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Grace and Space - by Sally Blossom-Colosky, DC

learn and grow together May 01, 2022

Grace and Space. Two words that have become my personal mantra for me this past year.  We have all felt the effects of this unprecedented time.  Covid, politics, extreme weather events and a myriad of other issues have made our daily life more stressful.  Finding grace and space can be incredibly difficult under these circumstances.  Finding ways to create more grace and space has helped me navigate through this past year. I wanted to share three areas with you in true hopes it may give you encouragement and some ideas on how to create more grace nad space for yourself.


THOUGHTS: I will fully admit that my headspace, internal dialougue and thoughts can be a merry go round of negativity.  I gracefully acknowledged I needed outside help and tools to help get off the merry go round.  Seeking counseling was the first step.  The value of an objective ear and observer cannot be overstated in helping break the negative thought patterns.  I also invested in myself professionally by getting a coach and mentor. (Dr. Shawn Powers is awesome).  She is helping me to focus on my achievements, being a force of good and service to others and creating space to grow and chase dreams.  Finally, I got serious about meditating.  Mediation is an amazing tool that calms the mind, reduces stress and allows us to bathe ourselves in positivity and self love.  Getting still (a tall order at times) for even just 10 mins a day creates space just for ourselves and allows to focus on a positive thought or mantra to solidify a positive mind.  I find I give myself the most grace and space in those moments of meditation.


HUMOR:  Who doesn’t like to laugh?  Laughing is so good for us!   Laughter can also be common ground to give ourselves and others grace and space.  In a time when differences are perceived as something to be feared or fought against, I have found that finding good hearted humor closes those gaps and unites us to one another.  Sharing a funny post, story, meme or video is the easiest way I have found to lighten moods, uplift the spirit and bring a smile to others.  Humor also gives us the grace to not take everything so seriously, lighten our load and lighten our space. 


SELF CARE:  A buzz phrase these days for sure, but one that epitomises the mantra of grace and space.  Giving ourselves that grace to say “ I need to do this for myself” or “ I need to take some time for myself” is a powerful step in living in grace and space.  There are hundreds of ways we can practice self care and guess what, there is NO right way to care for yourself.  You get to decide what nourishes you, soothes you, brings you joy, gives you space and brings a graceful glow to your corner of the world.  Myself, I do things like take a long, hot shower, nap, get my nails done, a massage, go to a coffee shop and read.  I have checked myself into a hotel for a night to have quiet and sleep uninterrupted.  A renewed commitment to spending time with friends to firm the bonds of friendship has been essential as well.  Hint, hint...the LCW is an AWESOME space to connect with women who have shared passions and mindsets.  The grace I have found in these women and space created for us to flourish in our profession is priceless.


Grace and Space.  Two words. Five letters each.  Endless possibilities for our well being.


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