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So what we’re going to talk about today, I am very excited to share with you. It’s the nine super habits of successful entre-leaders. So entre-leaders are people who are entrepreneurs, but are leaders, and I love this combination. There’s a great book by Dave Ramsey on this. And I love this combination because entrepreneurs are the people who are risk takers, and they can kind of be wild and crazy on the edge, but the leaders are the ones who are tried and true and they’re really going forward. So an entre-leader is someone who is going to accelerate and increase their business growth on a good measured path, but they’re also going to break out of the bounds like an entrepreneur would and really make those leaps and bounds forward. So the business of chiropractic is built on blood, sweat and tears. And don’t I know it because I’ve been practicing a really long time. And we want to change the face of healthcare in this country. And I think that we can do it through chiropractic. So let’s get started.

So we’re going to talk about the nine big ideas here. So number one, you are the problem. I am the problem, right? But the good news is, is that you are also the solution. So our problems in our practice aren’t our location, or our space or our staff or our marketing or our technique or anything else. That is not the problem. We are the problem. What’s right here between our ears. Because you know what they say is if you think you can do something, you can. And if you think you can’t do something, you can’t. So the best thing is, and why you being the problem is a great problem to have, is because you’re also the solution. Because you’re the one person in this world that you can control. You are the one person in this world that can make a difference and really start to open up your mindset and really move forward and take those steps and take away the barriers that are stopping you.

So if you’re the problem and the solution, you don’t have a problem anymore. So you are your business’s greatest asset. If it wasn’t for you, well, it doesn’t matter where your location is or how great your waiting room looks or how many patients you have. If it’s not for you, you don’t have a business, right? You are your business’s greatest asset. And so what do you do? You have to take very good care of that greatest asset. And that’s what I want you to do. Because you are the only one thing that you have control over is your behavior and what you do.

So we want to look at, “How can we make ourselves better?” So I love this number one thing. “If you could do …” number one thing game, right? So if you could do number one thing today that you could start doing that would have the greatest positive effect in your life, what would it be? Think about it. What would it be? The number one thing that you could do. Once you have that, I want you to write that down for me. Okay? And then I want you to think of the number one thing you could stop doing that would have the greatest positive effect in your life. So with my patients, I tell them, I’m like, “What’s your Kryptonite? What is it? What’s your Kryptonite that you need to stop doing?” People say, “What should I eat? What should I have? What should I do?” I’m like, “No, don’t start there. Think about what should you stop doing that you know is wrong. And like, you know, drinking soda is wrong. Stop doing it. You know, eating a bunch of sugar is wrong, fast food. Those are the things, you stop doing them and then you’re going to move yourself forward without any effort.”

So our next big idea is manage activities, not results, right? So we’re so results driven. And so for good example of this is that we all want … “I want so many new patients in a month.” But if you’re just looking at those numbers, that’s one thing. But what are the activities you can manage? So in my practice, I do lots of outside speaking engagements in my community. And the last two weeks I’ve had seven of them, which is really, really crazy. And so when we look at this, we want to see what you’re doing on your results and on your activities. What are you doing? So we want to see what we can do when we’re making our activities, in signing up those, you know, community talks and things like that. So I’m gonna work on this and see if I can reshare my slides for you so you can see ’em a little bit better now. Hopefully you can see them a little bit better now. Sorry about that.

So when you’re managing your activities, I want you to set up these talks in your community, get with some positive power partners who you could tie into. So in one week I had 28 new patients from my talks. 28 new patients. And so I was looking at managing my activities as opposed to just the results. So your outcome is going to come naturally when you have those activities.

So big idea number three is to put it all together, right? We want to have this amazing power of synergy. We want our teams to be synergistic, our patients, and our businesses. So think about this. This is a cool story. So you know, they have these Belgian draft horses, and they have these competitions where they have to pull so much weight. So one horse can pull 8,000 pounds. But if you took two random horses, they never saw each other, they were strangers to each other, right? They could pull up to 24,000 pounds. Now, one can pull 8,000, and two can pull three times as much.

Now if you take two horses and you train them together and you really get them to know each other, they can pull four times as much as a single horse. They can pull another 8,000 pounds more than two random horses. So by getting your team in sync and getting your mindset in sync with what you have to do, you can pull a lot more and you can lead a lot better. So when we think about all of these things, are you trying to do at all? Are you trying to do everything yourself? Because guess what? We don’t have enough time in the day. So we need you to have a really good synchronized team, not a random team, you know, where they’re not connected and they’re not talking and you’re not having regular office meetings. We want you to train your team to have synergy because that’s what’s going to push you forward.

What about … We don’t want to have the enemies of unity, right? So if you lack intention with your team or with your patients through thoroughness of communication, if you’re not really clear what you want them to know, what you want them to do and what they’re expected of them, you’re going to have an enemy, right? If you have lack of intention through thoroughness and goal setting and shared purpose, you’re going to have an enemy. So we want you to get on track and in sync with your intentions. If you have unresolved disagreements, that’s going to steal your energy. You may think, “Well, I’m not going to deal with that.” But bit by bit, it’s like a little chicken taking one peck out of you, and every day, pretty soon you’re bloody, right? Because it’s that energy that’s going towards that because it’s unresolved. Resolve them. Just get it done.

And if you sanction incompetence, if you have somebody on your team who’s just flat out incompetent and you’re allowing it, that’s taking your energy because you’re thinking about, “Well, if they did this, if they did that …” I want you to unite and have that unity in your practice.

But how has your passion, I need you to care deeply. Care deeply about your practice, care deeply about your patients, and show them, show them that you care, because that empathy and caring and passion is the number one thing that you can do. So Dave Ramsey says this, “The most untutored, uneducated person who has passion is much more pervasive, much higher and forward thinking and further ahead than the most eloquent person without it.” So if you have passion, you can do anything, and you can move forward.

So how about … It’s vision time? I want you to be 100% on your vision, on what need. Because as entre-leaders, you have to share your vision with your team early and often. So there’s a book, it’s called “Visioneering”. And you have to discuss your vision and your organization 21 times. Crazy, right? 21 times before people start to hear it. And it’s before they start to get it. And I want you to think about it in one sentence. So our one sentence, sometimes you think of it as a tagline, is “Every body welcome.” That’s our theme. That’s our vision. “Every body is welcome in my practice.” So we have McLaughlin care, and every body’s welcome.

So think about what is your vision? And you want to communicate that with your patients, with your staff, at least 21 times, if not on a regular basis. So what is your vision? I want you to write it out, not just about the business, but everything in your life. What is it in your family life?

So we have the three areas. We have work, we have love, and we have energy. And you want to see your vision in all three of those areas all the time. Right? And I want you to never to go all in. You’re like, “What? Never go all in? What are you talking about, Doctor Julie?” So I have two ideas and two rules on launching a new idea. You can never borrow money to fund a new idea. So if you’re like, “Oh, my gosh, I have this great idea. I’m going to add a gym to my office, or I’m going to do this or that,” but you have to borrow money to do it? Nix it, right? So that’s when you’re not all in on that.

And if the big idea that you’re going to do could be fatal to your business. So if you decide that you’re going to merge with somebody else and you just don’t have a good feeling about it, and it could be fatal to your business because of the type of contract that you sign, don’t do it. So I need you to have Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D. Cause at the end of the day, things fail, right? And the more things that you have that fail, the more likely you’re going to come up with something that succeeds. Because think of Thomas Edison, how many failed inventions he had, and Henry Ford. When we think of these great people, we know that they didn’t just come up one day and have this great idea. They have all these Plan A, B, C, and D. So I just want you not to make a plan and just go with it if it could be fatal to you. So I want you to never to go all in because I want you to take that leadership part and be a little bit conscientious of what you’re doing with it. So slow and steady wins the race on this one.

So decisions are liberating. I want you to make them. So if you’re frozen by indecision, you’re not going to move forward. Your team is energized by a leader who can make a call. Think about if you were in a sporting event and you’re in a game and you were the leader on that team and you couldn’t decide where to throw the ball, right? You’re frozen by inde … “Should I throw it here. Should I throw it there?” That’s the same thing in business. If you can’t make a decision, you’re team is going to think that you’re not capable of leading and you’re going to have no direction.

So David Allen has a book called “Getting Things Done.” And I love this approach. So done is better than perfect. I want you to do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and I want you to practice it. So if you have something in your life, and this is my rule and I love it, and this is from David Allen, “If it takes you two minutes or less to do it, I want you to do it now.” Like think about your emails. You look at an email in your inbox and you’ll leave it there. You don’t delete it, you don’t allocate it, you don’t do it. Right? Or the dishwasher. You see the dishwasher’s full at home. I tell my kids like, “Listen, it takes you two minutes or less to unload the dishwasher. Do it now.” So anything that takes you two minutes or less, do it immediately. And then, you know what, you’ll always be ahead on that stuff because indecision kills and we don’t want that.

So I want to tell you, in my practice I’ve had an overnight success. It was just so easy. It only took me 31 years, right? No one has an overnight success. We look at people on Facebook and in places that look like, “Oh, my gosh, they’re doing great. What’s wrong with me?” Remember that’s a mindset. No one has overnight success. It takes years of practice and determination to be able to do this. So there is no overnight success. So is it your mindset or it’s your ability. It’s your mindset that drives your ability. And I know you’re all capable of this because I believe in you. And I want you to stay on mission and stay on task with focused intensity and you will succeed, my friends.

So if you want to know more about me and what I do, my contact information is here: drjuliemclaughlin.com. And I have my online courses and onlinevhp.com. And so, again, I would like to think ChiroSecure for having me today on Empowering Women, and I hope you guys got a lot of good do level information out of this, and I want you to be sure to join us next Thursday at the same time, 11 o’clock eastern time, 12 o’clock central time, because ChiroSecure will be having the Look to the Children program with Dr. Monika Burger. And I will see you soon.

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