there. You don’t know what C-suites patient that’s coming into your office, and they see it and they go, “You know what? It is important for our employees to be healthy, strong, be there when they’re present. Presenteeism goes up, absenteeism goes down.” That’s where chiropractic fits in and this is a great way to showcase that. So posting it in your office, on your newsletters and then in your Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, makes this one advertisement that we pay go viral. We’re all in it together.

Last but not least, hold onto your seat, buckle your seatbelt. If you didn’t hear, we were at the FCA last weekend at the National. If you’ve not been there, that is the greatest number of chiropractors together in one place in the world. So mark your calendar for August next year if you’ve not been to a national FCA event, it is fabulous. But what we announced at the FCA onstage was this. The foundation has secured with the generous donation, the actual air time from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners to air five, not one, not two, but five 32nd commercials highlighting 125 years of chiropractic excellence. This is going to be a fantastic way. This is geared from MSNBC, is going to be the largest media event in history and chiropractors are going to be celebrating across the globe because we’re going to have a commercial in those Olympics five times. Don’t stop there. We all need to be in a to win it, so we got the air time.

Let me tell you, I’m working triple time with my very fantastic team to secure the money to be able to produce the particular commercial, and then get it out into multiple markets around the nation. So if you’re so inclined, we need you. We need you to become a member. And what that looks like is, Tokyo 2020 you become part of our team. Use the Olympics as a reason to donate to the foundation. Become a member. It’s an easy one, you can find the right level for you. I believe we should all go for the gold. Look at what the options are for you and make sure that you become a member. Because when we’re all in it, we’ll all win it. And that’s why I’m thanking you for joining me for today’s presentation. I look forward to seeing you next month with some very exciting updates on that area. And don’t forget, ChiroSecure does this fantastic Tuesday opportunities for you to learn. So be back on ChiroSecure’s channel next week for more information. Thanks again for joining me.

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