Chiropractic Profession Loses a Legendary Woman: Dr. Jeanne Ohm.

By Kim Stetzel

In this issue we honor a truly Wise Woman.  Dr. Jeanne Ohm was a visionary, mentor, leader, educator, mother, advocate, warrior and free spirit.  The sheer number of Chiropractors, women and children that have been positively impacted because of the life of this tireless woman is astronomical.  

Dr. Ohm is a 1981 graduate of Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic.  She practiced for many years with her husband Dr. Tom Ohm in their home office in Media, Pa and built a large family wellness practice specializing in the care of children and pregnant women.

After the death of Dr. Larry Webster, Dr. Ohm left practice to take the helm as CEO of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.  Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine was her brainchild.  She has served as Executive Publisher and Editor of the magazine since its inception.  Jeanne was ICPA developer and instructor of the Webster Certification and Co-developer of the ICPA/PBRN Research program. She served as a Board member of: The Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice, Life Chiropractic College West, Holistic Pediatric Alliance and the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation.

Beyond her incredible accomplishments, Dr. Ohm will be remembered for her vision and commitment to living innately.  Reading the many remembrances and accolades posted on Social Media in the past week, it’s obvious the impact her life had.  

Jeanne was a fierce advocate for women in Chiropractic and was awarded LCW’s highest honor – our Legacy Award at our Success Summit in November of 2015.

I never saw Jeanne speak without acknowledging her husband Tom, her six children and eight grandchildren.  Family was a huge value for Jeanne, so much so that her whole family would gather for dinner most nights of the week – to this day!

A few quotes and remembrances:

“She was my hero. I respected her work and her commitment to change the world so much that I always told her I wanted to be like her when I grew up! There will never be another Jeanne Ohm. She left an incredible legacy. And her presence will always be felt in the hearts of those who knew and loved her.”  Kathi Handt (Founder and Visionary Member)

“The first time I met Dr. Jeanne Ohm she was giving a seminar, I was not part of the Council but rather a visitor, who arrived with my granddaughter Madelyn Rose Paterna only three months old.  My son, Matt Paterna, DC, allowed Jeanne to use Maddy to demonstrate.  It was amazing and so natural for Jeanne.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Women are so confident without pretense.  It was beautiful.  And my beautiful adjusted granddaughter is the image of the woman that she will become.”     Patricia Paterna, ED, Connecticut Chiropractic Council

“Jeanne made us feel relevant in acknowledging and supporting our collective experience in what we see in practice as a byproduct of our care for children, pregnant mamas and generations of families. It is time for many to pick up the torch, share and shoulder the weight of the few who have stood their ground like Jeanne on subjects like freedom of choice, autonomy over ones own health choices, informed consent in health care, the right to freely choose health care models AND move between models as necessary.”  Liz Anderson-Peacock, DC

“Jeanne Ohm was one of the speakers at the LCW’s “Inaugural” event in July of 2012.  She spoke from her heart and expressed some deep feelings.  Afterwards, she commented to me that it was the first time she was on a chiropractic stage where she felt safe enough to let her emotions free and not hold back her tears.  She cried and we cried with her.  It was a special day and Jeanne opened our hearts to her vision.  In celebration of her amazing accomplished life, we look back to that day and realize that Jeanne was one of the greatest mentors of women in chiropractic.  We will be forever grateful to her for how she inspired us through her leadership of the ICPA as well as her life well lived as a mother, a wife a grandmother and a chiropractor.  Her way of empowering us to use our inner strength to be a force for good in our profession and in our world will live on in her memory.  We will miss you Jeanne and will hold your vision for humanity in our hearts.” Patti Giuliano, DC  (Legacy Award, Founder, Visionary Member) 

“Jeanne would have wanted us to carry on, throw a party or something, use our time here wisely, inspire others. These were the ways by which she lived her life. She believed in the power within. She radiated inspiration. Jeanne Ohm stood for chiropractic care for babies, she stood for natural birth and freedom of informed choice, but most of all she stood for empowering women. She did this in practice with countless mothers and loved it. She left practice, however, to empower countless chiropractors with the same ideals. In doing so, she expanded her reach exponentially. It is truly amazing when you think of the number of lives her work has impacted. Work isn’t the right word for it of course. It was her mission. It flowed through her. She shared it with all of us. She made it look easy.  I don’t know how to accomplish a fraction of what she did, but I do know she would have expected us all to try. What choice do we have but to try? To try is to acknowledge that she inspired you. To try is to recognize that she was onto something. To try is to allow your mission to flow through you. What better lesson is there than that? What better direction for us all to head? She ended every class she taught with the same line. “Life Is Short. Make it count”. You made it count mom. Thank you for that.”  Justin Ohm, DC