Empowering Women Chiropractic – You can have it all. Or can you?

Welcome to today’s show, Chiro Secure’s Empowering Women in Chiropractic. I am your host, Dr. Nicole Lindsey. I’m the founder of Dominate Chiro Marketing where I help chiropractors bridge gaps between MDs and DCs so that we can build credibility, grow our practices and help promote our profession.

I’m here today with a special guest. She is a chiropractor in Fort Mill, South Carolina. She is a mentor for Amped. She’s a speaker, she’s an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Flight, which is the Female Leaders Inspiring Greatness Harmony and Tenacity, which serves women in our profession. She’s published five studies and so much more, and she’s here with us today to talk about how you can have it all. Or can you? Welcome, Dr. Jessica Harden.

Thank you so much for having me today.

Thank you for being here. So what a great topic.

Oh gosh, yes.

Why did you pick this topic?…


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