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Connection Through Empowerment

learn and grow together May 15, 2022

Connect. Empower. Thrive. If you have visited our web page you will have seen these words in big bold letters because they are at the heart of what the LCW is all about. In the last newsletter, the LCW Board Retreat happenings were shared and how the word connection kept coming up in our discussions. There are so many ways and avenues we can connect with each other and one of them is through empowerment.

The word empowerment has definitions such as “the authority or power given to someone to do something” or “the process of enhancing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices that lead to desired actions and outcomes.” However, it is what it means to be empowered that struck me. To be empowered means “to give yourself back the power of your natural self; it is fully contained in ourselves and it is our job to fully accept it and take responsibility for it.”  

Wow. Does that remind you of anything? It sure reminds me of chiropractic. Our shared passion and connection of chiropractic is founded on the fact that there is an Innate Intelligence in all of us that empowers our body to heal naturally from the inside out. We know what empowers our internal bodies, but what are external qualities of empowerment that we look to?

The National Empowerment Center describes several qualities of empowerment: power to make decisions, access to information and resources, a range of options to make choices and feeling that you can make a difference. Guess what? The LCW embodies these qualities and shares with our members the resources to be empowered.  

We already have a huge archive of resources for every woman in chiropractic. Need some philosophy? We have archived philosophy calls.  Need office protocols or tips on better patient communication? We have webinars on those topics and many more. Need to learn how to become more mindful? There’s a webinar for that, too. Are you a CA that wants to dive deeper on office protocols, communication or patient retention? We have tele-classes for you. These areas and so many more can be found on our website.

There are so many ways to empower each other and ourselves within the LCW. My favorite, though, is knowing there is a whole tribe of women beside me who are like minded and on purpose.  How empowering is that?!?! We are beside you, too, ready to connect, empower and thrive together.

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