We Support and Connect ALL Women In Chiropractic

Just to name a few!

  •  DCs
  •  Spouses
  •  DC students
  •  DC student  spouses
  •  CAs and other clinic staff
  • Women in chiropractic education
  • Women in national and state chiropractic associations
  • Women who serve chiropractic in business
  • Women who live and support those living a chiropractic way of life


Chiropractic needs women leaders that are willing to take our Chiropractic way of life to all areas or our lives. Where would you like to be a more successful leader? Whether you want to be president of the PTA or president of the United States, open up a home office so you are home with your 3 young babies or move towards a multi disciplinary multi clinic empire.  LCW wants to help you get there. Our number one goal is to support, empower and connect all women in Chiropractic to fulfill their dreams and goals.


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