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Hello. Welcome everybody. I’m your host for today’s show, Dr. Nicole Lindsey, founder of Dominate Chiro Marketing where I teach chiropractors how to build profitable relationships with medical doctors to grow their practice and to bridge gaps so we can elevate our profession.

First of all, before we start, I want to give a shout out to ChiroSecure for bringing us together once again, empowering women, men, students, CAs, everybody in our profession to raise our game, to get educated, to bring us together. So thank you, ChiroSecure for all that you do.

Today’s guest I’m very excited about. She is a chiropractor in full time practice, she’s also the executive director and chairman of the board of Spinal Missions, which we’ll talk a little bit more about that. She’s been overseeing that organization for well over seven years. She is a powerhouse and she’s a friend, Dr. Shannon Darrow. Welcome.

Good morning. How are you today?

I’m doing great. We’re in the afternoon in my neck of the woods.

[inaudible 00:02:41]This whole time change thing is so crazy for me still. Being an east coast girl and now living on the west coast for two and a half years, I’m still confused on Facebook when people post lunch and dinner.

I hear you. I completely understand.

Today’s topic is reigniting our chiropractic purpose. So let’s talk about that because this is so, so important. And just before we went live we were talking about how DCs has seasoned, veteran DCs, we tend to lose that zest for what we do, the why. Why is it so important do you think that chiropractors have this buzzing passion?

Our message gets lost when we don’t love what we do. The second you walk into an office, you get that feel of whether or not there’s that passion and that care for a patient. It’s really hard to care for a patient in a vacuum where you’re like … If you ever walked into a medical office, it’s very sanitary and it’s what you would expect in a medical office. When you walk into a chiropractic office, you expect that open arms feeling. That’s how we’ve gotten dubbed, the alternative provider, because we actually care and love for our patients, not just looking at them as a number. And I think that so many chiropractors get trapped in this, well did I make my number? Did I make that my number? That’s going to come if the patients actually can feel that energy coming off of you because they’re going to want to bring their friends in, they’re going to want to bring family if you treat them the right way from day one.

Yeah, I know. I agree. I think it’s really wild how you look at other professions, they are not so concerned about their why, their philosophy. I’m married to a physical therapist and I don’t think he had any philosophy courses in his career, but we as chiropractors, it’s kind of the end all be all as to why we do what we do. We have to have that ingrained in us. You went to Life University, right?

I did.

Yes. So we’re fortunate we got that.

Absolutely. But we lose that is the problem. I’m married to a nurse practitioner, so very medical, but the understanding in me being able to meet my partner where my partner is on a spectrum, is so critical. We can’t just always shove our own agenda down people’s throats. I think that it’s really important that our fire has to be able to be tailored to our audience too, but when our fire’s completely quenched because we’re so concerned with what insurance is going to pay us, or not seeing 150 visits or 300 visits, then we lose any way to even maneuver in any community.

Yeah. Yeah, it’s very easy to do. And I know for myself, I’ve been practicing for almost 20 years, so when I got out of school, we didn’t have Google, we didn’t have internet, we didn’t have a way, or the patients didn’t have a way, to go and search chiropractic or this natural way of taking care of yourself wasn’t trending then. So it wasn’t the in-thing to do so chiropractors were so beat down. We came out of school, we got it in school, but once we got out and practiced there was so much resistance and we were constantly fighting every day trying to educate, trying to get this point across to our patients. And for me, I know the philosophy really helped me back then really get through those hard days and practice.

And I’ve found my thing is … I do a lot of mission work, that’s kind of my thing. My niche is the mission work that we do. So for me it’s like, docs go and sit in a seminar for a weekend, they’re fired up for two weeks, maybe three after the fact if we’re lucky, right?


If you go down on a mission trip, or even a mission in our own country, and you actually get to give that first and only adjustment to a patient and you see the immediate lasting effects of the joy in their face, that’s something that reignites your fire again. That’s something that gets you back into chiropractic where … In school, how many times were we scared to touch somebody? That’s my true passion is when I’m on a mission trip with a student and they’re like, well wait, they’re a hundred years old, I can’t touch them. And you’re like, wait, they have a spine why can’t you touch them? Or they’re sick, what am I supposed to do? Well, what do you mean? And we’re taught all along to be afraid of all these things … And I’m not saying practice recklessly because that’s definitely not the case, but we have to understand the power and the gift that we’ve learned and how much that can actually impress one person with one adjustment.

For sure. For sure. That just gave me chills when you reminded me of giving somebody their first adjustment, and I know it happens all the time in practice but we take it for granted. We really do, how special it is-

We absolutely do because we are entrenched in this scarcity mentality as chiros that I can’t even sit down and talk with another chiro because they’re afraid I’m going to take patients from them. It’s so interesting to me. Then when I get them on a mission trip and I’m like, hey, you know what, we’re going to just adjust side by side, we’re going to sweat, it’s going to be not awesome conditions but we are going to truly just serve from our heart. And then I get these beautiful emails where it’s like, I’m not scared to go meet with all the other chiros because I know my passion is different, I know my communication is different now because of what I’ve done and what I’ve given to another person. And I think that so much of what we do … We’re losing that give back factor where we’re just trapped in we’ve got to pay our bills, we’re $250,000 in debt. And that’s real life, yes, but if we stay in that scarcity mentality we’re never going to get back to where we need to get to.

Right, right. So we get disconnected from our purpose, we get disconnected from why we do what we do for lots of reasons. You’re talking about the scarcity mentality, what’s another reason you think we get disconnected from this?

For students is that they’re so concerned with making each one of their benchmarks. For chiros, they’re concerned about what’s coming over their shoulder because we’ve got a bad reputation of eating our young. So I think that those are all the things. And it’s interesting because I try to talk to every chiro that’s on a trip with me and I always set aside time, because now I’ve been doing this for 13 years now, 14 years now, I try on each trip with a practicing chiro to say, just promise me this, when you hire an associate, you’re hiring someone because you need help not because you want your numbers to go up. Because you are hiring someone for a purpose of helping you, not making you more money. Do they make you more money if they’re good? Absolutely, but that shouldn’t be your sole purpose.

And then what you’re finding is these young chiros are getting burned out because they’re working 90 hours a week doing screenings, doing all sort of stuff, paying their dues as it’s being said, where [crosstalk 00:09:36] love to see a chiro just wants to say, you know what, I’m going to offer this chiro x amount of dollars because I think that’s what they’re worth coming out of school, I’m going to let them prove themselves to me and then offer them more money. Or offer them a chance for ownership or even help fund them for ownership for a secondary clinic. These are the things I would love to see an ignited chiro offer to someone else.

Yeah, yeah. Great idea. I think too, not only for a student, a young doc, but a seasoned veteran getting disconnected, just getting too busy keeping up with getting married, having kids, working your tail off in your practice and not really having the time or making a time to feed your soul.

Cool. 100%.

Not necessarily chiropractic, but what makes you happy? For me, I know I was thinking about this, preparing for this interview and I was like, well, going for a hike in the woods or a run does it for me. It gets me reignited. Or a girl’s trip, just had one last weekend with 10 female chiropractors. I mean, that juices me. So doing things like that … If you don’t feed your soul, you can’t be happy and you can’t be open for giving, serving.

And I think that’s the biggest thing that happens is that even a lot of chiros I talk to you, because they’ll reach out to me, hey doc, what can I do to help out? I’m like, well what’s your motive? Do you want to help out or are you trying to get new patients? Because believe it or not, it comes across. We did a sports drive a couple of years ago, took tons of sporting equipment, got to see a kid play with a soccer ball for the first time, amazing experience, and every doc that I worked with, the first thing I asked him was, why are you doing it? And if it was, well, we’re hoping that patients will get a better vibe for us. I was like, I don’t think you’re a good fit. And I have no problem ever saying, hey, you’re just not a good fit. And if you call me and you’re like, hey, I’m just disconnected, I’ll be like, you are the perfect fit. If you’re worried about money, I will figure something out, we will fundraise for you, we’ll figure something out because I know that I can get you back on track.

I’ve had students who are like, I’m going to drop out of chiropractic school. I’m like, no, come on with us, give me four days of your life, you can afford four days of your life to be gone. And they come down, they actually remember the power of the adjustment, not all the books, they remember the power of the adjustment, not all the bills, and it gets them back on track to get back into practice. They actually watch their numbers go up because when they do their patient lectures, they’re talking from their heart again and not just from their brain.

Awesome. Awesome. So how do we reawaken … If somebody is listening to this right now and they feel disconnected, they feel off track, what can they do to light that fire again for our profession?

Reach out. It’s so funny because I take a step back and I look at my career and I’m like, I’ve done all kinds of crazy stuff for chiropractic. I reach out to so many different docs every day and I have a mentor box where I will hit up you, Kathy. I have a whole list of docs in my arsenal that when I’m just like, man, something doesn’t feel right, I’ll reach out. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the leaders in our profession. Guess what, they put on pants just like us. Just because they made $1 million, $5 million, whatever they’ve made, they still go to the bathroom the same way you do, they still put pants on the same way you do, they are not too proud to help you. It’s just that they’re not used to having people ask them.

I found that a lot of you guys that are awesome at the profession and I am just so enamored with, that when I reach out to you, you’re so open and accepting of just helping. That’s how you get reignited. Don’t be afraid. Facebook message them. We’re in an awesome era. Send them a Facebook message. I have been so blessed by meeting you, and Monica, and Kathy, Janice Hughes, I mean all of the women that I’ve gotten to surround myself with, this power tribe, that I never feel alone because I will reach out to you all and just say, you know what, I’ve had a rough day. And you just have this awesome tribe around you. And that’s my takeaway is surround yourself with a tribe. Get your tribe to do something crazy with you. I mean for me it’s go down to a mission trip. If that’s not it, have a lake weekend. Get together and just get that tribe in one spot. It’s reinvesting back in yourself.

I love it. I think it’s awesome. And I love the fact that ChiroSecure has been a leader in bringing women together to do this. Again, when I first came out of practice 20 years ago, we didn’t have this, I didn’t have any … All the coaches, the consultants were all men and very few women were there to support other women. So yes, so I agree 100%, find mentors and definitely reach out to women. Don’t be afraid to do that. If it’s a man that juices you, then do that, find a male coach or a male colleague, but know that there’s a lot of women that will help you.

So let’s talk about this mission trip because I am so excited about being part of it. You’re hosting one in Jamaica, the end of the year, over new years, we have an awesome group of chiros coming to that, continuing ed, and we’re going to do a whole lot of reconnecting. So yes, tell me about this.

This is my joking, I get to hold the chiros that I wanted to hold hostage because you’re in an all inclusive resort and you can’t get too far from me. So this is what I tell students about this, and I tell chiros about this, you will never, ever have four days of unfettered access to people in a swimming pool at the beach be like, hey, come on, let’s [inaudible 00:15:10] on a kayak together. You will never ever get access to a lot of these higher profile or more dominant people. Because when you guys speak, what, you’re on the stage for 45 minutes and then you’re done, and a lot of times you guys fly out or you go somewhere. We’re at an all inclusive resort, I mean I can grab you and go let’s go grab some lunch and let’s chat. It will be an opportunity to really dig into you all’s brains, decide if you resonate with this person, does their program resonate with you, and that’s why I picked people that resonated with me.

And people are like, well how do you pick your speakers? It’s always, how do I get on your speakers panel? I’m like, honestly, you just have to resonate with me. And I dig into people’s backgrounds because if I see something in the background where I’m like, not really my thing, I tend to shy away just because it’s people that resonate with the type of people I want to attract.

So the Health Ministry will be sending out our formal letters where all of my docs will be getting temporary licenses down there, which is a super cool thing. I did that … Every time I’ve done it to Jamaica we get them to issue us an official welcome letter that says, hey, you’re welcome in our country, we’re really happy you’re treating musculoskeletal complaints, because that’s how they understand what we do, which I’m okay with because we’ve got to get our foot in the door somehow.

Yes. My relationship with MDs … I mean we have to speak their language, so I totally get it.

Exactly. And how do you define a subluxation to Health Ministry when if I put five chiros in a room they can’t give me a definition? So I have to meet people where they can meet us. So we get beautiful letters from them and we’ll be doing CE credits during this time where we are really hands-on CE. Tim young is going to be there doing philosophy to keep us really fired up and doing some technique stuff. And I always encourage my speakers that have kind of been boxed into, I only do this to show us some of your flare, what are those super cool adjusting techniques that you’ve learned over the years that no one ever puts you on a stage for because you don’t sell technique? But it’s a good chance for you to show me, hey, and that’s how I get to that Tiwan, that’s how I get into this joint. Because you guys have done it so much longer than anybody else normally and you have big thriving practices and you’re taking time away, so why not share the depth of your knowledge instead of the box of your knowledge, for me?

I love it. I am so thrilled to be a part of this for lots of reasons, I’ve always wanted to go on a mission trip, and when you invited me to come it was a no brainer for me. That’s probably the most intriguing part for me is you asked, you don’t have to be part of the mission, you can just come and speak, and I’m like, oh heck no, I can’t wait to get my hands on people. And that’s what I thought was I really want to reconnect with my beloved profession. So thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to do this and I look forward to bringing a bunch of chiros and connecting with everybody. And I’ll be talking about MD marketing and building relationships and, yes, we’ll be poolside, we’ll be doing our lecture, but also there’s going to be a whole lot of rubbing shoulders and sharing gems and pearls.

Exactly. It’s really an awesome experience. I tell people, if you don’t want to be part of the mission, totally, I get it. That’s not for everybody. But if you really just want to do it for one day, go out for one day, it’s five, six hours of your life. You can come back to the pool and relax. We try to get everybody back by 2:00, 2:30. So literally go out adjust a kid for the first time again. Remember? Remember what that feels like to not have to convince a parent that this kid needs chiropractic care? Because the kids are so jazzed and the parents are so jazzed about it, the kid just jumps up on your table and you’re good to go. Get back to that. Get back to adjusting the 90-year-old woman without having to do a full fledged exam where you’re just focusing in on her, talking to her body and communicating with her that way.

I love it. I love it. Well, just talking to you, I’ve got my passion reignited and I can’t wait to get more later this year. So thank you so much for being with me today, Dr. Shannon Darrow. And next show will be Dr. Kathy Winland Colby, and that will be in two weeks. Empowering Women in Chiropractic will be back. Thank you for watching everybody. We appreciate it.

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