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Empowering Women in Chiropractic - 3 Easy Ways To Get Your Chiropractic Message Out

about lcw chirosecure practice growth Aug 27, 2022

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Hello everybody. Dr. Julie McLaughlin here for ChiroSecure, Empowering Women. I'm super excited that you're joining us today. I have some really cool things to share with you. I want you to all let's give thumbs up and some hearts for the ChiroSecure because they are just an amazing company. And they have helped us so much in getting the word out for chiropractic. So let's make sure we all do that. And then we'll get started.

So we're going to talk about. The top three easy ways to get your chiropractic message out. So I want you to take notes. So get out pen and paper and take some notes. And then we are really going to have this push to get our chiropractic message out because I've been practicing for, let's just say more than three decades. We don't want to admit how long it's really been, but we want to see that this momentum that we have now, Continues because it's so much more than when I first got out of school and it's so exciting. And there's some really easy things. I can tell you the top three things that you can do to start to get your message out. And if any students are watching, I want you to start to do this too now.

So I want you to start to make some videos. And just talk about the conditions you treat so lower back pain, headache, knee pains. I had a, whatever it is you treat, if it's your niche, talk about it, but stay in your niche. Like our niche in our practice is chiropractic and functional medicine and we do weight loss. So that's our niche. So whatever your niche is, Talk about it and make a video for each condition, because then I want you to put on your website. And if you're in school, as you're learning about these different conditions, make a quick video and it doesn't have to be very long. It could be a minute long. It could be. 10 minutes on whatever you want, whatever you feel comfortable with, you can talk about it. You can demonstrate it. You can do power points, whatever you want, but start to build up this library.

And I want you to put them on your website and link them. Now I know some of you are going to say I'm camera shy. I don't want to have my face on the camera and we have to work over that over time. But if that's the case now, You can still make the video and use the transcript tax for your website and use that as SEO. And you want to put that text on your website anyways, because the more SEO words, hold that say, someone's looking for frozen shoulder and they type that in. There's a good chance that's going to come up on your website.

You got a video even better to start to build up this library of conditions you treat, because let's face it. It's docs. When we talk to other docs, we all know what we know, but the patient doesn't. So explaining this to them, there'll be like, oh my gosh, I didn't know. Chiropractor's treated frozen shoulders. I thought they only did lower back. Or if you have a patient that comes in for headaches, they only refer you patients who have headaches because they didn't know you treated anything else. So you really want to get this message across and you want to increase your SEO on your. You just want to show up.

So when someone searches, they're going to find you, you have to be there in the search when they type chiropractor near me. I want you to show up it's super, super important, because think of it this way. So let's say I was going to go to a restaurant and I am not going to drive up and down the street to see what restaurant there is that I want to go to. I'm going to Google. Restaurant near me. And then I'm going to look at their website. I'm going to look at their social media. I'm going to look at what they have. I'm gonna look at their menu, right services. And then I'm going to decide where I'm going to go. And I could drive past 10 restaurants. Before I choose one to go to has the same thing with us.

So be found where you are and have a presence in these other sites. Number two, I want you to get content that gets views and appointments immediately. So I'm going to tell you is something that we have been doing in the. Two weeks, two weeks, this is believable, right on believable. So we had done a Facebook ads for about six weeks and we have had not so favorable results. In fact, we got one patient from it, right? So really not so favorable.

And when, where should we turn things up when we're doing some different things on that? And as a whole different story, that's a whole different story. But in the meantime, what we've been doing is been making videos every day. And putting them on YouTube. We always have done it on our Facebook and all these accounts, but we ramped it up a little bit and we started making little thumbnails that look really exciting or really funny, where you make funny faces and you point to things. And our viewing has gone. I'll show you in a minute.

This statistic unbelievably in two weeks, that's all we've been doing this and we've gotten five new patients. So yesterday and our lunchtime, I was up at the front desk doing some stuff. And this guy walks in. And my high and it was lunchtime. We weren't expecting a patient and he's I saw your video online. I can't find it again. But I saw that you were in lake bluff and your address was 900. So I Googled you and I found you and I'm in pain.

Can you see. Just like that and as what video was, and he goes, I don't know, but it looked really good. So I'm telling you if you're not good at this, I don't care. Just put what you do up there, get your message out. So these are some of the things that we're doing and we're making it really fun. And the craziest thing is people are bit. To watch people get adjusted. Now who knew I would have never dreamed this in a million years. It was like our top secret thing that we did, but people are really responding super positively with this. So this is my associate, Dr. Jake McNamara and I, and we've been going crazy doing these videos on different things. So he's been doing a lot of chiropractic stuff. I've been doing some functional medicine stuff, some chiropractic.

There is this thing on YouTube and you probably already know this and it's called shorts. And there's a thing on Facebook that are doing reels. And they're all trying to copy after tic-tac with those short little videos. And so we did a couple of short videos, so on YouTube and on Facebook, it has to be less than a minute, but if you're doing.

You cannot believe the views that you will get on, that they will subscribe to your channel. And then guess what? They're going to start to watch your longer content. So we've been doing both and I would suggest you do both and they don't have to be complicated. Just pick one. And just talk about that for 30 seconds and you will be amazed how much information you can get out and how much help the public gets from this. This is what we did in two weeks and we are not we're chiropractors.

We are not social media wizards or by any means. And so we did this just totally by accident. So in the last two weeks, it says 28 days, but you can see, we started two weeks ago. We've already got 65 new subscribers. I have 126 hours of watch time increased in two weeks and we've gotten 1300. Views, which is way more than Don't have to be crazy at no, all these intricate things, how to do it, just start getting the message out. And the thing is, this inside and out, this is what you do every day. You help people. Teach people online, what you do, because it will come back to you.

I had another patient yesterday call and come in and she's a medical doctor. And she said, I saw your video on TMJ D. I showed it to my dentist because I had all my crowns replaced and I showed it to my dentist and he said, absolutely, you have to go in and get this done. People are listening in, they just don't know what we do, so I need you to teach them. And during the videos, you're going to create a know like, and trust factor. So if you're shy, Go for it.

Just put yourself out there and you will be amazed at the reaction you get, because once they see that they feel like they know you, they're like, oh I know you, I saw you on a video, right? Oh, there you're my friend. So just put yourself out there and trust me, it will be amazing. So I want you to subscribe to our pages, my practice paid McLaughlin care, and I want you to put your YouTube channel, your Facebook, whatever you want to get more subscribers, more likes underneath in the chat because let's support each other and chiropractic and let's get our message out.

And I want you to know that coming up like this in the next couple of days, the foundation for chiropractic progress is going to have a ChiroThin and is directed for the general public. And of course it's going to be about chiropractic. So we want to give them as much support as we can because they're helping us get the message out. And it's going to be shown on their Facebook page is going to be shown in some other places. But look at the foundation for chiropractic progress there ChiroThin and let's all get the message out about chiropractic because the more we do the better, it is going to help for everybody.

So if you have any questions or you need to contact me Dr. Julie McLaughlin and vital health protocols at Dr. Julie or online And again, let's thank ChiroSecure because they are absolutely awesome and we love them and they do so much.

And that's it for this week and I'll see you soon. Bye bye. Bye

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