It’s All In The Family

By.. Nicole Cowley, Speaker at this year’s retreat

For this week’s blog post, I wanted to highlight one of the business partners with the League of Chiropractic Women.  When I went to the site to check them out and start brainstorming what to write on, I was brought back to the absolute best talk I have ever seen on any stage, let alone chiropractic.

One thing that unites all of us at the LCW is that we are all women of chiropractic in some shape or form.  Many of us are chiropractors and business owners ourselves, but all carrying similar challenges in balancing our call for Chiropractic and our needs in our private life.


It’s interesting, a very controversial article was written recently by a software engineer at Google.  Whatever side of the argument you fall on, if any, I did connect deeply when I got to the point about splitting my commitments between career and personal.


I have personally thought recently, as many of us have, there is a reason more women don’t do this.  This being I have a three year old toddler and company that is also close to 3 years old.  Both creating demands of me that can be challenging to meet both at times.  Let alone also giving to my health, my body, my faith, my marriage, my social life.  In the dire times of a very important meeting and a throwing up child is when it all comes to a head and those thoughts arise.


The pressure of maintaining your personal life and relationships as you grow into families and careers can be a tough balancing act.


One of my weekend travel events was to an AMPED seminar.  AMPED is a chiropractic leadership and mastermind group focused on the practice building skills of owning and operating a subluxation philosophy based office successfully.   The AMPED program offers free events throughout the year where they provide in depth sessions that are invaluable for students and new doctors.  I have attended a few of these and have never not been more impressed with the speakers and content and the attention to detail on everything.  And did I mention, it’s free!  Just have to find your way there.
The next AMPED family event is this October in Florida.  It is FREE to attend for you and your whole family.  Check out the site below for more information and to get the discounted room rates.  They do have daycare provided (per diem) during the event as well.

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