Empowering Women Chiropractic – Practice Happiness Factor- Dr. Julie McLaughlin

Hello everybody. I am so excited to be here today with empowering women from ChiroSecure, and I have a fantastic topic that I want to share with you. So we’re going to show you some slides and we’re going to start to go through this. So we’re going to be talking about practice happiness factor. So I’ve been in practice, I hate to admit it, 32 years going on 33, and I have to tell you, I absolutely love, love, love being a chiropractor and being in practice. So I’m going to share with you some little insights on what we can do. But first, I want us to all thank ChiroSecure for having the show and sharing so much knowledge with all their speakers that they have in this platform. It’s absolutely fabulous. I watch it all the time. So let’s give them some little love on there, on our Facebook live, because they really deserve it and they do so much for our profession. So thank you, ChiroSecure.

So let’s get started here. So happiness is when what you think and what you say and what you do are in harmony, right? So let’s see how we can work on that with our practices. So if I had to do it all over again, if I had to go back in time, if I had a backwards time machine, I could go back in time and do exactly what I’m doing now as a chiropractor in full time practice. Would I do it? And the answer is absolutely without a doubt. But I have to say, been kind of sad lately, is that there’s a lot of posts that I’m in with all chiropractors that are asking, “Well, what else could I do besides being a chiropractor? Is anybody else doing something different and not doing what we’re trained for? Not what we love, what our knowledge base is it.”

And so that had me thinking, what could I do to help all of you have a better use of your skills, of what you’ve learned in school and when you paid, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars for that education to be able to utilize, to be able to fall back in love with practice. So I am Dr. Julie McLaughlin, and not too long ago I was just like you. I was thinking, “What could I do to kind of spice it up?” Because I have been there. I get the struggles. I really do. I know how frustrating it is when you have to beat the bushes to see more and more new patients to make the same amount of money as you used to, and the insurance companies are paying us less and less and there’s all kinds of problems requesting records and audits.

All this stuff is so frustrating. Patients aren’t getting the results like they used to because they come in with more complicated cases and chronic diseases and they just want a quick fix. They don’t realize how much investment they have to put into their health. And also the patients are getting bigger, they’re getting bigger and bigger, they’re harder to adjust. I still adjust manual [full spine 00:00:04:34] and they’re harder to adjust, and they’re suffering earlier from more chronic diseases. So it is so frustrating. I tell you, it’s not your fault. It is not your fault. And I, like I said, I’ve been there too, and it’s affecting all of us.

It’s affecting all the docs, because 90% of providers feel like healthcare is on the wrong track. 83% of healthcare providers have thought about quitting practice and 50% of providers are reporting burnout. And the average physician is earning the same wage that they did back in 1970, but you see twice as many patients. So I get it, how we can be thinking of, “Maybe I should do something different,” but I got to tell you something. We all need a little side hustle, let’s face it, but let’s get our side hustle as congruent with our chiropractic beliefs, our knowledge, our education, and help those inpatients that we love to help every day.

So all’s we have to do is look at the statistics of the average American, right? So one out of two Americans suffer from chronic disease. We’re great at fixing that. Chronic disease is responsible for seven out of 10 deaths. So if we can prevent people from dying from these chronic diseases that are preventable, why not? 84% of healthcare dollars goes towards chronic disease. Two out of three Americans are overweight and one out of three are obese. How crazy is that? That’s why they’re getting bigger. They’re harder for us to adjust and we’re seeing more people with chronic stuff. Autoimmune diseases have tripled over the last 50 years, and over half of Americans are taking medication. We need to be the answer and the solution to this.

So I have really good news for you, because I figured out a simpler way to solve this problem and I’m going to walk you through it. Are you ready? So these are the three shockingly easy ways to step into practice happiness. So just start where you are. Wherever you are, that’s where you’re going to start. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary. Just start where you are. So the first step is super, super easy. If you have an extra room, if you have extra space, even if you have a room or space that you’re not using all the time, like maybe you don’t work on Fridays and you have it just sitting there and you’re paying for it, rent it out because you’re going to get a win win. You’re going to get money from the rent and you’re going to get somebody in there who can cross refer with you. So now you’re going to increase your practice because you have somebody right there in your own space you can cross refer with.

So that’s step number one. That will help ease some of that financial burden on you that sometimes we feel like we get when we’re in practice and we want to do something else. Step number two is add something that’s really easy that’s still in your world, in your chiropractic world. Add a simple weight loss program that really works to your practice, because guess what? When we look at SEO, what people are searching for, one of the number one things is weight loss. So why not help our patients with that? The third thing, the third shockingly easy thing is add a niche, whatever your niche is, and add either functional labs, functional medicine into your practice. So those are the three things.

Let’s talk about it for here for a second. Rent out. Even if you rent out your space by the hour, rent it out. Get somebody else to cross refer. You’re going to be able to educate them about what you do, you learn about what they do, and you get their rent. So I think that’s a win-win and it’s super easy. So with functional medicine and functional wellness, functional labs, whatever you want to call it. Treating the cause, not the symptom. This is same thing as we do in chiropractic, right? And it’s easy to do to add this into your practice, and you could do a really hyper niche. You could do metabolic, so you’re going to do cholesterol and blood sugar. Or you could do autoimmune, you could do gut health, but pick something that’s a niche and add that in, because guess what?

These are cash based services. All of our patients need that. When we’re looking at seven out of 10 people are dying from chronic disease, we need to be at the forefront to help them, because the answer’s not more drugs. It’s not more pain meds. We know how to do this, and if you want to start super simple, add weight loss to your practice. Use your existing patients. It will attract you tons of more patients, and any time you have a new offering in the office it’s exciting for the patients, it’s exciting for us. We’re not bored anymore. We have something new to focus on, and weight loss is a great way to start.

So with this, what you’ll get is you’ll get solutions to tackle tough cases that you used to have to refer out to because you didn’t have those tools in your toolbox. And then you’ll have a constant flow of new patients, because when you start adding these different things into your practice, you’re going to have a vast array of topics to talk about. I do a talk in our community center every single month, which you guys know because I always talk about it, and we have a different topic every month. It’s because we have these other things, and guess what? Those patients who are coming in, next week we’re talking about toxic truth about sugar, they’re going to come in and they’re going to talk about sugar and diabetes and weight loss, but they’re also going to get adjusted. So it’s a really good way to educate your community, stay congruent with being in your profession, and helping lots of people.

Family members are going to come in, so if you’re looking at labs and looking at genetics, guess what? Runs in their family. And so other health professionals in your area are going to know you’re going to be the go to person for these tough cases because they don’t have an answer. These patients, they go to the medical doctor and they’ll come in and go, “I had a medical doctor say need to lose weight. I don’t know what to do. They told me just to eat less.” I’m like, come on. That’s not a viable plan. So you can help them with this plan, right?

The best part is, you don’t have to have to have prior knowledge to nutrition or weight loss or lab work at all. Or even if you never learned it in school, they’re so easy to do because it’s congruent with what we do is chiropractors. It’s part of our chiropractic lifestyle. You guys know way more than you give yourself credit for knowing when it comes to this stuff. Because I talked to lots of docs and they’re like, “Well, I think everybody knows this,” but everybody doesn’t know it. Our chiropractic lifestyle is our core, and we really can help these patients with this.

And the only reason I’m here and I can share this with you, because I been through the good, the bad, and the ugly, because it’s really, really tough. But once I added this back in my practice, I fell back in love with chiropractic and with the practice. So I’m not looking for a side hustle that’s teaching English as a second language or whatever. Not against anybody who’s doing that, but you want to use that knowledge that you paid so much money for and you can help so many people. Right? So I even discovered that helping patients at this deeper, deeper level has helped me serve more people, and it has provided greater financial stability for my family.

So you and I are similar, right? We’re chiropractors, but I am no superhero. I’ve made every mistake in the book. Don’t ask me. Everyone, I have learned from them, and I’ve come out on the other side with a process that really works. So taking care of people whose help we are entrusted with for such a short period of time is so important to me. I had to find a different way. I had to find a way to reach them, and we want something better for our patients lives, and we want something better for our own family’s lives. So if I can do this, so can you, right? We can all do this together, because what I discovered it allows more people to know the truth about chiropractic. It helps bring chiropractic and functional labs, functional medicine, functional wellness to the masses, and it helps spread the message to make a huge difference in people’s lives.

So remember, these are our three shockingly easy steps. Rent that extra space, get somebody else in there paying some of your rent and cross referring with you. Add a simple weight loss program that really works. It’s awesome. I got to tell you, it’s really, really easy. Or add a niche of functional medicine, functional wellness into your practice.

So the thing I really, really want to tell you that I want you to take away, is that sometimes we all need someone to see something in us that we don’t see in ourselves. Because you know what? I see it in all of you. I see it when I read your post and you’re looking for something else. I see it like, “Man, you can do this.” I see it in you, so I want you to look in the mirror and see it in you too. All right. Can you do that for me please? Because now you know these secrets and it’s to increase your practice happiness. It’s so easy. And guess what? If you’d like me to help you, I would be delighted. I would be delighted to help you because my mission in life is to move this profession forward, way into the future, and we are going to be the number one healthcare choice in our country.

So that is it. That is our practice happiness factor for today, and I am Dr. Julie McLaughlin. I thank ChiroSecure, and I want you to be sure to join us and tune in next week when we have another show. Same time, same station. So I’ll see you then. Bye bye.

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