We are the League of Chiropractic Women.


The mission of the League of Chiropractic Women is to inspire and support women in chiropractic to thrive while advancing the principles and practice of chiropractic. We commit to serve the vitalistic principles of chiropractic as a subluxation focused and drugless profession.

We believe that…

…women have a distinct and unique ability to advance the principles and practice of chiropractic care.

…chiropractic care is a drug-free subluxation-correction focused profession.

…every man, woman, and child deserves access to lifetime chiropractic care.

…individuals have the right to make their own informed conscious health care choices.

…the power of mentoring and creating loving nurturing spaces is of the utmost importance.

…collectively, we are powerful and influential.

…there is strength in numbers and with each member’s involvement, we create an ever-growing impact on the profession and humanity.

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About the LCW

We are an organization created by and for women, designed to meet the unique needs of all women in chiropractic. We each already have so much to offer our profession on a global level, and being part of the LCW will bolster your reach and network, and can even help you improve yourself with our hundreds of hours of coaching, live seminar and webinar videos. Beyond that, you will also have access to:

* Interactive Member Website                                                      * Referral and Speaker Directory                                             * Mentoring Programs

* Virtual Classroom and Online Courses                                     * Special Offers from Great Vendors                                       * Professional Networking       

* Opportunities for Personal Growth                                            * Local Chapters                                                                        * Student Chapters  

* Inclusive Weekend Events by Women for Women                   * New Friendships                                                                    * And So Much More!

Our Vision

Creating a better world by empowering women in chiropractic to thrive.

Our Commitment

  • The LCW is a voice for all women in chiropractic —DCs, Spouses, CAs, Students, Administrators, Faculty, Patients, Advocates and more.
  • The LCW recognizes, respects and celebrates the uniqueness of each of our members.
  • The LCW understands a key benefit is to gather with other women who share, understand and support your choices, values and lifestyle.
  • The LCW is compelled to provide regular, relevant and family friendly conferences “for women-by women”.
  • The LCW will address issues within our society that affect our health, our personal health choices and the health of those seeking our care.
  • The LCW will be active in protecting chiropractic and the rights of all in our profession to practice subluxation focused and drugless chiropractic.

Who can join the LCW?

A key benefit of belonging to the League of Chiropractic Women is to be with other women who share, understand and support your choices, your values and your lifestyle. The LCW will provide regular, relevant and family friendly conferences by and for women - in person and online.

Membership is open to ALL women in chiropractic serving all over the world.


  • DC's - Doctors of Chiropractic
  • Spouses, Patients and Advocates
  • DC students and DC student spouses
  • CA's - Chiropractic Assistants
  • Women in chiropractic education
  • Women in national and state chiropractic associations
  • Women who serve chiropractic in business
  • Men who want to support women in chiropractic
Becoming a Member is Simple!
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We envision big things and we are fulfilling our goals. We are creating leaders, and developing leadership. We are mentoring and nurturing. We are preserving and protecting. We are here to inspire. We are in touch with our power and keep that unique power alive and thriving. We represent strength – powerful female strength. We are here to innovate. We are here to draw the line in the sand. We are here to create a legacy so other women can follow the path to their own greatness.

We are movers and shakers. 


For more info, fill out the form below and we will contact you. Or to send a detailed message, please email [email protected]