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Welcome to ChiroSecure’s Facebook Live. So excited to be with all of you. This month’s information is going to be outstanding. Why? Because what’s really important is that we get jazzed up about preparing for National Chiropractic Health Month. Listen, I know that a lot of us are in practice, such as myself, and sometimes we get a little run down in practice. That’s okay because you’re with me now, and we’re going to get you inspired, engaged, and ready to take on October’s preparing for National Chiropractic Health Month.

Now listen, again, I give always a shout out to our sponsors because without them, our national campaigns could not be possible. Especially a big thanks to ChiroSecure for having me on today. Let’s jump in. Let’s have some fun. Let’s inspire the entire nation about chiropractic benefits. Step one, if you haven’t done it in your practice and you’re not a foundation member yet, put together your own roadmap. Now the foundation does it for you if you’re a group member or an individual contributor.

I want to make sure that you look through October Marketing Roadmap to see what you would like to place on your social media links, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your own personal website, or a newsletter. Look at what we have in store for you coming up. If you don’t have the foundations roadmap, make your own. How are you going to reach out to your community and be effective? Some of the things that I want to prepare you for as you go through the months in your marketing preparation is first and foremost, put together your own cover photo. At the foundation, we use this one for October. It’s Chiropractic: Your First Choice for Optimizing Health. Don’t Miss a Post. Like Our Page.

And we give this free for you at the foundation to be able to upgrade all you social media platforms. And as I said before, we need to inspire our patients. How can you be inspiring if you’re not inspired? So one of the ways to do that is to continue to advance what your knowledge base is on a monthly basis with our practice progress webinars. Doctors, these are some of the national best speakers that we bring to you complimentary. Every single person on this podcast has access to them. The click to register is all about you beginning to become more engaged in what’s going on around you in the chiropractic profession and outside.

So you have Dr. Ryan Lazarus, Nutritional Strategies for the Most Common Chiropractic Issues. Sounds inspiring, doesn’t it? What are some of the chiropractic common issues? But then there’s what we want to do with the chiropractic assistants. You’ve all got front desks. Let’s make sure they’re inspired too. So Kathy Mills-Chang, fantastic speaker, very engaging. I would like to see your CAs come to that particular webinar, Don’t Let Medicare Stress You Out. We know Medicare has its options. Let them know that it’s not as hard as it looks. And yes, there’s a lot of pieces to it, but it can be easily implemented into your practice.

One of the pieces that has been a big hit throughout the nation, and I was just in Virginia with their state convention. In fact, if you see behind me, where am I now? Well, this weekend I’ll be with Indiana at their state convention, so it’s: Where in the world is the foundation? Why? Because we want to be able to present our information across the nation, so every state association has the opportunity to have marketing materials that’s real for them. Now during Chiropractic Awareness Month, we want to be able to show public service announcements. Where can you show them? On your Facebook, your Twitter page, you can get a link there, or your own website. So let’s show you what the actual public service announcement for this month is going to be.

As general health and wellness becomes top of mind for many Americans, it is no surprise that 35 and a half million individuals have seen a doctor of chiropractic in the last year. Contrary to popular belief, chiropractic care is effective for more than just managing back and neck pain, and is reported to improve overall health and wellness, leaving patients feeling better. Doctors of chiropractic who receive a minimum of seven years of higher education are trusted primary healthcare professionals for spinal health and wellbeing, and are specifically trained to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, apply supportive procedures, provide nutritional, dietary, postural and lifestyle counseling.

In a recent study, the reasons why patients chose chiropractic care included for general wellness and disease prevention, to improve energy, to improve athletic or sports performance, and to improve immune function. To achieve, improve, or maintain a healthy lifestyle, see a doctor of chiropractic in your area. Go to F4CP.org/findadoctor.

Now I urge you to put that public service announcement out there. Why? Because someone’s friend who is a patient of your office, who lives in Indiana, needs a chiropractor. And the more we can spread our messaging, the more we can help consumers find chiropractors, the better we’re going to be. And as we deliver our message on the benefits of chiropractic care, we want to be able to ensure that it’s surrounding them everywhere, whether it’s in the national newspaper that we’re going to be placing an ad in, or it’s in your office.

Remember this, emails are just overwhelming at this point for many people, so paper is the new email. And one piece here is our brochure. Optimize your health with chiropractic care. And these brochures can be handed to your patients on their way out. Say, “I know you have a friend or family member who probably would like to optimize their performance and their wellness. We’d like to ensure that you pass this along.” It’s caring is sharing, and that’s what we want all of us to be doing.

The next piece that we have, PowerPoint presentations. And this can be done very simple on your own YouTube site. Yes, you can put your YouTube site on your website. Marketing about you is fabulous, having quality product that you can be proud of is something that takes time. The foundation has done the work for you, having create and researched articles, and having the PowerPoint presentations ready for you to give out. This is a time of the year where a lot of people do start to get a little stressed. The holidays are coming, preparations, that kind of thing.

And wouldn’t it be nice for the chiropractor to reach out in the community and say, “How about we do relax your mind and body?” And take a few moments just for you, just take a big breath in. And just remember that stress is a choice. How we react to it and what we do to prevent it is our choice. It’s in our hands. And the chiropractor’s there to walk them right through it, from mechanical body stress, to helping them mentally relax and enjoy. So this is a downloadable PowerPoint presentation. You can do it in a variety of different forms, but I encourage you. Walk through it, and then feel comfortable about presenting.

Presenting just takes time. Practice will not make perfect if you don’t do it. So PowerPoint presentations, and just starting to reach out to the community is a great way to get yourself really engaged in helping consumers in your neighborhood. Another way to do that, infographics. So we’ve put together a variety of different infographics that you will see on that roadmap. But if you don’t have that roadmap, don’t worry. We’ve got infographics on our Facebook page. So if anything you do today, just like the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress on your Facebook page, so that you can see what we’re doing, where we’re going, and you can repost.

Re-posting is a fabulous way to get our information out across the nation, whether the chiropractor’s helping a patient with healthy weight management and what, unfortunately, the downside is to gaining weight, and trust me, it’s the holiday season. We need to get on this right now if we want to be a little too engaged in a little bit of holiday cheer. How about the relationship between sleep and pain? Remember that a body needs a certain amount of recuperation for the next day. Help your patients know what that is. Help them with a pillow suggestion. Maybe help them with positioning. But let’s start talking about the impact that a poor night’s sleep will create.

And then last but not least, when you see an infographic that says, “Chiropractic leads to better outcomes, improved health, better sleep, reduced stress, and a sense of control over health,” this can all be read in the Adams Study in Spine in December of 2018. Doctors, if you haven’t read that, The Prevalence and Patterns of Chiropractic, do yourself a favor. It will inspire you and engage you back into your practice if you’re falling off a little bit, you’re kind of burned out. Don’t worry. Read a study like that because it really will engage you on why people are actually turning to chiropractic.

Another piece that we’ve seen a lot of progress in is being able to offer healthcare dinners and longevity lectures. And this is an opportunity for you to meet the doctor at a dinner event, even if you have five people for dinner, and you have the PowerPoint presentation in a private room, that’s five warriors of wellness that can go out into their families, into their own communities, and start sharing what you do in your practice and why you’re so valuable as a healthcare provider for them to have.

I like to see a chiropractor in every single person’s life. I hope you, on the other end of the screen, do as well because I think in today’s age, our mechanics, our stress levels, and our optimum performance is best with balance and exercise, and ensuring that someone is the healthcare coach on a daily basis, who’s well based in facts and research. And that’s you, I know it is. So let’s get into some more opportunities to do that. This is a gift for everyone who’s here today, regardless of whether you’re a foundation member or not. This is a downloadable how to guide, the public relation gift that keeps on giving. Every single person here today can download that link. And it’s a how to guide for how to maximize the value of media coverage for you.

In fact, when I was in Virginia, I really talked about how to maximize your opportunities within your community and being media savvy, making sure that you’re well equipped to be able to promote and educate those around you, whether it’s putting a social syndication in your newsletter that’s a community newsletter, or reaching out to a radio that you’d like to talk a little bit more about a specific topic. Just be ready to go because I think these are all of the pieces that make us a fantastic healthcare provider for our patients.

Last but not least, I want to thank each every one of you for joining me on these Facebook Lives because nothing means more than the bottom uprising in being active in the community. We are a force together. We can conquer barriers that we’ve been fighting for, for 124 years. And now we’re starting to see the community see us as a fantastic option, especially when we’re suffering with the opioid epidemic, painkillers rampant, and people needing help. So in spite of yourself, use this material and just be proud in October to share all of this chiropractic wellness awareness material with your community.

Look forward to seeing you next month. If you’re not a member of the foundation, don’t worry, we welcome every single professional chiropractor in our group. Just go to F4CP.org/package. See what works for you, and then when you come back to these Facebook Lives, there’s plenty of material that you’ll be able to download and use for your particular month’s theme. We’ll see you in the following month. Thank you, ChiroSecure, for hosting us. I hope you have a blessed October.

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