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Empowering Women in Chiropractic - "The Drugging of Our Children" Part 1

chirosecure lcw pediatircs Apr 12, 2024

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Hello, everybody. I'm Dr. Claudia Anrig from Fresno, California, and I practice family wellness chiropractic care. But many of you may also know me from seminars that I teach for the last 20, 30 years. And also you may know me as a co editor of this huge third edition, Pediatric Chiropractic. And it's just an amazing testimony that our profession has grown so much in that it, in what's really exciting is that we have so many young students going into chiropractic college because they want to do prenatal, and Pediatric Chiropractic Cares.

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We want to welcome these future students, these doctors who are practicing in this area. And what I'd like to also thank ChiroSecure for putting this program on and what we're going to be teaching here today is in our part one of drugging of children, we are going to be heading into just the crazy stuff of just over prescribing to kids, guesstimating, and so forth, and how it, Such things as off labeling and over the counter drugs, how hideous it is, and how maybe you could do an influence in your own practice by helping others.

So we're going to just move over to the slides now as we get started with part one of drugging of the children. When I start thinking about the drugging of children, I just think about how moms and drugging They don't even think twice about it. They think that gosh, if I can do this taking a drug and so forth, it must be safe and so forth because it's over the counter.

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And so one of the things that we want to talk about in ways of getting some more information from me as well as we get into this presentation, is if you go to my website, drclaudianric. com, there's a section, by the way, not only for my seminars, but there's another section also for free stuff. So make sure you go there.

You can download a lot of discounts. Content, some flyers there. We would love for you to use that in your practice. And for many people who are thinking about, Oh you just mentioned the textbook. Where do I get it? Probably the easiest thing is through Amazon and so forth or, Publisher.

And again, I would take this textbook and put it into your consultation office. Put it in your adjusting room. So you're really pointing out that as chiropractors, we're well educated because a lot of even parents don't know. So as chiropractors were trained in the field of pregnancy or pediatrics and so forth, and one of the areas about what's going on with the drugging of kids and so forth is, was really sad depending on when you were, what decade you were born in.

But back in the sixties, they were starting to recognize, you know what, we gotta move away. Just say no to drugs. This is when recreational drugs were coming into fad. Probably not that it wasn't there previously, but it be, it became the state of the sixties and the hippies that, that they were trying.

They were doing marijuana and all of this kind of medications. And so a campaign came out that we really need to put a stop to it, really, save the people and all the rest. And so a campaigns in the sixties, seventies, and eighties, we're really moving into let's stop. Let's educate people that it's not safe to do drugs.

So this messaging is, it hasn't been around for forever. And then the funny thing is, yet we can turn television on at just about every day, open up a parenting magazine and everything that equates and quote, unquote, to young moms and dads. Giving your kid an over counted drug or giving your child a medication It has to be safe.

It's a part of wellness. And so they've been indoctrinated to never even ask a question whatsoever. And it would be amazing if as our family, while as chiropractors, that we could start doing what we call internal education into your practice. One of the things that we've done with with the drugging of kids, I think, which is super sad is that in the last particularly last 20, 25 years we've begun to accept the fact that drugs are safe.

As a matter of fact. The word drugs, nobody even equates, it may be potentially dangerous. And so in my practice, a little tidbit that you may want to use in your practice, I use a, I use the word, what chemicals are your kids taking? What chemicals are you taking as an adult? Because it makes them stop and think just for a second.

Oh, a chemical. Because drugs have been embraced, that word, But the word chemical could be another way of repositioning that message up to your parents. One of the things that we want to do is just talking about, it's been so acceptable with children. It's it, this stuff with over the counter, it is it's frightening.

And all you have to do is if you just really don't believe it, because probably you're not bringing your kids up with over the counter medications or maybe prescription medications is all you'd have to simply do is go hang out, at a drug store. at a Walmart in the section where the over the counter is for children.

And you would certainly see parents is grabbing it from the shelf thinking all of this is fine. And why is it really hard, to change? We just have a lot of old habits. And one of the problems I think why parents use over the counter medication is they don't have any, time for their kids to be sick.

And so they just grab for it thinking I can't bring my kid to daycare or to school if they got a fever and nobody has any more extra time off sick days to be with their children. So part of it is old indoctrination and we don't have a time or society to be well. And so one of the things that we need to be the educator to the parents is that we have to share with them that all drugs have side effects, one of the things you could probably do if you just want to, depending on the type of practice style you have, is you could, buy some of these over counter medications and then, get rid of them, but you could just take those bottles, I've printed off all the side effects to them and that, that would be something to possibly do, if you really wanted to point it out.

For my Generations members, you have all these flyers and handouts and use the digital media in your office, so you don't have to worry about that. But for my colleagues out there that, that doesn't have maybe internal messaging, find a way of getting the message of all the side effects. One of the areas that, it's really troublesome is that the pharmaceutical companies have really hoodwinked people.

In a sense, through advertising, it's brilliant. Again, go to any parent magazines majority of chiropractors, we don't have those kinds of parenting magazines in our in our office, in the reception area, but that's what they're picking up or on social media. That's, if they're looking up an article and they're having paid advertisement on it.

This is the kind of stuff that these young parents are seeing and so forth. And so my idea and what I'm sharing with you today is what can you do to protect your children and so forth? How could that be done? And so simply, I believe the chemical war is winnable. It's we just have to make them more aware if there's alternatives the power of healthier nutrition, the power of an adjustment and maybe if in your community, if you have a wellness mindset, Minded pediatrician or naturopath because you could redirect those families to pick a better, maybe a practitioner in their lives as well.

One of the things that from parents perspective, I think if they knew more of the truth it would be a wake up call for them. And doctors, how do we make a change for the kids? And it's very simple. My philosophy has always been is the truth will set people free. And if we just would tell them more, just, and again, not taking a side, They just don't know the other side.

They don't know the information, and as a family wellness chiropractor, we're a great stage for getting that information out to the parents. One of the things that really frightens me is this thing is guesstimating, and a lot of chiropractors are not aware of it, but I know the medical doctors I take care of in my practice, and even the pediatricians that are my patients in my practice, and I'm taking care of their kids.

They all know this. It's guesstimating, so when they're gonna for an infant or for a child, and they have to, let's say, figure out what's the dose to give. Do you know they call it guesstimating? They're gonna just guess with the height and the weight. They're gonna guess the drug for this child. But what happens is they sometimes look at them as small adults, and it may be physiologically what developmental symptoms are.

Stage they're in on this window of time, they might actually guess incorrectly too much, too little. And so as a result of it, I mean it, the medication could work too fast. It could sometimes turn out to be a po poisonous dose or it can work too slow. And this is actually, if you study guesstimate, this is what you're gonna pick up from it.

It, there is issues with it and they're holding back a doctor's. Another thing with it the FDA. Did a research and so forth and they basically say the majority of drugs are not tested and they're not even tested to see if they're safe and so forth and so even the FDA recognizes it, but they don't have a solution for it.

And also too, they know with it that basically that there can be underdose, they can be overdose, and that they, it basically, Boils down to if you're given a prescription drug, parents beware, because you do not know physiologically how it's going to work in your child's body. And yet they are still given permission with the medical community, with the pediatric community to give these drugs out.

And then what's off labeling? Oh, this is crazy. Off labeling is they have studied a drug, typically in the adult population, and once it's been approved by the FDA that, okay, you're, you can use this drug, then a medical doctor, whether it's they can take a drug, let's say it was for RA, and they can then use the drug, they'll try it out experimentally on, on other adults, as well as the pediatric population, they can give this drug only tests on adults and they can get, they can basically, they're able to provide that drug off labeling in the pediatric population, even though it's never been tested in children and on certain diseases that they're trying to work with.

And that should make people upset. And this is done, this thing called off labeling. This is a daily occurrence in a pediatrician's office, in the medical community's office. And look at the archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. 80 percent of the drugs used in hospitals are being used in an off level position right through here.

And as Dr. Robert Ward, which was very interesting because he served on the chair of the American Catering Pediatric Committee of Drugs, he says, look, at times children are, have been harmed and maybe even killed because of a lack of knowledge on how these drugs would affect them and so forth. So they know there's a risk there.

But in medicine, they're trained to work with the risk and benefit ratio. So they still, even in American Academy of Pediatrics, they say it's okay. But it's just, it's frustrating because it's a risk to children, even in the British pediatric, Surveillance group, the European Medicine Agency. They're even acknowledging that in Europe, that they have a problem also in their culture and in their world as well.

And so what are some of the common drugs that are given to children? And some of these drugs to your docs are really super frustrating because again, that you don't even know that they're prescribing this to their kids. You don't know that this is in their medicine cabinet at home. And so the common things That these parents will use is very commonly, it's what's called over the counter drugs.

And they're going to do the pain relievers, a relief pain, often that's used to reduce a fever so that the baby or the child can sleep through the night in inflammation going on. What's really frustrating with the reducing the fever, is that often babies are given that when they're first doing their teething.

And with teething, they're drooling, they're having slight fever, they're irritable, Maybe they have constipation, diarrhea, and the saddest thing is that sometimes the first group of drugs given to children is for teething symptoms. And as a chiropractor, even though, again, adjustment may or may not alleviate teething symptoms, sometimes the parents will say, every time they get adjusted, their teething symptoms seem to subside and so forth.

Sometimes we can help the fever out. But you could also do some natural home remedies. For them, like using homeopathic teething tablets and so forth. And I love the company Hyland's. They've been around for decades. They have teething tablets. And so what have you, repointed parents in a direction before you use an over counter medication.

Let's do that. I once was on an airplane ready to fly back to the East Coast and I watched a parent as she picked up her Like at a Starbucks, picked up her picked up her her cup of coffee or tea to go. And while she sat the little toddler on top of the on top of the countertop, she pulled out an over the counter medication and says, I want you to take this.

I, we're going to, mommy wants you to take this so that you're going to sleep on the plane so you don't bother anybody. So parents just randomly pick stuff, like they don't even think twice about. And they also use, when we're talking about, the over the counter Painkilling family and all the rest is that often the the junior high athlete, the high school athlete, they have it in their backpacks and it's, they don't even think twice about medicating themself because it's it helps 'em get through the ache or the pain they have and look at how many of our young ladies are using over the counter if they're having like menstrual cycle pains and so forth, they're taking a lot of medication as well.

And so in every season from infants, teething all the way through adolescents. Over the counter is a part of their life and since we're the part as being a family wellness chiropractor, we should be a part of their lives as well, maybe getting away from this kind of medication. Doctors one of the common things that we see is like a Tylenol and and basically If they overdo Tylenol, it can be certainly fatal for them.

And and if you would see again, I have parents because of my newer parents who are not as well educated, they'll say, Oh yeah, we've we, he was doing a little teething, he had a little fever. So we gave him a baby Tylenol. And I'm thinking, my goodness, if they just would have asked, or again, If we could have informed in the practice, let's do a homeopathic remedy, let's get an adjustment and get them through that.

Other things are side effects and contraindications. Is that it can create liver disease? And again, all somebody has to do is just do the research on there, and some of this is on packaging and so forth. And again, the consumer is not paying attention to the warning labels. And of course, the pediatrician thinks all of this is fine.

One of the reasons why it's so funny, my pediatricians and my practice and my medical doctors, one of the reasons why I'm their family wellness chiropractor and caring for their children, is they don't want their kids They don't want their kids to take prescription drugs. They don't want their kids to take over the counter because they know the side effects.

So the bare aspirin, for example, the side effects of heartburn, nauseousness, vomiting, increased chance of bleeding, can cause an allergic reaction. Those are just the common side effects of it. And then the contraindications. of it that really it shouldn't be used in it on, without really the conversation with a pediatrician and so forth.

And again, aspirin has been tied into Reye's syndrome and so forth. And so this would be just a kind of a simple thing to look at. The ibuprofen doctors like in Advil, the Motrin and all the rest, side effect, upset stomach and heartburn and so forth. And sometimes again, these kids are taking a particularly older child in middle school or high school.

Might be this is again a product that's in their backpack or something in their mom's purse that they get all the time. Some of the side effects, contraindications that shouldn't be used Advil or Motrin under the age of three. And certainly, Not to be taken during a pregnancy, and it's like the third trimester part of it.

And so if this is not safe for them, then why would we even consider it? But all moms and dads are thinking, once again, it's safe. My pediatrician hasn't said anything. And if it, if it was really unsafe, then why isn't the government stepping in? And that is because of marketing, a lack of education, and just the use of common sense.

If we would go to Europe, and I come from a Swiss European background back in Europe, no, they just think that we're a drug culture. They're just shocked by it. And they, over in Europe they'll try massage, they'll try herbs and teas, they'll do everything homeopathic remedies. But in Europe, nobody takes over the counter medication.

And this is a part of our drug culture is we want a quick fix and so forth. And then tying into this, and part of it is that we look for for our moms and dads, is seeing you, doctors, as we're ending the part one of the things you should be worried about on the over the counter, is I want you, for example, go to Look up online, the side effects to those drugs, print it off, and so forth.

You could make this information available in your practice as a print off of it for my generation's members. You have flyers on it. We've done already done that kind of work, but we've got to make them knowledgeable. Maybe again, you could take the word guest mating and get a definition down there, um, off labeling and you could make a quick flyer or, make a quick meme in your practice doc that you're putting it out there.

What parents need from us is education. Look, we've got, as a wellness chiropractor, I have a relationship with them. They're seeing me twice a month or once a month through their family wellness care and on an internal area, I'm going to become their educator. We're the things where the blind spots are in our culture or in my.

Community. I'm going to take and I'm going to educate. I'm not going to make anybody right or wrong, but if I don't, if the truth is going to set people free, the only way I can make truth set free is to educate. And find a way. Look, we love our patients. We love adjusting their kids, and and for every season, whether it's the infants, the children under the age of five, the elementary school years, middle and high school, These kids are being exposed, and if one of the simple things that you could do is get them off of over the counter medication and through adjustments, through healthy nutrition, maybe homeopathic remedies, other nutritional products that you have, if we could just move those kids away from it, you're already setting those kids up for a healthier tomorrow.

And what we're looking for, by the way in our next talk coming up in part two, I'm going to get into, you will not believe antibiotics and asthma drugs, and it just would drive you crazy how the pharmaceutical companies have the claws in families, again, using these kinds of drugs. So we'll see you on part two guys.

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