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Thank you all for joining me today. I’m Dr. Sherry McAllister, the executive vice president for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. It’s exciting to have you here today. I wanted to kick off The ABCs of Personal Injury: Resources Available to You This Month. Now, before we get started, I want to thank our corporate sponsors, especially ChiroSecure for being so generous in having this Facebook live for us so we can continue to share our information with you, so you can be the best chiropractor you can be. Let’s get started today. Today, we’ll talk about personal injury resources. The foundation updates our latest coverage, some advertisements that we want you to see, and then we want to talk a little bit about more of the upcoming opportunities that are coming your way.

With no further ado, I want to start with remembering this month is going to be focused on personal injury. Personal injury is not healthcare. It’s actually injury care. When we think about those personal injury patients that walk in our door, we have to do things slightly different. Now, if you’re like me in practice, a lot of times you’re treating the private insurance patient, the cash patient, and then all of a sudden, in comes a personal injury. Sometimes we just need to brush up on our skill set and I thought this would be an absolute perfect time in August when we’re not overwhelmed with other things to really brush up on what does personal injury mean, and why is it important to my practice, and how do I efficaciously do the best job I can for my patient, and to ensure that you get paid appropriately.

Let’s start. First and foremost, one of the key issues we just talked about is it’s not healthcare. We’re looking at some of the resources. This one particular, this is personal injury, The ABCs of Personal Injury. On today’s presentation, I’m going to walk you through some of the resources that the foundation has created just to get a picture of what does it look like when that personal injury patient comes in and how do we use these resources. This is your tip sheet to better able to understand, diagnose, and ensure that all your connecting points are together. The ABC’s of Personal Injury. We want to look for diagnosing all of those injuries that are there. We want to make sure that we’re accounting for preexisting conditions.

Sometimes we forget to go backwards because the history is so important with this personal injury, so we want to make sure we’re getting that in. Connect each diagnosis to the collision, all right, and then document any changes as you’re going through with this personal injury case. Test to support each diagnosis. I can’t be more specific on that. We all know what those are, you [inaudible 00:03:39] your surveys where the patient can fill out and talk about their neck disability, an Epworth sleep study, maybe they haven’t been able to sleep because they’ve been so anxious after the injury. This is a great sheet as a resource sheet for you, doctor, for you to have. When the injury patient comes in, you just pull aside and go, “Okay. What are the 123s I have to remember? Okay, got it. Let’s go.”

Personal injury, they walk in and we’ve created that resource that is so effective for you. Now, next sheet, well, remember, sometimes we do get into these unfortunate situations where we have to testify in a personal injury case. When that happens, I want you to be prepared. We developed a one pager resource sheet that is available to members and focuses on what to do in that in that particular testifying situation. It’s just really an easy to read, just to update and say, “Do I feel confident with testifying?” Remember, depositions can be very nerve-wracking, and we want you to be on top and really focused on what you’ve already prepared.

When that personal injury case comes in, you’ve documented it well, you’ve asked the patient the subjectives, you’ve shown some of the important pieces that go with it. I think that’s going to be one of the other things that we want to keep focused on. The next resource available to you is going to be the Facebook cover page. Chiropractic: Your First Choice for Personal Injury Care. Now, this is a social media cover page. It can be used on your Facebook site. It’s nice for you to be able to change them up. Because when you change them up, people actually pay attention to you. “Hey, their Facebook cover page changed.” This one says, “Your First Choice for Personal Injury Care.” Why is that important?

It’s particularly important because what we need to do is remind our patients that you do treat motor vehicle accidents and personal injury. Sometimes they forget and we want it to be top of mind because it might not be them that needs it. It might be someone in their office. We want to make sure that you’re up to date, ready to go, and that you’re illustrating that you’re a community outreach for them. Social media posts. One of the big things that we find is in order to educate our community, we want the social media posts to be accurate, up to date, and informative. There’s no better resource than the foundation because we have 16 schools that support us. We’re able to get the latest, greatest research, as well as making sure that it’s clean, crisp and on point.

Here’s some social media posts that you could consider having on your Facebook, on your Twitter or your Instagram. Never underestimate the power of marketing. We’ve seen this unfortunately with opioids. They did a great job of marketing to the doctors, and the doctors then implemented using that as a pain care control mechanism. Marketing is very important. Here is a personal injury marketing toolkit. This particular toolkit will walk you through a lot of the personal injury opportunities that are available to you to enhance what’s going on in your current community outreach. It gives you a very efficacious and ethical opportunity to showcase who you are and why personal injury cases are very important to your practice.

Educating the patients is key. What we have here is when we combine education with advertisement, we call it an advertorial. Advertorials really help. One example here is Whiplash Sufferers Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care. You can print this out in your office. You could put it as a resource on your website. You can actually contact some of the media sources in your neighborhood and they will help to also place an ad like this so that you’re educating on a consistent basis and you’re showcasing that you’re there for them in need when they have a car accident. How do we put all of these particular resources together for you? Well, we put it together in a roadmap. Simple to use. Easy to follow.

We want you to have that really well-documented you just bring it to the front desk and say, “Here’s what I’d like to do. Injury prevention month is here. This is motor vehicle accidents. I want you to focus on that,” and they can go through the front desk week by week on how to ensure that you’re being able to capably communicate to your audience and the easy click steps that are something that the front desk can do or print out for your front office so you can hand out to patients and make that easy. When you get the marketing roadmap, the one nice thing about it as it comes… You come with a podcast that you can listen to on your way to work. Bring it in. You’ve got the podcast. It goes with the roadmap. You’re good to go.

Now, that’s your job being able to get into the community because they’re your patients. On the top down aspect, now we need to talk to the healthcare providers in your neighborhood. One of the things that I wanted to share with you is a couple of weeks back, I went to Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and we talked to the leadership there about chiropractic and all of the fabulous benefits. I tell you this because we want to be educating from the highest levels of educational institutions and then within your own neighborhood going and shaking hands with the medical doctor, the podiatrist, the massage therapists and physical therapists in your neighborhood because together we make a real difference.

What does that real difference look like? I’ll tell you a little bit later in this presentation. The top down marketing, here’s a perfect example, Pain Changes Everything, See Your Chiropractor for Drug-Free Care. We’re going to be at the National. If you’re going to the National, I’m really excited because I want you to know that I will be there, booth 1227. Fabulous opportunity to learn. As you go, you’re going to drive by one of these billboards. This is the billboard that was behind me that you saw earlier in the presentation, but pain does really change everything. I think with someone seeing this billboard, they’re going to see that chiropractic is really one of those important key aspects. Now, are we making a difference?

We are. I can tell you that from personal experience because our public relation campaign won an award a few weeks back that sat with McKesson, the pharmaceutical company that makes approximately $300 billion in revenue. We sat with the American Dental Association, and we sat with the co-winner with me. You all heard of the ice bucket challenge and we won with them. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was done by Porter Novelli and it was a proud moment for our entire profession that our public relations campaigns are being seen. The consumers are using that information to come and see a chiropractor.

I want to encourage you to get out into your community remembering that obviously when we get out there and we make connections, we want to have information that is really important and well-documented, and more importantly, looks good. Marketing is very important. If you haven’t done it yet, please join my family. We’ve got a plethora of free information for you if you’re not a member, but becoming a member opens more doors for you because you have more material to work with. Look on our website f4cp.org/package. I guarantee you, there will be a package that will meet your needs in your marketing department, but let’s make it simple. When you donate to the foundation, you’re donating to our national campaigns.

Your money gets put to double use. It goes to your office to have that bottom up national campaign supported in your office, and then you allow us to go out and build the billboards, to wrap the trains, get into the kiosks at the airports, build the editorials, the Forbes. In fact, today, we were seen in Bleachers on the NFL page four. One of the football players, Brown, the Raiders. That’s the kind of support that you’re giving us. I’m looking forward to seeing you again next month. Look at the foundation.org/package. Join at any level that means something for you for marketing, and then be sure to join me in Orlando in a couple of weeks at the Florida FCA National.

I look forward to seeing you there and then back on a Facebook live next month. Thank you.

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