Testimonials and Praise for LCW

"I have been a member of LCW since its inception simply because I believe in its mission.  When I was in Chiropractic school females were a minority and all the mentors we looked towards were men, not that is a bad thing.  However, women bring something different to the table in this profession.   LCW provides a space for women in our profession to feel nurtured, supported,inspired, mentored, and create lasting deep bonds with other women in our community. I realized how powerful LCW was when a wife of a Chiropractor came to me in tears after an event I had chaired thanking me for providing a place where  she finally felt she belonged.”

Denise Evans DC, Events Director, Speaker Liaison and Board Member 2014

"I love the LCW. I have been in practice for 14 years and many times I have felt alone or the only female chiropractor in my area. The LCW has introduced me to a dynamic group of women, real movers and shakers who love chiropractic. There are seminars, webinars, courses and phone calls for us to connect. I have a local chapter in my area to connect with like minded women of chiropractic. I have learned, laughed and connected with these amazing women.”

Deb Stango, DC

"The Art of Brilliance seminar was incredibly inspiring. Being surrounded by so many successful female chiropractors and hearing their stories reminded me that I am not alone in my journey and that I have some very strong leaders in my corner.”

Allie Di Salvo, Chiropractic Student

"I love Chiropractic and am one of those docs that need to be around other chiropractors. The trouble was that there wasn’t a safe place for women to go to get the specific support we need. LCW has changed all of that. LCW has also transformed the face of the chiropractic speaking platform. I am a graduate of the LCW Speakers bureau and never spoke before in my profession. Now I travel internationally spreading the word of Chiropractic. I am so grateful for LCW. I’ve found my voice!”

        Stephanie Maj, DC

"The LCW is amazing – it is one organization that makes me feel right at home! The empowerment that radiates from this group is incredible. Every live event has sent me back to practice with tons of motivation and exuding confidence! It’s wonderful to get together with such powerful women in chiropractic and gain support from every member. I love being a part of this organization and look forward for many more fantastic things to come!”

Beth Smolick-Reese, DC

"I officially joined LCW last year after attending a few local meetings. I was also able to attend both national meetings. WOW! To sum it up, LCW is a safe place for women in chiropractic to go and learn, share, grow, be encouraged and be themselves. Thank you for having LCW.”

        Debora Logan, DC