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Now, join today’s host, Dr. Nicole Lindsey, as she talks overhead, debt, and creating other sources of income. Now, here’s Dr. Nicole.

Hi, welcome to this week’s episode of Empowering Women In Chiropractic on ChiroSecure’s Facebook Live Show. I’m Dr. Nicole Lindsey, your host, where I help bridge gaps between chiropractors and medical doctors and help you build that stream of marketing in your practice. If you have any questions about building that stream of marketing, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Today, I have a very special guest. She’s a chiropractor, she’s a business coach teaching marketing strategies, sales, mindset, money mindset, helping startup chiropractors. She also runs The Black Diamond Club with her husband, Dr. Shawn Dill. She’s a speaker, she’s an author. Just launched her book, None of Your Business: A Winning Approach to Turn Service Providers into Entrepreneurs. She is here with us today. Dr. Lacey Book. Welcome.

Thank you for having me on. I’m excited to be here.

Excellent. Well, I love this topic. We’re going to jump right in. It happens to be the topic of your book, and I think this is such an important topic for chiropractors.

Yeah, absolutely. It’s been a wild ride and such a blessing being able to work with chiropractors throughout the majority of my career and seeing a lot of the, I guess, struggles and things that they deal with that you feel like it’s so unique and you wonder why you’re going through it, but in reality they are pain points and issues for a lot of chiropractors because we do love chiropractic and we don’t necessarily love being an entrepreneur, right?

Yeah, for sure, for sure. This show, we have a wide spectrum of listeners. We have chiropractic students, we have new grads, we have chiros that are seasoned. We have CAs, so I think in preparing for this topic I thought, “You know what? I think we should really define being a business owner versus an entrepreneur”, and that way we can help them understand what that really means to be an entrepreneur, which you’re so good at, like I said after reading your bio. What is the difference in your opinion?

That’s a really great question. I think that there’s a couple of fundamental differences between the two. A business owner is really somebody that shows up, runs the day-to-day business, and I would say is comfortable where they’re at, right? They’re comfortable with doing things that have always worked with them, they’re comfortable running the business that maybe they learned from somebody in the past or the way that they purchased it. They’re not necessarily in a space where they want to… not evolve, but create new strategies in order to shift things around.

Entrepreneurship is a very interesting thing. It’s difficult because it is such a big term and it’s thrown around a lot these days, but entrepreneurship really I believe encompasses a huge desire to constantly evolve your business, find different ways to market, to sell, to grow, where you’re not… an entrepreneur is not necessarily always happy with where they’re at. They’re constantly trying to stay ahead of the game, figure out new strategies, and then, of course, take their business to a whole nother level. I would say that entrepreneurs are looking for something more than where they’re currently at in the very moment they’re in it, if that makes sense.

Yeah, that really helps a lot, and I think that… I looked it up on dictionary.com, and one of the things that the definition said, everything you said, it said, “A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, usually with considerable initiative and risk”, so taking risks was also part of being an entrepreneur, whereas business owners tend to be very calculated and kind of hold steady with where they’re at.

Exactly, and I love that you brought that up because that’s definitely something I see in very successful entrepreneurs. Two very prominent characteristics that they have is, number one, their ability to jump into something, even if it is risky. They’re always willing to take risks if potentially it could bring them more anything into their business, more human capital, more financial gain, more growth, and then the other thing is that they are extremely decisive. I’ve noticed that when you… A business owner, because they are used to the way of doing things, they don’t have to make a lot of out types of decisions, so [crosstalk 00:06:37]-

A lot.

What’s that?

They sit on it for a while. They camp.

They sit on it for a while. Like you said, they’re calculated, and I’m sure that you’ve met people like that. I’m not saying that that’s a bad quality to have. There’s oftentimes where because I’m an entrepreneur and a visionary, I need to go to people like that to make sure I’m making a decision that is sound. Entrepreneurs, they’re extremely decisive and they decide things in an instant, right?

Yeah, yeah. I heard this once many, many years ago and it really stuck with me and it was a female chiropractor, actually. I think it was a coaching program I did and she said, “Your decision to not make a decision is your decision”, and that was powerful. I use that a lot, so every time I’m struggling with something, I think, “This is why I am struggling because I’m not making a decision and just make a decision and roll with it, whatever consequences are”, you know?

I love that. One of my biggest mantras that I’ve always lived by is done is better than perfect, and I think so many people sit on the sidelines, even when they’re making decisions for their business, when they’re putting out social media content, when they’re going into a meeting, where they want it to be so perfectly done that sometimes it doesn’t get done. It’s that decisiveness. Done is better than perfect. I’m going to do it, I’m going to get it done, and I’m going to move on, right?

Yeah. Now, is that something entrepreneurship… is this something that can be learned? If we have chiros listening right now, they’ve been practicing for five years and they’re like, “I am the business owner but I want to be the entrepreneur”, can they learn this?

Absolutely. I believe that it can be learned, but I think it starts with a desire because not everybody has the desire to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle because it is risky and it does require a lot of energetic output and sacrifice and some compromise in certain areas of your life. Number one, you first have to full step into it and desire it and want it, and then you can learn it. It has to start there, otherwise, it doesn’t feel good when you’re in that space.

Right. Yeah, so if we take… if we dissect a business and we look at sales, marketing, just those two pieces right there, and we look at somebody that says, “I do want to become more of an entrepreneur when it comes to marketing”, what would be a good way for them to step into that role if they have that desire?

I think when it comes to chiropractic specifically and we’re looking at the profession as a whole and business owners owning chiropractic practices, a lot of those businesses are built on internal referrals or ways of marketing like screening things that they are just used to doing.

The first thing I would say is do something that makes you really uncomfortable, right? If you’re like, “I want to be an entrepreneur, I want to change the way that my business is currently being run, I want to grow in ways I haven’t before”, that means that you’ve got to do something drastically different. I would say go out there and find a marketing strategy that you’ve looked at in the past that made you extremely uncomfortable to do, and if it’s a program, purchase it. If it’s connecting or joining a group, do it. That’s what I would say because everybody’s unique in their area, who they love to serve, and who they want to bring in their office, but you’ve got to find something that kind of makes you go, “I don’t know if that’s for me.” It’s not for the business owner you, but it could be for the entrepreneurial you.

There’s that taking risk thing that we were just [crosstalk 00:10:16]-


Talking about, so yeah, yeah. That’s my story. That’s how I started getting into MD Marketing was long story short, dot com bubble and it was, “Where do we get new patients? What’s going to sustain my business for years to come?” That’s where I thought outside of the box. MD, that’s where a lot of our patients are going. What if we educate MDs and let them know that we’re here? That we’re an option? That’s where all of that started.

I love that you’re doing that because I think that since we’re on the subject, it is something that makes a lot of chiropractors uncomfortable in their business. Going out there and essentially networking or conversing or connecting with other professions that maybe for a very long time you didn’t see as complementary or a profession that maybe you didn’t see how you could collaborate. That’s a very outside-of-the-box way of thinking when it comes to getting a new marketing or distribution channel to funnel people to you. A program like yours, that’s fantastic. That would make a lot of people uncomfortable, but maybe exactly what they need to start being the entrepreneur that they desire to be.

Yes, exactly. Not only that, I see building your credibility, building that in your community, also our profession, what that can potentially do for our profession as far as building us all as an entrepreneur as a profession. Just building that credibility.

We talk a lot about… in The Black Diamond Club becoming the trusted advisor, and oftentimes when we say that, people think, “Oh, that means just to my patients. That I should be the trusted advisor, the individual that my patients come to to ask, ‘Where should I go to do this?’ Or ask my opinion.” You’re right, it’s not just within the four walls and confines of your practice, it’s becoming the trusted advisor in your community. How can you begin to connect with other individuals that you haven’t in the past and show them what this thing chiropractic is all about? That is what builds trust and credibility and can actually help this thing chiropractic grow and scale and take its rightful place on the planet. That’s exactly… I love that concept.

Yes, we are very much in alignment. That’s awesome. I love that. Now, I know why entrepreneurship is important. I consider myself one, and I love that part of what we can do and be as a chiropractor, but for our listeners, why is that so important for chiropractors to embrace being an entrepreneur?

If I’m talking from my chiropractic heart, I would say that chiropractors… I know every chiropractor listening out there, the reason that we do this is because we really want to change people’s lives, and there’s something ingrained in that about the idea of you leaving a legacy on the planet by providing this service. The interesting thing is is, yes, you can create a legacy by the people’s lives that you touch now, but what happens when you’re no longer around? I have found, and it makes me so sad, because I found that there’s a lot of people that have gone through their chiropractic profession where they’re just being the business owner, which means them in an office, running the way that they always have, not embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. That means when they go away, the legacy does, too.

If you don’t have this desire to figure out how to the legacy live on, all of the stuff that you worked for, then it will go away when you pass on. It will go away when you retire, so part of the entrepreneurial mindset and spirit is figuring out, “How can I create a business that lasts far beyond me?” I know that chiropractors want that so bad, but you have to step into thinking differently, doing things differently, strategizing differently, so that the business can live on and people’s lives can continue to be touched and changed because of all the work that you have done today.

I think that’s why, from a chiropractic passion like I love chiropractic standpoint, it’s really about becoming an entrepreneur so that your legacy can continue to live on.

I love the way you put that, because it is not just about you or I, either. It’s about our profession, so if we don’t want this profession to die, we have to think like an entrepreneur. That was very eloquently put and I like that. That’s an awesome… When you think of just being an entrepreneur, you think… oh, well, at least I’ve always thought in the past, “Well, they just think I’m a savvy businessperson and all I care about is just building an empire or building this big practice”, but it’s not. It’s more than that. It’s what you said, and if we all thought that way, it would really take our profession to another level.

Absolutely. Everything that both my husband and I do, every day that I wake up, I know why I’m doing it and it’s not… you’re right, it’s not just to build an empire, it’s to build an empire because I have a desire for every man, woman, and child on the planet to, if they so desire, have the ability to get checked for Ver2 subluxation. That’s why I do what I do. That’s what this whole mission is about, but I couldn’t do that if I was just being a business owner for my business only. I wouldn’t be able to strive to reach that impact that I want. It is so much more than being a savvy individual. It’s, “Why am I trying to be that way?” It’s because of the mission that’s driving me to do that, right?

Yes, yes, and I know we could go on for hours about this topic. There’s a whole nother section that we didn’t even touch on yet-

I know.

Mindset, the mindset behind making entrepreneurship work. There’s the why and then there’s the how. What can you give us about in a short synopsis on mindset?

I’ve been coaching for a while now and I work with a lot of individuals, all walks of life, right? They all essentially have the same fundamental issues and it centers around mindset. You can look at your ability to have an influx of new patients to how much money you’re charging to how much money you’re making to the connections that you have in your community. It all centers to honestly what your mindset around it is like. One of the fundamental things we talk is all business problems are personal problems in disguise, and that doesn’t mean just like your personal relationships, that means what’s going on inside your head.

I would say whenever you’re having a major business issue, you’re hitting a wall, you’re becoming stagnant, first, before you even assess what’s happening in the business, assess what’s happening in here. If you can start to look at that and make shifts and changes, figure out systems, mechanisms, workbooks you can read, people you can talk to, that will drastically change the success and the issues that are going on in your business without having to put a lot of effort into that. You put it into here.

Fix your head, you can fix a lot of things.

Pretty much everything.

Yes, and there’s a lot to that. I don’t mean to minimize that no way, but you’re absolutely right. Mindset is everything, and as chiropractors, we know it all starts in the brain.

Thank you so much for sharing some really do-level stuff for our listeners and sharing your passion and everything that you did today. I really appreciate it.

I appreciate you. Thank you so much for having me on.

Don’t forget to tune in next week to our next show of Empowering Women in Chiropractic. Thank you for watching.

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