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LCW November Empower Hour with Dr. Amanda Blonigen and Dr. Lana Cook

lcw learn and grow together pediatircs Nov 30, 2022

This month hear from Dr. Amanda Blonigen and Dr. Lana Cook about their initiative Well Adjusted Students. We were so moved by their initiative we chose to be a proud supporter of their program - who doesn't love helping kids through chiropractic care and fellow women in chiropractic to thrive.

We encourage you to watch the recording and consider making a donation. Dr. Amanda (Haines) Blonigen is a former LCW student chapter leader and has been in practice for five years within her public school district. She has been working to improve students' school days through chiropractic care, connecting them to their inner potential, and changing the paradigms within schools to discuss more innate healing. 

Dr. Lona Cook began the program seven years ago with introducing care into the public schools. She has been in practice for 12 years and continues to serve the community. She is a well-known leader in the profession with multiple books, speaking on various stages, and offering many masterminds.

Together, Dr. Amanda & Dr. Lona are working to bring chiropractic care into more schools. They are currently working with Dr. Heidi Haavik to publish some of their data and fundraising for their non-profit, Well Adjusted Students. They see this program reaching more students and changing the trajectory of chiropractic and our youth!

To learn more about Well Adjust Students CLICK Here or to make a donation to Well Adjusted Students, CLICK HERE!


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