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Using Social Media in Its Simplest Form

learn and grow together Aug 08, 2017

At the League of Chiropractic Women, our core focus was to open a united environment for women in all walks of Chiropractic. We aim to capture value and become inspired to do bigger, greater things for you through Chiropractic. We hope to strengthen the relationship together by gaining a forefront in technology and the ways in which communication is developing.

When Edie Hoffman called me to discuss the opportunity of speaking at the upcoming retreat, I immediately thought of “Unplug and Reconnect”. This title is an analogy that is fantastic for our message.

“Unplug and Reconnect”  It’s interesting because whenever there is basically any issue with a device or software program the first step is to power it down and power it back up.   Did you know you can restore optimal performance of your computers, tablets and smartphones by closing programs and powering them down overnight?

To kick off using social media in it’s simplest form, The League of Chiropractic Women is committing to blogging.  And we want you to make that commitment with us.

John Sung Kim, founder of software Doctorbase, stated at a recent event… “that the difference between chiropractic clinics that were financially successful to those that were not was that they provided content in the form of blogs onto their website.”

The benefits of blogging are both direct and indirect:

  1. Create value for your audience that knows, likes and trusts you

  2. Create a space to educate deeper than you are able to in the office visits

  3. Communicate your message and speak authentically to your new and current audience

  4. Increase your Google Local SEO search results

  5. Increase Traffic to your Website

  6. Increase referrals, new patients and patient retention

  7. Improved reactivation rates

  8. Build a community of like minded, healthy individuals

  9. Elevate yourself to an expert and mentor in the field you discuss in your blogs

And we could keep going.

We encourage you to blog.  I will be speaking more about this at the upcoming event in Paradise Valley, AZ.  I also will be incorporating and leading a blog hosted here on our LCW page.  We want to highlight our members in our blogs as much as possible.  We invite and highly encourage our writers and non writers to share pieces with our team to be shared in our monthly member spotlight.

Follow the LCW Coffeehouse Facebook group for more details.  If you aren’t yet a member or in the coffeehouse, join us today for immediate access!  You will sign up for Membership and the Retreat at the same time!

Technology at it’s core can help us to meet larger goals at a more efficient path and/or pace. Embracing change and the new ways of communicating can allow chiropractic to emerge into new worlds and communities that we didn’t even realize existed.

I am excited to join the LCW team by hosting these blogs, encouraging communication, collaboration and engagement through technology and speaking about the simplest form of using social media for your business at the next retreat.


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