Empowering Women i.n Chiropractic – Making the Invisible…Visible

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Hello everybody. Dr. Julie McLaughlin here, I am super excited to be with you today. And we are here with empowering women from ChiroSecure, and we want to make sure that we thank them. We want to do little hearts. We want to do thumbs up because they have made this possible for us to bring you great information of all the things we’re doing. So we are going to be talking about how to make the invisible, visible, and I have a few slides for you that I’d like to share and let’s get started. So when we’re talking about making the invisible visible, right? What’s with that. So what’s the most important thing you can do right now to improve your health and your practice. That’s my question for you today. What is that most important thing? Now we know that, you know, in 2020, we got a big invisible.

The COVID no one saw it coming. You, you can’t see it. It’s a virus. Of course, it’s something that’s invisible, but guess what, what if we knew about it? What if we knew what to do about it? What if, what if we could see it? Right. So think about this in 2020 COVID deaths was the third top deaths in the country, right? In the United States. It was third, but it was third. And this is a global pandemic. We’ll get the first two heart disease and cancer. We had more than double. The number of people die from cancer and heart disease. Then they did have COVID. And guess what? Before the pandemic, we had people dying of heart disease and cancer, and you know what? Those are invisible things too. Aren’t they, nobody wakes up and says, today’s the day I’m going to have a heart attack.

Today’s the day I’m going to have cancer. Nobody says that. But what if you could get clues would, if you could make it visible and get clues to know, to predict it, that it may be coming, or did you even at risk for it, or it was even a possibility. And if that was the case, what if you could fix it before it ever happened? I think we can really, really lower our death rate in this United States to take a look at this. This is from the fourth quarter of 2019, all the way to the third quarter of 2020. And this is overall death rate in the United States. Now we see in that last quarter that the death rate went up, right? And you can say, well, that was because of COVID. But wait a minute, guess what? COVID wasn’t the only thing increasing the cause of death.

Guess what it is. It was heart disease. We had a 4.8% increase of people dying from heart disease. And the last quarter of 2020, we had a 10% increase of people dying from diabetes and unintentional injuries. Now, what do we treat? We treat injuries, right? What about diabetes and heart disease? Those are things that are total preventable. Why did that happen? Why is this happening in our country? Where we had these conditions that increased during a pandemic? Well, guess what? People stopped getting care. People thought the only thing that was around in the world was COVID and we all know way before COVID happened. They all had heart disease and they all had diabetes, but they weren’t getting care from it. They all had back pain and they weren’t getting care from it. They, things were shut down. Like you’re in Illinois, everything was shut down.

Or maybe in your state that people would just weren’t coming out. Maybe you were open and they weren’t coming out, but people stopped getting care and that’s really, really caused a huge problem. So what if we could make the invisible visible, right? The invisible gain momentum when no one was paying attention when no one was monitoring it when no one was checking it. Right. So when was the last time you had your blood checked? I ask all my patients is in doc. I’m asking you this because it’s time to take care of you, because if you don’t take care of you, you’re not going to be around to be helping anybody else. So when was the last time, because guess what? Having your labs done is how you’re going to make the invisible visible. And I’m going to show you just how that happens. I’m going to show you a quick case study here, how we do things in our practice, right?

And how we do things with vital health protocols. You know, we do the same thing that we do with our chiropractic patients. We do a little risk assessment, a personal history. We get all their demographics or family histories. If they’re taking medications or supplements, we get all the there day one stuff, right? So here we have a 54 year old white menopausal woman she’s in normal BMI. So she wasn’t obese. She didn’t gain the quarantine 15. She came in just for a wellness or yearly check, um, with her labs, she is taking a statin, but she doesn’t have any allergies. She’s a nonsmoker, occasional drinker exercises twice a week. She does have a family history of heart disease and diabetes. But overall she’s super, super healthy. We’re just doing it to find out how her wellness is so we could predict and we can prevent.

And when we look at this, we looked at some advanced lab markers and come to find out two of the three. She has some markers for heart disease. She has some markers for blood clotting, which can lead to stroke. She didn’t know it, right? So this was invisible. Now she woke up and she had a heart attack. She wouldn’t have known like, why, how did the start? But now we can work on turning it off because we know those things are no longer invisible to us. So when we looked at her cholesterol, her class overall was really high. Her bad cholesterol was really high. The quality of the bad cholesterol was really high, right? She’s taking a Staton. How could this be? Right. I thought statins cured this, right? That genetic marker. The statins can’t touch it. So still she’s at risk, but there’s things that you can do with lifestyle.

If you know what to look for. And if you know what’s wrong and guess what? She’s pre-diabetic she had no idea. We let this go. I’d say three months, like the end of the last year, quarter, right? She’d be full-blown diabetic. Now she was taking supplements. You can see she’s taking vitamin D. She was taking B12. She was taking folic acid, but she still had these silent things going on in the background. She hadn’t been checked in a long time. And even her liver enzymes were up. She had a liver inflame. Now, no one’s going to walk in your office and like, Hey doc, my liver is bothering me today. Right? They can’t feel it. It’s invisible once you uncover it. There’s something you can do. I think about this 80% of our cholesterol is produced in the liver. Of course the liver’s inflamed. She’s got an issue there.

So you want to make recommendations to reverse and prevent chronic disease. Just like we do with our musculoskeletal subluxation patients, we want to reverse what they have going on right now. And we want to prevent them from having any issues in the future. That’s why we have maintenance care. It’s the same thing with the stuff on the inside of us. Right. But to do this first, we had to see that invisible. We had to be able to predict the risk, right? So you wouldn’t know what was wrong with the patient, unless you examined them. If, unless you palpated them, unless you work them up, find out what’s causing them. But what if it’s invisible? Right? We can feel with our hands, we have the best hands in the world as chiropractors. And we can feel these problems with our hands. But what if someone blindfolded you and you couldn’t touch that patient and you couldn’t, couldn’t examine that patient would you know it was wrong with them?

No, but by not looking at your own labs, that’s what’s happening. Right? So I want to tell you, I want you to see the invisible. So if you have not done your labs doc in the last year, I want you to get them done. If you or your family member or friends are suffering with chronic health issues, I want you to get them done because really what are you waiting for? And the implication of not doing this is what we really need to think about. So how are we going to live with that disease? If we’re not going to check it, you better start thinking about, well, how am I going to live? If I had a stroke or a heart attack or heart disease or diabetes, think about what that would look like, right? Because we’re not going to drug our way back out of this problem and banking on a cure for all the causes of chronic disease is like planning for your retirement with lottery tickets, right?

You may win big, but chances are, you’re not going to, to why not look and see what’s there because it’s a starting line, it’s a baseline and you can reverse it. So it’s not out of your reach. It’s easy, it’s inexpensive. And it could just save a life, including your own. So if you have any questions, I, you know, I’m happy to help. I’m happy to answer questions because I really, really want as a profession to be the healthiest profession out there. Um, one of my friends was recently telling me some statistics that an insurance company told her, and that is chiropractors. You know, we’re creeping into me. You know, that mainstream where we’re not as healthy as we should be as healthcare providers. So as healthcare providers, we should be the healthiest out there. And we want to, of course, always look at the musculoskeletal system, always get adjusted, but we also got to look at that invisible. So thank you, Kyra secure having us. And I want you guys to be sure to join in two weeks again with empowering women, sponsored by ChiroSecure. So have a great day and you guys get your labs checked. Okay. Bye bye.

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Empowering Women in Chiropractic Doc, Whose Talking Care of You? Julie McLaughlin, DC

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Connect with Julie: drj@vitalhealthprotocols.com

Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.

Hello, everybody. Welcome to Empowering Women sponsored by ChiroSecure. I am your host today, Dr. Julie McLaughlin from Vital Health Protocols. And we are going to be talking about you. We are going to talk about Doc, Who’s taking care of you because really, if you’re not being taken care of, you’re not going to be around to be taking care of your patients. And we know that this is a real issue in our profession because so many docs are having to quit practice, retire early, take a leave because they’re not taking care of their own health. And so let’s talk a little bit about that and how we can help support you. And you can support yourself in taking better care of your health. So I have a few slides, so let’s get started with showing the slides.

So, first of all, we’d like to thank ChiroSecure because we wouldn’t be here giving all this awesome information week after week, without them among many, many other things that they do so well for us. So everybody let’s give a little bit of love, like hearts, thumbs up likes, um, to kind of secure because they are just an awesome, awesome, uh, insurance company. And they literally have our backs. So when we think about chiropractors, we know that we all get adjusted, but what else could we do to be taking better care of our health and let’s face it. I know there’s a lot of docs out there not even getting adjusted. So I care about you and I care about that. You’re taking care of yourself and who’s taking care of you, right? Because what’s your story. Why did you become a chiropractor? Right? It is an absolute noble calling and we have the privy to the innermost details and vulnerabilities to people’s lives, right?

And it requires great compassion and empathy. And only certain people are capable of delivering this day in day out. And you, my friend are one of them, but you know what? We as docs have those same vulnerabilities. We have those same little details. That can be a problem. And so there is a dark side of practice because carpenters are being forced into early retirement due to the lack of their taking care of their own health. They’re getting health problems. And when we see this, we don’t actively seek out care because we don’t live in that allopathic model. We won’t seek that out unless our house is on fire. And by then, it’s too late. And I have treated to many of my colleagues that have found themselves in this place. They, they, they thought I’m in perfect health. I’m good. I, I see patients all day long and one day they woke up and that’s not the case anymore.

And that really is a dark side of our profession. And I don’t want you to ignore this any way and any more anyway, because it’s very, very simple to predict, prevent, and yes, even reverse chronic disease that every chiropractor in the U S has a potential to having. So we are going to talk about what we can do about it, because I always say this to my patients, and I’m going to say this to you just because you don’t feel sick. Doesn’t mean you’re healthy. No one wakes up and says, today’s the day I’m going to have a heart attack. Today’s the day I’m going to have diabetes today. I’m going to get diagnosed with cancer. No one says that you wake up today and say, Oh, what do I got to do? I got this many people. I got to do this. I got to do that.

But guess what? You have to take care of you. You have to take care of you. You’re probably taking better care of your car. Then you’re taking care of your health. And so what’s the risk, right? Sometimes we think we’re invincible. We hear people’s problems all day long, but we don’t even know what the real risk is to our own health. So I have a little risk assessment. I’m going to show you three questions. I want you to answer as we go along. So does anyone in your family have heart disease? And when I’m talking to heart disease, I’m talking high blood pressure, high cholesterol, God forbid that they had a stroke or a heart attack, right? Any of those things, or most importantly, does anyone had an early onset heart disease event? Like, do they have a heart attack before the age of 50 or before?

The age of 60? Those are huge, huge risk factors. In fact, even if it’s not your own health and you just have those risk factors, you need to know because did you know that someone in your family having a heart disease early onset is the number one risk. We know heart disease is the number one killer, and let’s face it. We treat people in pain all day long. We know it creates inflammation in their spine and their muscles, everything that we treat, but also creates it in their cardiovascular system. The difference is heart attack will kill you, right? We can get rid of that pain, but a heart attack will kill you. I want you to know your risk because if you have a family member that has early onset heart disease, that doubles your risk of having the same thing. If you have somebody in your family that had a heart attack or a bed or heart disease before the age of 35, that 10 times your risks.

But guess what? If you know that information and you know where you are, we can turn those numbers off, but I need you to look at it, right? What about this? Do you, or your spouse or your significant other snore, right? You think snoring? Like, what the heck? What’s, what’s up with that? Why are we talking about this? Right. But we know sleep is super, super important to your health, but did you know snoring has a higher cardiovascular risk than smoking or obesity and combined, right? That’s right. So if your, your spouse’s over there, snoring, they have a harder, a higher risk of having a heart attack than if they smoked and were obese. Right? And so the only way you’re going to know this is by looking at blood work and docs. I know what I am talking to all my friends. They’re not getting their labs done.

And I’m very worried about all of you. That’s why I am doing this because, you know, we take care of our patients, but we need to take care of each other. And that’s what I really want you to know. What about this? Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, right? Do you see like a little bit of blood when you spit out that toothpaste into the bowl, did you know that periodontal disease or bleeding gums will double or even triple your risk of heart attack or stroke? You need to know your lab numbers because it’s silent. You’re not going to come in and go. I think you know this right artery over here has got a little cholesterol in it. You’re never going to come in and do it. You have to know, but these are little signs that we don’t think of.

You think of, Oh, I brushed my teeth too hard. Or maybe I got, you know, adjustments to my Invisalign or whatever you’re doing. We always have an excuse, but the reality is double or triple the risk of a heart attack. Cause your gums are bleeding. So we need to make sure that you’re being taken care of because it’s just not just our patients. Right? We as providers are affected too, 90% of providers feel that healthcare is on the wrong track. I think you guys can all agree, right? We’re dealing in sick care and not in healthcare. And 74% of chiropractors are forced into early retirement due to health problems. That is just criminal. We need more chiropractors in our profession. We need more people helping people with what we do. And 50% of chiropractors have been reporting burnout due to poor self care, right? How many days can you go into the office?

Day after day? If you feel really bad yourself, it’s not even feasible. And then we have burnout, but what really is those underlying causes, right? That’s what we want to know. All we have to do is look at the statistics of the American population to see how crazy this is. Because one out of two Americans will suffer chronic disease. And I got to tell you, chiropractors don’t have an immunity to this. We don’t have like, well, it’s not going to happen to me. We all think we do, but we don’t because chronic diseases responsible for seven out of 10 deaths, right? We’re not just talking about pain here. We’re talking about things that are absolutely could kill us in 84% of healthcare dollars go towards chronic disease. Two thirds of Americans are overweight and a one in three are obese, right? It’s really crazy. And you know what, it’s the same thing in our chiropractic population of docs, auto immune diseases have tripled over the last 50 years, not to mention a pandemic, right?

And over half Americans are taking medications. How many patients do we have saying, you know, do you have any cholesterol problems? Nope. I don’t have a classroom problem. Why? See you’re taking a stat in here. Well, yeah. That’s why I don’t have a cholesterol problem. You do have a cholesterol problem. That’s why you’re taking the Stockton. We can’t put our heads in the sand anymore because you know what I need to make sure as this profession goes on, I’ve been in this profession a long time that we have docs who are able to take care of people. So we got to take care of you, right? Because you will never change things by fighting the existing reality to change something, build a new model and make the existing model obsolete. Right? That’s what we need to do. This is my absolute favorite quote is by Buckminster fuller.

And I just love that. So what are we going to do? I want you to know this, that every chiropractor, every chiropractor in every state in the United States is licensed to order blood work. I’m not telling you, you have to order, you know, draw blood in your office, but you are licensed to order it. And you’re licensed to order it on yourself, right? You are the patient. We want to take care of you. We want to help contractors learn this additional paradigm. We want you to start out and be the patient. We want you to take care of your families. Look at what they’re doing. Because if you started to do this, even in your practice, if you said, I’m just going to do it on me and your family, that’s awesome. We need that. If you sit down, I’m going to do it with my patients.

One doc, doing this could help more than 30,000 people. That’s huge. A movement like that could change the healthcare of this United States. And when was the last time you had your labs done? That’s what I want to know. When was the last time put it in the chat? Tell me, was it a year ago? Was it five years ago? Or was it like, you know, I really don’t remember. I don’t like going to the doctor. Right. But guess what? You can order it yourself on yourself and you can help prevent, predict and reverse any chronic disease. It’s super, super affordable. The cash prices are not, not, you know, expensive at all because we know that that can be a barrier, but no, one’s going to come in and say, Oh, I think my liver’s off of today. Right? You have to measure it. What measured gets measured gets managed.

And so is this for you? I want you to think about, should I get my labs done? Should I get the labs done on my family? I have the ability in my license in every state to order it. So if you are family or friends are suffering from a con chronic health issue. Absolutely do it. If you have any risk factors, absolutely do it. If you haven’t had your blood done in the last year, absolutely do it. You have to know, think about if you went and you didn’t get adjusted in a year or five years or however long it’s been, since you had your labs done, that would be really bad. Right? I always say, if someone told me I could never get adjusted again, I would die. That would be like the worst thing ever, right? This is super, super important. And this is for you.

And it’s to save your life is to save. Your practice is to save your family is to take care of you docs because nobody else is doing it. We have to make sure that our chiropractors are healthy and we’re taking care of each other. And so it’s not out of our reach. It’s easy, it’s inexpensive. It could save a life and it could be your very own or someone in your family. So please, please docs take care of you. If you want to learn more, if you want to learn what you can do to take care of yourself, let me know. Here’s my email, drj@vitalhealthprotocols.com, because let’s face it. We have to keep this profession going and we have to stay healthy to do it. So that’s it for today. Um, I want to thank ChhiroSecure again for sponsoring this. And I want you to join us again in two weeks with empowering women and Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp. We’ll be speaking to all of you. So have a great day and I’ll see you soon.

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How to Balance it All? Three Tips for Busy Women Entrepreneurs. By Kristen Moss

I am many things, but like everyone I have strengths and weaknesses. I’m a workhorse and a giver; and I love to create! Creating usually takes the shape of poetry, photos, and blogs. When I write I feel free, it’s my way of processing the world around me and I feel grounded which gives me immense joy. When I share it; that is when the real magic happens. When other people tell me that they enjoyed what I wrote, or it taught them something about themselves, I feel connected to my purpose. 

The workhorse and the giver, in me, have a full-time occupation leading two teams in two separate chiropractic offices. I love to serve and educate the world about their beautiful healing potential through the above down inside out model of healthy living. Keeping every moving part of the offices running smoothly is as challenging as it is rewarding. But behind the scenes in these busy practises it is not all Instagram poetry and photos. It is systems, administration, communication and long hours. My leadership in the offices allows me to improve the health and vitality of my community. The blogs and writing allow me to express myself and create content for other projects. My friends always ask, “how do you find the time?”

Time, priorities, balance and more… How do I find the time? And what do I remove from my list when the pressure is on to deliver? If you are like me…you remove the things you need to do for yourself and you put everything and everyone else first. You know you shouldn’t and you would warn your best friend against it, but you can always fit it in later, you hear yourself lie. 

Being a Mom-prenuer is no easy task. How do we balance all the joy of creating with self-care and family in focus? How can we be sure we don’t “lose” ourselves while performing for others? While we reinvent ourselves and level-up; how do we know which parts to keep and what to discard? 

Here are just three insights I want you to consider.

1. Be authentic. Everyone wants YOU! The original you. The you that you love! And the you that you are the happiest being. When you choose your clothing to reflect how you feel inside, when you choose your words to reflect your inner thoughts when you choose to eat the foods that create the health you deserve – you manifest the BEing you truly are. The authentic real, sometimes gritty, sometimes shy, sometimes joyful sometimes pissed off YOU. You do not need to explain yourself. You are enough. Every person who makes up your world wants to interact with the real you, and if they don’t, they probably aren’t your people anyway.

2. Make time for yourself. This is something I struggle with. I now understand the importance of time both with and away from family. Time for work. Time for play! Time for projects and meetings and commitments, but also time for rest or meditation – if that’s your thing. (I love meditation) Being creative – painting, dancing, singing, yes singing in your car counts, or maybe home decor? It is my opinion that we show up brighter and better when we make time to do the things we love. Don’t put yourself and your own needs at the bottom of your list. 

3. Get yourself a coach! There is advice and then there is Advice. The people who love you will throw you a pity party, for sure. They will listen and chime in that life sometimes sucks. But the people who want you to succeed – the ones that really understand what fulfills you will ask the hard questions. They will insist that you do the things that will result in the goals you desire. If you don’t have them in your inner circle and you are ready to level-up – it is time to find a coach. 

The world needs your beauty. Your laughter. Your creativity! YOUR VOICE! Whether you are a Mom-preneur or an entrepreneur the only difference is how many people you have on your list to prioritize and why. You know how hard you can and are willing to work. Take the breaks you need, and work when you are most effective. Some do mornings while others are brilliant after their little ones are tucked into bed. Be authentic and honor who you are. Blast the unimportant things from your list and boil it down to the bare bones. No two days in a given week are the same, and you have as much flexibility as you are willing to allow. Stop comparing yourself and make time for the things that make you feel beautiful, strong, successful… (I could keep going) All the love and support in the world can not replace the perspective a good coach or mentor can bring. Invest in yourself and notice how quickly you rise. How effortlessly you move toward goals. You are many things, remember who you are – I’m cheering for you!

Kristen Moss is an office manager for two paediatric clinics in Oslo, Norway. When she isn’t serving in the office, she spends time perfecting her children’s favourite banana bread recipe, ice bathing in the Scandinavian fjords and practising yoga. She is vice president of the League of Chiropractic Women Europe and a holistic nutrition coach. You can reach her by mail at krist.nmoss@gmail.com. Or follow her on Instagram at kristen.joy.moss