The LCW Gets Virtual With It

By.. Nicole Cowley, Speaker at this year’s retreat


 As our League of Chiropractic women continues to expand, we are always looking for more and better opportunities to connect one another.   We have had wonderful feedback and progress with the specific Chapters throughout the United States and we have international chapters going now.

The role of the Virtual Chapter is to connect all of the chapters together and provide a home for those areas that haven’t developed one at a local level.

The Virtual Chapter is a monthly online live meeting hosted by our lovely and graciously, always serving Dr. Shawn Powers through Zoom.

Zoom is the #1 Free Live and Video Web Conferencing platform that you can access on any device as well as directly call into.  All LCW members will receive notifications and updates about the upcoming Chapter meetings through communications inside the email newsletter and Facebook private Coffeehouse group.

Non-members are invited to participate in up to 2 of the Virtual Chapter Live Sessions.  Registration for the live webinars is here.

The goal of the chapters is to connect women around chiropractic to learn, to serve and to grow.

What Happens in a Virtual Chapter Meeting:

Dr. Shawn Powers will kick each of the monthly webinar live sessions off which each of a specific, thought out discussion topic ahead of time.  Get the full schedule here.   You may join by the webinar link and/or by your phone through audio only.  You will be asked to mute your phone until the sharing portion to help with the sound for all.

We don’t want any women of chiropractic left behind, you have a home and we can all come together to enrich our own lives through each other’s shared stories.

Join our next virtual session on September 5th at 9:00 PM EST to have an early birthday celebration for chiropractic!  The discussion topic for the evening is How to Create a Vibrant Future.

The LCW goes beyond virtual in our local chapter meetings and with our connections at industry events.  We also host an annual Retreat in November where members can come together and connect in a relaxing, spa environment.

Get more information about the Retreat and Becoming a Member by visiting:

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  1. Hi! I hope you can join us in the future and if not remember as a member you have access to the recordings. In the meantime , know you are an amazing, unique and powerful individual and we love you!
    Dr. Shawn Powers
    Chapter Chair
    Sister Business Member

  2. They have all been great. Thanks, Shawn for thinking of this idea and delivering a phenomenal opportunity for our members to come together.

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