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Connection Through Support- by Sally Blossom-Colosky, DC

support Jun 01, 2022

Ladies, let me tell you something about the members of the LCW:  THEY SHOW UP!!  Everyday and in a myriad of ways, these women show up. This month, I want to share my very personal experiences with the support and love from the LCW.  

Since joining the LCW in 2014 while living abroad, there have been challenges and triumphs.  I’ve shared that finding the LCW while living in Europe was my saving grace.  The LCW saved me from feeling like an island unto myself while living on an island (Ireland). I was able to connect with like minded women in chiropractic from all over Europe and back in the USA; we were “zooming” before it was cool.

Upon returning home to Michigan, I faced many health challenges.  As I decided to take on a more active role in the LCW, my health challenges ramped up.  I will be candid and say, I did not handle my role as well as I could have; in fact, I all but disappeared for a while.  But who was waiting with open arms full of grace and love?  That’s right, these women right here. They even sent me notes during hospital stays.  

Last year, I was honored to be chosen to serve on LCW’s board. I have had the opportunity to see first hand how deeply these women care and love their fellow LCW’ers.  As I write this month, my family and I are facing another challenge.  Upon sharing what is happening, several women have reached out personally to me to express their love and support.  I have no doubt they do the same for every member.  

Yes, there are so many programs, events, insights and professional support that the LCW offers to keep its members supported and connected.  However, it is the personal support and love that the women of the LCW provide that gives the deepest connection of all.

I CANNOT WAIT to connect in person at our Spizz and Spa event, which happens the first weekend of November each year in beautiful Scottsdale, where I can get those huge LCW hugs, laugh and soak up the love - and the sun!  If you are reading this and haven’t registered yet, come join us and soak up the LCW Love

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