How to Balance it All? Three Tips for Busy Women Entrepreneurs. By Kristen Moss

I am many things, but like everyone I have strengths and weaknesses. I’m a workhorse and a giver; and I love to create! Creating usually takes the shape of poetry, photos, and blogs. When I write I feel free, it’s my way of processing the world around me and I feel grounded which gives me immense joy. When I share it; that is when the real magic happens. When other people tell me that they enjoyed what I wrote, or it taught them something about themselves, I feel connected to my purpose. 

The workhorse and the giver, in me, have a full-time occupation leading two teams in two separate chiropractic offices. I love to serve and educate the world about their beautiful healing potential through the above down inside out model of healthy living. Keeping every moving part of the offices running smoothly is as challenging as it is rewarding. But behind the scenes in these busy practises it is not all Instagram poetry and photos. It is systems, administration, communication and long hours. My leadership in the offices allows me to improve the health and vitality of my community. The blogs and writing allow me to express myself and create content for other projects. My friends always ask, “how do you find the time?”

Time, priorities, balance and more… How do I find the time? And what do I remove from my list when the pressure is on to deliver? If you are like me…you remove the things you need to do for yourself and you put everything and everyone else first. You know you shouldn’t and you would warn your best friend against it, but you can always fit it in later, you hear yourself lie. 

Being a Mom-prenuer is no easy task. How do we balance all the joy of creating with self-care and family in focus? How can we be sure we don’t “lose” ourselves while performing for others? While we reinvent ourselves and level-up; how do we know which parts to keep and what to discard? 

Here are just three insights I want you to consider.

1. Be authentic. Everyone wants YOU! The original you. The you that you love! And the you that you are the happiest being. When you choose your clothing to reflect how you feel inside, when you choose your words to reflect your inner thoughts when you choose to eat the foods that create the health you deserve – you manifest the BEing you truly are. The authentic real, sometimes gritty, sometimes shy, sometimes joyful sometimes pissed off YOU. You do not need to explain yourself. You are enough. Every person who makes up your world wants to interact with the real you, and if they don’t, they probably aren’t your people anyway.

2. Make time for yourself. This is something I struggle with. I now understand the importance of time both with and away from family. Time for work. Time for play! Time for projects and meetings and commitments, but also time for rest or meditation – if that’s your thing. (I love meditation) Being creative – painting, dancing, singing, yes singing in your car counts, or maybe home decor? It is my opinion that we show up brighter and better when we make time to do the things we love. Don’t put yourself and your own needs at the bottom of your list. 

3. Get yourself a coach! There is advice and then there is Advice. The people who love you will throw you a pity party, for sure. They will listen and chime in that life sometimes sucks. But the people who want you to succeed – the ones that really understand what fulfills you will ask the hard questions. They will insist that you do the things that will result in the goals you desire. If you don’t have them in your inner circle and you are ready to level-up – it is time to find a coach. 

The world needs your beauty. Your laughter. Your creativity! YOUR VOICE! Whether you are a Mom-preneur or an entrepreneur the only difference is how many people you have on your list to prioritize and why. You know how hard you can and are willing to work. Take the breaks you need, and work when you are most effective. Some do mornings while others are brilliant after their little ones are tucked into bed. Be authentic and honor who you are. Blast the unimportant things from your list and boil it down to the bare bones. No two days in a given week are the same, and you have as much flexibility as you are willing to allow. Stop comparing yourself and make time for the things that make you feel beautiful, strong, successful… (I could keep going) All the love and support in the world can not replace the perspective a good coach or mentor can bring. Invest in yourself and notice how quickly you rise. How effortlessly you move toward goals. You are many things, remember who you are – I’m cheering for you!

Kristen Moss is an office manager for two paediatric clinics in Oslo, Norway. When she isn’t serving in the office, she spends time perfecting her children’s favourite banana bread recipe, ice bathing in the Scandinavian fjords and practising yoga. She is vice president of the League of Chiropractic Women Europe and a holistic nutrition coach. You can reach her by mail at Or follow her on Instagram at

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