Chiropractic Profession Loses a Legendary Woman: Dr. Jeanne Ohm.

By Kim Stetzel

In this issue we honor a truly Wise Woman.  Dr. Jeanne Ohm was a visionary, mentor, leader, educator, mother, advocate, warrior and free spirit.  The sheer number of Chiropractors, women and children that have been positively impacted because of the life of this tireless woman is astronomical.  

Dr. Ohm is a 1981 graduate of Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic.  She practiced for many years with her husband Dr. Tom Ohm in their home office in Media, Pa and built a large family wellness practice specializing in the care of children and pregnant women.

After the death of Dr. Larry Webster, Dr. Ohm left practice to take the helm as CEO of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.  Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine was her brainchild.  She has served as Executive Publisher and Editor of the magazine since its inception.  Jeanne was ICPA developer and instructor of the Webster Certification and Co-developer of the ICPA/PBRN Research program. She served as a Board member of: The Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice, Life Chiropractic College West, Holistic Pediatric Alliance and the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation.

Beyond her incredible accomplishments, Dr. Ohm will be remembered for her vision and commitment to living innately.  Reading the many remembrances and accolades posted on Social Media in the past week, it’s obvious the impact her life had.  

Jeanne was a fierce advocate for women in Chiropractic and was awarded LCW’s highest honor – our Legacy Award at our Success Summit in November of 2015.

I never saw Jeanne speak without acknowledging her husband Tom, her six children and eight grandchildren.  Family was a huge value for Jeanne, so much so that her whole family would gather for dinner most nights of the week – to this day!

A few quotes and remembrances:

“She was my hero. I respected her work and her commitment to change the world so much that I always told her I wanted to be like her when I grew up! There will never be another Jeanne Ohm. She left an incredible legacy. And her presence will always be felt in the hearts of those who knew and loved her.”  Kathi Handt (Founder and Visionary Member)

“The first time I met Dr. Jeanne Ohm she was giving a seminar, I was not part of the Council but rather a visitor, who arrived with my granddaughter Madelyn Rose Paterna only three months old.  My son, Matt Paterna, DC, allowed Jeanne to use Maddy to demonstrate.  It was amazing and so natural for Jeanne.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Women are so confident without pretense.  It was beautiful.  And my beautiful adjusted granddaughter is the image of the woman that she will become.”     Patricia Paterna, ED, Connecticut Chiropractic Council

“Jeanne made us feel relevant in acknowledging and supporting our collective experience in what we see in practice as a byproduct of our care for children, pregnant mamas and generations of families. It is time for many to pick up the torch, share and shoulder the weight of the few who have stood their ground like Jeanne on subjects like freedom of choice, autonomy over ones own health choices, informed consent in health care, the right to freely choose health care models AND move between models as necessary.”  Liz Anderson-Peacock, DC

“Jeanne Ohm was one of the speakers at the LCW’s “Inaugural” event in July of 2012.  She spoke from her heart and expressed some deep feelings.  Afterwards, she commented to me that it was the first time she was on a chiropractic stage where she felt safe enough to let her emotions free and not hold back her tears.  She cried and we cried with her.  It was a special day and Jeanne opened our hearts to her vision.  In celebration of her amazing accomplished life, we look back to that day and realize that Jeanne was one of the greatest mentors of women in chiropractic.  We will be forever grateful to her for how she inspired us through her leadership of the ICPA as well as her life well lived as a mother, a wife a grandmother and a chiropractor.  Her way of empowering us to use our inner strength to be a force for good in our profession and in our world will live on in her memory.  We will miss you Jeanne and will hold your vision for humanity in our hearts.” Patti Giuliano, DC  (Legacy Award, Founder, Visionary Member) 

“Jeanne would have wanted us to carry on, throw a party or something, use our time here wisely, inspire others. These were the ways by which she lived her life. She believed in the power within. She radiated inspiration. Jeanne Ohm stood for chiropractic care for babies, she stood for natural birth and freedom of informed choice, but most of all she stood for empowering women. She did this in practice with countless mothers and loved it. She left practice, however, to empower countless chiropractors with the same ideals. In doing so, she expanded her reach exponentially. It is truly amazing when you think of the number of lives her work has impacted. Work isn’t the right word for it of course. It was her mission. It flowed through her. She shared it with all of us. She made it look easy.  I don’t know how to accomplish a fraction of what she did, but I do know she would have expected us all to try. What choice do we have but to try? To try is to acknowledge that she inspired you. To try is to recognize that she was onto something. To try is to allow your mission to flow through you. What better lesson is there than that? What better direction for us all to head? She ended every class she taught with the same line. “Life Is Short. Make it count”. You made it count mom. Thank you for that.”  Justin Ohm, DC

Great Expectations: The Role of Chiropractic in the Shifting Pardigm of Birth. Jeanne Ohm, DC

While we were still in chiropractic college, Tom and I conceived and planned our first birth. We had taken a brief education course with midwives prior to our pregnancy, which outlined the basics of labor. We read Ina May Gaskin’s book, Spiritual Midwifery, from cover to cover. We had implicit trust in the process and decided to have an “unattended” home birth, a term not to be coined until many years later. We were not being reckless (as some tried to label us), or rebellious (as others accused)-we were simply deducing that if Life Expresses Intelligence, it would do so in our births. From this perspective we faced birth with awe, not fear.Women used to give birth without regard or need for an outside authority. They trusted their intuition and respected their bodies’ inherent functions. Unfortunately, the technocratic-based birth industry of today spreads the fear of pain, failure and disaster. Today’s birth practices constitute one of the most profound examples of how we have allowed the mystique of technology to overcome practical intuition. Women have been led to look outside themselves for solutions rather than trusting their inner wisdom.

When we look at the upsurge in the C-section rate and the escalation of interventions, the future appears grim. I find it disheartening that the normal, natural process of birth is engulfed with such fear and ridicule by the self-appointed powers-that-be. We have allowed these ideas to override our innate trust in, and respect for, our bodies’ own ability to function.

I am sure you would agree, as chiropractors, one of the most important services we provide is to shift a mother back to trusting her inherent ability to give birth naturally. In addition to the life-giving adjustment, we offer resources to make informed, conscious choices. We connect her with others of like mind and heart. We become that supportive provider who awakens her to her inner feminine power by introducing her to our chiropractic principle: Life Expresses Intelligence. From there, we encourage her to deduce from this premise, respect her body’s wisdom and trust in her own intuition. When a woman seeks her strength from within, she finds the greatest inspiration-her awakened, internal spark of power.

The vital service chiropractors provide is to introduce our major premise and then encourage them to trust and respect their own intuition. When a woman seeks her strength from within, she finds the greatest inspiration- her awakened, internal spark of power.

Doctors, I am imploring you to reach out and care for more pregnant women in your communities. There is nothing short of a public health crisis in birth and the implications for the future health of the human race is at stake. Caring for pregnant mothers we have a huge impact on the physical, mental and social well-being, of our world. Please join the ICPA in our Human Potential Movement: Chiropractic Today for a Better World Tomorrow. 

Jeanne Ohm, DC is the Chief Executive Officer of the ICPA, Inc, (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) and the Executive Editor of its award winning magazine: Pathways to Family Wellness. She also travels weekly to teach chiropractors the ICPA Perinatal class: Great Expectations with Webster certification. Dr. Ohm can be reached via e-mail:    To find out more about the ICPA, access their website at .

How to Balance it All? Three Tips for Busy Women Entrepreneurs. By Kristen Moss

I am many things, but like everyone I have strengths and weaknesses. I’m a workhorse and a giver; and I love to create! Creating usually takes the shape of poetry, photos, and blogs. When I write I feel free, it’s my way of processing the world around me and I feel grounded which gives me immense joy. When I share it; that is when the real magic happens. When other people tell me that they enjoyed what I wrote, or it taught them something about themselves, I feel connected to my purpose. 

The workhorse and the giver, in me, have a full-time occupation leading two teams in two separate chiropractic offices. I love to serve and educate the world about their beautiful healing potential through the above down inside out model of healthy living. Keeping every moving part of the offices running smoothly is as challenging as it is rewarding. But behind the scenes in these busy practises it is not all Instagram poetry and photos. It is systems, administration, communication and long hours. My leadership in the offices allows me to improve the health and vitality of my community. The blogs and writing allow me to express myself and create content for other projects. My friends always ask, “how do you find the time?”

Time, priorities, balance and more… How do I find the time? And what do I remove from my list when the pressure is on to deliver? If you are like me…you remove the things you need to do for yourself and you put everything and everyone else first. You know you shouldn’t and you would warn your best friend against it, but you can always fit it in later, you hear yourself lie. 

Being a Mom-prenuer is no easy task. How do we balance all the joy of creating with self-care and family in focus? How can we be sure we don’t “lose” ourselves while performing for others? While we reinvent ourselves and level-up; how do we know which parts to keep and what to discard? 

Here are just three insights I want you to consider.

1. Be authentic. Everyone wants YOU! The original you. The you that you love! And the you that you are the happiest being. When you choose your clothing to reflect how you feel inside, when you choose your words to reflect your inner thoughts when you choose to eat the foods that create the health you deserve – you manifest the BEing you truly are. The authentic real, sometimes gritty, sometimes shy, sometimes joyful sometimes pissed off YOU. You do not need to explain yourself. You are enough. Every person who makes up your world wants to interact with the real you, and if they don’t, they probably aren’t your people anyway.

2. Make time for yourself. This is something I struggle with. I now understand the importance of time both with and away from family. Time for work. Time for play! Time for projects and meetings and commitments, but also time for rest or meditation – if that’s your thing. (I love meditation) Being creative – painting, dancing, singing, yes singing in your car counts, or maybe home decor? It is my opinion that we show up brighter and better when we make time to do the things we love. Don’t put yourself and your own needs at the bottom of your list. 

3. Get yourself a coach! There is advice and then there is Advice. The people who love you will throw you a pity party, for sure. They will listen and chime in that life sometimes sucks. But the people who want you to succeed – the ones that really understand what fulfills you will ask the hard questions. They will insist that you do the things that will result in the goals you desire. If you don’t have them in your inner circle and you are ready to level-up – it is time to find a coach. 

The world needs your beauty. Your laughter. Your creativity! YOUR VOICE! Whether you are a Mom-preneur or an entrepreneur the only difference is how many people you have on your list to prioritize and why. You know how hard you can and are willing to work. Take the breaks you need, and work when you are most effective. Some do mornings while others are brilliant after their little ones are tucked into bed. Be authentic and honor who you are. Blast the unimportant things from your list and boil it down to the bare bones. No two days in a given week are the same, and you have as much flexibility as you are willing to allow. Stop comparing yourself and make time for the things that make you feel beautiful, strong, successful… (I could keep going) All the love and support in the world can not replace the perspective a good coach or mentor can bring. Invest in yourself and notice how quickly you rise. How effortlessly you move toward goals. You are many things, remember who you are – I’m cheering for you!

Kristen Moss is an office manager for two paediatric clinics in Oslo, Norway. When she isn’t serving in the office, she spends time perfecting her children’s favourite banana bread recipe, ice bathing in the Scandinavian fjords and practising yoga. She is vice president of the League of Chiropractic Women Europe and a holistic nutrition coach. You can reach her by mail at Or follow her on Instagram at