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Connecting To Ourselves By Connecting With Other

learn and grow together Apr 01, 2022

I LOVE Chiropractic. I believe those of us in this organization all LOVE chiropractic: We feel that love and passion in our DNA. Through the years, at times I have felt that love and passion had nowhere to go beyond schooling and practice life. Sure, I did my best to channel that into my studies and then into my patients, but there was still something untapped, something I wasn’t connecting to in myself. I love being around like minded people, especially like minded women. It ignites my passion and purpose even more.


Back in 2014, I was practicing in Ireland and feeling like a chiropractic island unto myself.  I was meandering through practice, feeling that while I was heeding my calling, I wasn’t completely connected to it. I felt a disconnect within myself, but I didn’t know why or how that was happening. That year, I attended a ChiroEurope event and was introduced to the LCW. WOW.  What an amazing group of strong, amazing, inspiring and like- minded women all in one place. I joined the organization that weekend and have loved the LCW ever since.


You see, in connecting with these incredible women from ALL aspects of chiropractic, I reconnected with myself in a stronger and more purposeful way.  


My connection to myself was strengthened through inspiration. Inspiration to learn new techniques, new ways of streamlining an office, and methods to communicate the chiropractic message.


My connection to myself was elevated by being around incredible women who offered different perspectives and understanding from their place in the chiropractic world.  This elevation helped me to connect to a deep appreciation in myself for the unique gifts we possess and bring to life each day.


The connection to inner confidence has been strengthened through the encouragement and uplifting nature of the women here in the LCW.  You want to learn how to be a speaking powerhouse?  Dr. Cathy Wendland-Colby is beginning the awesome Speaker’s Workshop in the coming weeks. You want to learn more on how to be an awesome CA?  We have loads of resources on our website.  You want to feel connected to other DC’s, CA’s, and women in chiropractic? We have our Empowerment Hour and Connection Hour meetings every month. There are so many resources in this group, I haven’t even connected to them all.


What I have connected to is myself because this group supports the goals, dreams and visions I have for myself -lovingly and encouragingly. Knowing there is a network of other women surrounding and supporting me, gives me the courage to connect to the innate potential inside of me. I am forever grateful for that.


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