Ambassador Sister Business Program

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League of Chiropractic Women Business Program

Connecting YOU with Members of the League of Chiropractic Women.

Your participation in LCW’s Business Program offers your company exposure to ALL Women in Chiropractic—DCs, CAs, spouses, and administrators. Let us be your vehicle to reach this influential segment of the Chiropractic profession!


Ambassador Sister Business Program Benefits

To participate as a sponsor in the sister business program you must be an LCW member for 1 year and offer a discount directly to our members.


Twice per year we will feature a 100 word article, provided by you, in our LCW Member Business Email. We will also send a special email featuring members of our Ambassador Sister Business Program.

Website Exposure

Your clickable linked logo will be listed on the LCW website, with a special designation to denote that you are a member of the Ambassador Sister Business Program.


Access members directly by exhibiting at our events. You will receive a 30% discount on booth space.

Additional Website Listing

The discount or gift you offer to LCW members will be included on our Membership Benefits section of the LCW website.

LCW Newsletter Link

Monthly, the LCW Newsletter will feature a link to our Ambassador Sister Business Program page.

Facebook Groups

Twice per year, a graphic will be featured on our main LCW Facebook page which has 6,500 followers; our private LCW group page with over 2,000 members; as well as our private, members-only LCW Coffeehouse group page. At that time, your business graphic will also be featured in over 20 private LCW Chapter Facebook group pages from around the world.

Member Packet

You may create a one page flyer or gift offer (provided to us) to be placed in our New Member packet. This is sent to all new members with their new member certificate.

LCW Business Program Logo

As a member of our Business Community, we encourage you to use the LCW Business Program logo on your website to show your support of all women in Chiropractic.



You will receive all of this exposure for a $450 investment/year with your special sisters gift.

By participating as a member of the LCW Sister Business program you will be supporting both Scholarship and Research. A portion of the revenues from the Business Program will be budgeted towards Scholarships for female Chiropractic students. Additionally, we will use the revenue from the Business Program to fund Chiropractic research. Not only will your business be connecting with hundreds of offices around the world, you will be supporting the future of the profession!

We look forward to helping you connect with your fellow women in Chiropractic.

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