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Connection Through Chiropractic

learn and grow together Apr 15, 2022

Connection.  A buzzword to be sure, however, it is a buzzword with meaning behind it.  The LCW Board recently met and this word has been circling in my brain ever since.  For me, the word connection embodies what the LCW is all about; our desire to be connected and chiropractic is the bond that connects us.  


Have you ever felt like you were an island unto yourself?  You may have a spouse, kids and family.  You may have a booming practice, be in the process of rebuilding a practice or starting a practice.  You may be an office manager, a chiropractic assistant, spouse of a chiropractor or friend of chiropractic.  You may have several or all of these roles.  These roles can push and pull us in so many different directions that sometimes we lose connection to those around us and the connection to ourselves.


I know this because it has happened to me personally over the last couple years.  It happened gradually and when I realized what I was “missing” was that connection, I knew immediately where I needed to be to find it.


The LCW encompasses so many areas.  It is a professional organization helping ALL women in chiropractic to thrive and succeed. It is a group of strong, amazing, like minded, committed, connected women.  Most importantly to me, it is a group connected by love, friendship, respect and chiropractic.  I am so incredibly grateful for these connections with the amazing women of the LCW and for the fact that I am not an island unto myself anymore.


We invite you to connect with us in whatever way you feel comfortable; we have a website full of resources, we have volunteer opportunities and we have virtual meetings.  We have great plans going forward as well. What the LCW wants most is to invite you to feel the power of love and connection through chiropractic.  

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